Faegate – Lore

Returning to the faegates that have been previously posted, this week we have lore on how they can be operated by would-be temporal travelers!

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Playtest: Falleron Druid

After some initial playtesting and development, the Falleron Druid is about ready for wider review.

The core 5e Druid is a curious class that seems to have too much going on at once. Are you a shapeshifter? A caster of the natural world? Are you supposed to use those weapon and melee augment spells out of shapeshift? You have a lot of gameplay options baked in, but none of them seem to jive all that well with the rest of the toolkit. For the Falleron Druid, we broke down what all druids need as a general rule:

  • Affinity to animals in a free animal familiar that grows in power as you level.
  • Affinity to plants through the ability to travel through difficult terrain and gain immunity to many types of magical damage you might cause as a druid.
  • A range of cantrips from the druid spell-list to do minor wonders like Druidcraft.
  • The endgame immortality and ability to control nature.

We then took everything else out, including the spell slots, and put them into three separate archetypes:

  • Circle of the Wild: A shapeshifter that fights in melee while summoning many, many animal friends. This archetype serves dual roles as a minion class and melee tank/dps class depending on what beast you transform. You are essentially a walking menagerie and should be shapeshifted most of the time. No other archetype gets shapeshifting, and your spell slots are somewhat lowered due to your increased melee power. Also: extra attack.
  • Circle of Nature: A true druidic caster that takes the bonus spells of the natural attunements and builds off this concept. You begin with one natural attunement (for example, grasslands), and you may switch back to it at any time. You also gain the ability to change your attunement to the environment you are currently in, switching out your current bonus prepared spells with the new list. As you grow in power, your options with this attunement to nature bonus increase.
  • Circle of the Warden: As the Falleron Ranger dropped the Ranger Spells from its toolkit and become a non-magical class, this spec focuses on casting while in melee and using these skills. Built around using wooden weapons and the flavor of shillelagh, you are a master of bending the wood and trees around you to your will, gaining powerful abilities to switch roles and grow your own weapons, shields and armor. Many ranger-exclusive spells are on your spell list you can choose to prepare, with the more powerful spells unlocking as you level in the archetypes.

After some playtesting, each feels unique and improved from the core 5e druid while serving a more distinct role in the party. We also feel most of these abilities are within the RAW power-levels of other classes. Feel free to shoot us an email with any comments or questions you have about the build!

And now: Enjoy the Falleron Druid:

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Handbook: Updates to Human Racial Abilities, a New Feat, and New Technology Items

Since playtesting the Falleron Human variant, we have got a lot of positive feedback. The regional traits give humans a lot of flavor and make them feel very much like their own race of beings rather than being a default option with some slight, boring stat advantages. That said, linking human racial traits to specific locations in Falleron felt really limiting to a lot of players, so in updating the human racials we wanted to get away from tying class features to geographic locations and instead tie them to community traits (Such as Adaptable or Militant).

As a whole, most of the traits are slightly updated or streamlined versions of earlier human traits. You will also note that Humans no longer get a feat at character creation, instead they may mix and match two human traits. This is to help streamline the problems with feats that are becoming rampant in 5E (especially with certain ones like Sentinel).  For full details, see the human racial page.

Speaking of feats, the Versity Academy Alumni feat is now added to our feats page. This feat is the same as the old human trait of the same name and provides spell restoration on a short rest.

One of the new human traits, Innovator, refers to a number of new wondrous technology items, now listed on our Items and Equipment page.


Handbook: Updates to Vampire Races

Over the last year, we have been play testing Blessed and Fallen vampires and have realized there are some issues with their mechanics. As written, Blessed vampires have far too many penalties to keep track up, and the paper upkeep is too much to keep interesting. Fallen vampire work, perhaps a bit too well in some games, but also end up with some problems in how often they can use their bite attack.

After discussing with our vampire players and looking into some rules changes, we are now updating the Vampire races for the Falleron Handbook. A brief list of changes follows, but see the Vampire race page for the full list of changes.

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Codex: Characters

For this Friday, we have a codex submission! The Characters page has been updated to present with the full Dramatis Personae for campaigns held in the Falleron Setting (see the campaign list to the left for details). Over time this will be updated as the two current Falleron games (Scourge of Heinrich and Crown of the Heartlands) continue.

You can find the full character page here.


Codex: The Fool’s Tale: Volume One

This week’s codex is the first of the origin mythos of the plane of Falleron. It is fairly lengthy, and has been in the works for some time. The first volume covers how the world was created, how the gods and goddesses came to be, and the origin of the mortal races.

Find the full story here.

Volume two is being written as we speak, but may not appear for a few weeks as it gets edited. No, I don’t plan on writing languages for the entire universe as my next goal Probably….

Ok, maybe.


Codex: Plantfolk Race Addition

This week’s codex is the addition of the Plantfolk race to the Falleron 5e ruleset. It’s only 6 months late, guys. That’s within a margin of error, right? Right? Guys?!

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Racial Updates: Falleron Homebrew (5th Edition)

This week’s codex updates are significant changes to the Human, Fae, and Werefolk and minor updates to Construct, Clont, and Vampire racial options for 5th edition homebrew Dungeons & Dragons. In keeping with our racial design philosophy of having more powerful racial abilities with an emphasis on changing gameplay considerably from race to race, Humans, Fae and Werefolk now have been updated to our balance parity (2 feat-like abilities, 1 skill proficencescy, and +3 ability scores).

Due to this fact, GMs may want to use either Falleron racial traits or traditional D&D traits rather than mix and matching as Falleron racials have significant power creep in comparison to standard 5th edition.

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Codex: Worlen the Accidental (Part One)

This week’s codex is the first part of the tale of Worlen the Accidental, a legendary King of Ovid with a rather checkered past. Codex uploads will continue every Friday and will be in the storybook format used here. I expect there to be some shifting about of style over time, but hopefully not too much!

And now, on to the codex!

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