The world of Falleron has been host to seven major campaigns played by dozens of adventurers since spring 2013. Find out more about the adventures that shaped the world of Falleron and or catch up with what you missed.

  • Ruffians of Aquione (1519): A Monster of the Week campaign taking place in Aquione, a distant prefecture of the Orlandian Empire. This campaign follows a group of drinking buddies that struggle to keep their bar open and monster-free. This campaign is ongoing…
  • The Meridian Affair (1524): A short campaign that began the world of Falleron. Lord Vincent DuBious has invited a small gang of adventurers to assist him in hunting the most dangerous game: the God Selnoir. The party assisted Vincent in acquiring the tools he needed to summon the diety, or so they thought, though the actual end result was never seen by any save DuBious himself. The survivors of this campaign joined with the Boarhardt family to form the Boarhardt Guild.
  • The Succession Crisis (1532): When the death of King of Ovid, the nation was thrown into chaos as his granddaughter, Enzia, and niece, Sadine, fought for the throne. Running for a year and a half with mulptile parties and GMs working together to tell the story, it ended in June 2015 with the sacking of Grandmill. The repercussions of this campaign are still felt in modern campaigns as the power vacuum that followed lead to many of the major problems that came after…
  • The Kingsbridge Festival (1550): A short campaign in which players celebrated the rebuilding of the City of Kingsbridge and worked with the Boarhardt Guild to track down a sinister plot involving a gang of laborers known as the Stovepipe Gang. It ended with the party letting the gang leader go, much to the anger of Waverley Boarhardt.
  • The Troubles of Mullenstone (1552-1553): Beginning about 20 years after the end of The Succession Crisis during the era of the Lords Council, the Troubles of Mullenstone initially focused upon a tiny village of Mullenstone in the hinterlands between the Adarian Hills and the Heartlands, only to send players to the northern wastes of Revalia seeking a way to empower a weapon they knew as the Dagger of Morrigan. While the party managed to free the city of Revalia, the Dagger of Morrigan (revealed to be The First Blade, an ancient relic of immense power) went missing along with the spider-witch Jadis.
  • The Crown of the Heartlands (1552-1553): Beginning about 20 years after the end of The Succession Crisis during the era of the Lords Council, the Crown of the Heartlands focuses upon the five children raised by Chadwick in his lonely orphanage, along with five of Chadwick’s mercenary friends. Following both perspectives, the party witnesses the death of Chadwick and the burning of their hometown as both orphans and mercenaries are drawn into a complicated plot concerning the fallout of The Succession Crisis and the sinister goals of a Brotherhood led by the infamous Maestro.
  • Scourge of Heinrich (1592-??): Taking place approximately 40 years after the Troubles of Mullenstone, the Scourge of Heinrich focuses upon the return of the Trufflekin sorcerer of the same name and his attack upon the Brandon family of Kells. Following a band of shipwrecked mercenaries and their search for the truth about the Tear of Amalas, an object of power that might just stop Heinrich’s evil plans. This campaign is ongoing…
  • Briarthorn: Always Dark. Always Raining. (1880): In the gloomy swamps of central Kernaugh, the mysterious city of Briarthorn Parish exists largely beyond the influence of the outside world. Six companions book passage on a paddle steamer to the city, ready to start a new life. What they find instead is a series of mysteries that will pit them against mysterious creatures as they navigate the sinister plots and intrigue of the city. This is the first Falleron campaign to take place using Monster of the Week.