Faegate: Potter’s Field

Circling back to Potter’s Field, here is one last terrestrial Faegate for the setting. This one in the hills north of Mt. Garnet:

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Faewild: The Umbral Pools

The Faewild is a realm of imagination, ever changing and shifting in ways only Fae and madmen understand. Despite the transient nature of the plane, some domains are so powerful they their magic persists even as the rest of the realm transforms. The Umbral Pools are one such place. Centered upon a mountain covered in uncountable still pools of milky water, the Umbral Pools each reflect shadows of unrealized realities. They show the view paths untaken, choices made differently, realities of imagination and doubt that can shake even the most stalwart of heroes. Such pools of memory gather will-o-wisps, the wise, and the foolish. Which will your party be?

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Faegate: The Gates of Winter

This week, we have another Faegate: the Gates of Winter. Located in the mountains of Rookvale, many stories tell of this portal to the Faewild. While difficult to get to, many a hero has made the pilgrimage up the mountain seeking its secrets. Will your party?

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Falleron: Ranger – Playtest

This week we have a playtest version of the Falleron: Ranger. The ranger in 5th edition has gone through a number of variations between core, Unearthed Arcana, and Xanthar’s Guide to Everything and each time it seems to fall a bit short. We’ve taken a shot at our own, replacing the unfocused Ranger mechanics with something that feels both distinct from other 5e classes and true to the flavor and lore Ranger players love.

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Warlock Patron: The Three Sisters

Adding to the possible deity and patrons available in the Falleron setting, we have now added the Warlock Patron: The Three Sisters. Based upon the demigods of the same name, these powerful patrons of the plantfolk provide a range of nature-based powers to those who call upon them.

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Background – Boarhardt Guildsman

This week I am happy to reveal a new 5th Edition background for the Falleron world: the Boarhardt Guildsman. Many a player has been part of the famed Boarhardt Guild, but now they can show their allegiance to the flying pig standard through their character background.

With a pair of features useful in a wide range of circumstances and some great starting skills and gear, I hope this is a tempting offer for players moving forward.

Find out more by visiting our Boarhardt Guildsman page!