With the Crown of the Heartlands campaign returning to Kingsbridge, perhaps it is time to see Kingsbridge for all it has to offer:

Once more into the fray, we have another floating island from last week’s Crown of the Heartlands game. This time it is a floating dream island version of Chadwick’s Orphanage from the Barrelbog map-set. I was pretty happy with how the waterfall… Read More

This week the Crown of the Heartlands game had a rather unusual gameplay session! Players were teleported by a rather scatterbrained mage who lost their signal mid-transport. Instead of arriving at their location, they ended up in a magical void, floating within… Read More

The last Encounter Map for this week is Lucian’s Bar, a Kingsbridge hotspot for those in the know. My party held a battle of the bands here and had a number of their encounters from over the evening join them for the… Read More

In a back alley of Southbridge and old warehouse full of fishing equipment remains somewhat unused… except by a group of insidious bandits called the Stovepipe Gang. Here they plot their revenge upon the Maestro: the man responsible for the sacking of… Read More