Area Map – Kingsbridge

With the Crown of the Heartlands campaign returning to Kingsbridge, perhaps it is time to see Kingsbridge for all it has to offer:

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Encounter Map – Beyond Time and Space (p4)

Once more into the fray, we have another floating island from last week’s Crown of the Heartlands game. This time it is a floating dream island version of Chadwick’s Orphanage from the Barrelbog map-set. I was pretty happy with how the waterfall worked out on this one.

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Encounter Map – Beyond Time and Space

This week the Crown of the Heartlands game had a rather unusual gameplay session! Players were teleported by a rather scatterbrained mage who lost their signal mid-transport. Instead of arriving at their location, they ended up in a magical void, floating within a spherical glowing barrier to keep from drifting off into infinity.

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Encounter Map – Lucian’s Bar

The last Encounter Map for this week is Lucian’s Bar, a Kingsbridge hotspot for those in the know. My party held a battle of the bands here and had a number of their encounters from over the evening join them for the festivities.

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Encounter Map – Southbridge Warehouse (x2 Maps)

In a back alley of Southbridge and old warehouse full of fishing equipment remains somewhat unused… except by a group of insidious bandits called the Stovepipe Gang. Here they plot their revenge upon the Maestro: the man responsible for the sacking of Kingsbridge thirty years ago.

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Encounter Map – Southbridge

Southbridge is a calm, quiet community on the southern shores of the Brightlake. Benefiting from trade to and from the royal city of Kingsbridge, this sleepy hamlet is the last stop for travelers venturing into County Carillon and the Lockwood.

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Encounter Map – Kingsbridge Clocktower District

The Clocktower district remains one of the sections of the city still ravaged by the great war. Ruined and filled with the desperate and deranged, it is not a safe place to be.

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Encounter Map – Kingsbridge Brewer’s District

You know how every tavern in D&D has plenty of ale for the thirsty adventurer? Someone needs to be making that. In Kingsbridge an entire district is dedicated to the brewing profession.

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Encounter Map – Kingsbridge Townhouse

A small house in the Brewer’s District of Kingsbridge.

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Encounter Map – Kingsbridge Parade Street Festival

Years after the sacking of Kingsbridge, we return to the city during reconstruction for a festival! Huzzah!

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Encounter Map – Random Beach


A simple, one off beach map made for Grunt Ghost’s campaign.

Encounter Map – Sabu Island Volcano Interior


Good lord, what kind of volcano is this!? OPEN LAVA PITS! This wasn’t what was on the advertisement!

Encounter Map – Sabu Island Volcano


It’s not a tropical party without a tropical party volcano! HEAT WAVE!

Encounter Map – Sabu Island Grotto


Sabu Island Shore a bit too warm for you? Step inside to this cool cave, though you might have to share with some local monsters.

Encounter Map – Grandmill Palace


The final dungeon of the Boarhardt Campaign. Due to the loss of Enc’s computer the full size maps, and the other 4 sections of this dungeon, were lost. The rest were screen captures of these maps in Roll20.

522015-3 522015-4

Encounter Map – Grandmill Sector Three


A section of Grandmill: Sector Three. Shopping. Factories. DANGER??

This was the first, and last, map to use both photoshop and sketchup to crate a 3d landscape for a map. The rest of the Grandmiull maps relied only on sketchup, and all future maps only used photoshop.