Just outside the northern gate of Potter’s Field, a narrow bridge crosses the ravine of Garnet Falls. A popular picnic location before the war, now it serves a strategic choke point for both sides.

Just inside the leftern gate of Potter’s Field, main street is a sanctuary within the city. Here a visitor could almost see what the city was like before the war, so long as they don’t look too closely at the wagons filled… Read More

This week we have the front line in the war for the city of Potter’s Field. Just around the corner from the Deep Mountain Mining Guild, Market Square was the central hub for the city in more peaceful times. Now it has… Read More

The city of Potter’s Field is a battleground. With cannons shelling the city daily, and house-to-house fighting wrecking much of the southeastern districts, destroyed homes are far from unusual. But while the loss of many homes and businesses were keenly felt by… Read More

This week we have the last segment of the Mt. Garnet Mines. The Eastern Dig burrowed into a swift-moving underground river. While many choice gems may be found along the walls of the rapids below, certain doom lies in wait within the… Read More