Falleron: Ranger – Playtest

This week we have a playtest version of the Falleron: Ranger. The ranger in 5th edition has gone through a number of variations between core, Unearthed Arcana, and Xanthar’s Guide to Everything and each time it seems to fall a bit short. We’ve taken a shot at our own, replacing the unfocused Ranger mechanics with something that feels both distinct from other 5e classes and true to the flavor and lore Ranger players love.

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Falleron has a few classes and class archetypes that have cropped up organically as we’ve played over the years. ¬†Below is all the ones we’ve officially captured and built for 5e:

The Haberdasher РOriginally embodied by Hatman, Bruce Richards has taught a select few number of sidekicks the ways of the hat, which have then been passed on to others.