Equinox Map, Handouts, and Tokens

The Skyland of Equinox is a floating island that drifts among the crowds and, in the Age of Memories setting, is the ancestral home of the Eladrin Elves. With each season in perfect balance thanks to powerful ancient magics, the island is a paradise for those fortunate enough to live on it.

At least, until things go wrong in this campaign causing it to become a dangerous and wondrous place to explore.

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2019 Updates

For a bunch of reasons, I will be slowing my update schedule in 2019 substantially. Stuff will still post, but at a much slower rate.

Look for the next map set in late January. As shown in the Featured Post, most of the maps this year will be themed around Briarthorn, a 1920s era setting.


-Brooks (Enc)

Region Map – The Meridian Islands

Connecting back to the Shipwreck Island map, we expand Falleron to the south and west with this expanded world map:

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Encounter Map – Island Overlook

Shipwreck Island is a pretty place to be stranded, but not without its dangers. This overlook commands a powerful view of the island, but secrets may lurk in the tropical jungles and the nearby cave…

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Area Map – Shipwreck Island

Hey, look a new place to go and get shipwrecked with all your friends!

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Commission – The Lazy Sparrow

Many of you may remember The Lazy Minnow steamship from several of our ongoing campaigns (Scourge of Heinrich and Mullenstone). In the Scourge of Heinrich game, players were blessed by Gein, a nature goddess, after they saved one of her sanctuaries from corruption. As a reward, she had the wood of the Lazy Minnow come alive, turning the ship into an organic airship!

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The River Prince

This week we have The River Prince, a multi-level steamboat traveling up and down whatever river system works well for your players. This sizable vessel is perfect for a mystery game, a player headquarters, or even for combat encounters in a spooky swamp! Read More

Donation – Ucefa Area Map

This area map was a donation completed for Dr. Brenda Peynado’s worldbuilding class at the University of Central Florida. Dr. Peynado’s class has her students work collaboratively to create a fantasy world based upon the college campus, and as each subsequent class begins their coursework they add to the rich tapestry of backstory and adventure for this shared world.

To help kick off the first cycle of this course, over the Fall 2018 semester I worked with Dr. Peynado and her students to create this initial map for the course:

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Faegate – Lore

Returning to the faegates that have been previously posted, this week we have lore on how they can be operated by would-be temporal travelers!

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Encounter: Bumbletank & Garnet Crossroads

This week we have a bit smaller focus compared to last week’s megapost. Sometimes you need to have an encounter where players pick which direction they want to go. Sometimes you want bandits harassing a wagon. Sometimes you have a gigantic tank themed after a famous stop-motion Christmas film attack.

This set includes lore for an encounter with a magi-technology tank called the Bumbletank. Named after a former yeti mount (from one of the characters in the 2015 Succession Crisis Campaign), this encounter required players to find ways to slow the tank down, deal with its very powerful cannon, and somehow nullify each of the 6 anti-magic shield generators along the sides.

Making the tank was a blast, and was the first of many vehicles I have worked on since the Lazy Minnow. The battlefield is simple, but with a tank you pretty much need open area and some light cover to have it work out.

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Area Map – Isle of the Hunt

A while back I was commissioned to make a battle-royale style map for the Scourge of Heinrich campaign. This map had players (myself included) hop off an airship and parachute down onto one of the grids where they competed with a range of NPC teams to collect an objective and survive on the island.

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Mt. Garnet Mines – Eastern Dig

This week we have the last segment of the Mt. Garnet Mines. The Eastern Dig burrowed into a swift-moving underground river. While many choice gems may be found along the walls of the rapids below, certain doom lies in wait within the dark water. Those that survive the beasts within will surely be swept down stream, out of the cave entirely to the waterfall along the eastern side of the mountain.

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Garnet Crossing General Store

Today we have the Garnet Crossing General Store, a fine establishment run by Ol’ Virgil, a man who mixes war profiteering with good old country charm.

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Area Map – Battle for Potter’s Field

Coming up in the Crown of the Heartlands: Book Two (Kill Taric!) arc, the party will be venturing deep into the Lockwood to the embattled valleys surrounding Potter’s Field. Once a quiet town and bastion of relative safety in the otherwise horrifying Lockwood, the war between the Lord’s Council and The Dark Lady of Taintsville brought nothing but ruin to the community.

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Area Map – Floundered Ferry Inn Exteriors

Beginning the year off right, we have four maps for you today. All are of the Floundered Ferry Inn, a multi-building inn, store, and stables beside a dock. Located on the shores of the Charm River, halfway between Bentleyshire and Kalen, the Floundered Ferry is popular enough to have a full inn most nights, but not so popular as to enjoy a local garrison. Instead a band of mercenaries uses the inn as it’s base most times of the year and pays for room and board through protecting the inn.

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Area Map – Bentleyshire

This is Bentley Forest, I’ve been through her a time or two. The realm of Bentleyshire is normally a calm, quiet place. In the middle of the dense,  untouched Bentley Forest, the village has been largely ignored by progress and the greater happenings of man over the generations. It is known as a quaint place to visit, a good place to retire to. But of late, things have grown dark. A brotherhood of criminals haunts the town, kidnappings are on the rise, and livestock have been found brutally mauled in the fields. Dark days have fallen on Bentleyshire. Perhaps you lot can help?

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