The Versity Magic Academy is split into two colleges: Pragmatics and Theoretics. Pragmatics focuses upon the natural world and impacting things in a direct and measurable way with magic. Typically housing more sorcerers, mathematicians, and magical engineers a variety of constructs and equipment designed to do specific, tangible actions can be found around their testing rooms.


The center of Versity Academy, here we can find classrooms and faculty offices for those interested in learning magic. Just make sure you don’t become a test subject yourself!

One of the earlier maps made for the Boarhardt Campaign, and ultimately not used as the two first parties went in different directions.


Versity Commons serves as both the port, market, and entertainment venue for the Versity Magic Academy. Hidden fraternities, rowdy bars filled with sailors and spellcasters, and the local constabulary make for an interesting afternoon for careless visitors to the island…

Originally created in June 2014 for one of the three optional openings of the Boarhardt Campaign, this was one of the first maps I created and the first one to use my own wall system. While it still had a lot of kinks to be worked out, it turned out pretty well for jumping into this blind!

This is the first of several maps located in and around Versity.


Located just off the shore of the magical college of Versity, Versity Gardens serves as a relaxing park and place to practice the arcane arts… but beware other students!

Originally created in April 2015 as one of the three possible opening stories for the Boarhardt Guild Campaign, this was one of the first maps that I made and was satisfied with enough not to have eventually deleted. Looking back now, the saturation across the entire map is way to high and the use of pre-existing art assets pulled from Roll20 makes me a bit sad (the tent and house). I may one day remake this should the party ever head to Versity.

I later added an interior secondary map for the groundskeeper’s house and the battle tent on this map:


OON Map 2232015

The first world map of Falleron. At the time we had a “Game of Thrones” feel going with the original plot where all players were mostly human and the story revolved around the great houses (seen colored here) battling over which heir would get the throne. That eventually was set aside by the end of the Boarhardt Campaign, but the impact of this initial incarnation of the world went a really long way towards fleshing out how things eventually ended up.

Many of the early encounter maps (those made in Spring 2014) directly correlate with the “zones” on this map.