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Encounter Map – Camp

The first thing players must do upon entering a new place is set up a base camp to sally forth to their adventures from. Usually this is a local Inn or Tavern, but for reasons that will eventually be revealed that is not possible for the Bentley area at this time. On our first night in Crown of the Heartlands: Act 2 players had to collect firewood and acquire tents to unlock the ability to short rest and long rest safely at their camp. Over time, players also unlock camp followers that support them with various services.

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Area Map – Bentleyshire

This is Bentley Forest, I’ve been through her a time or two. The realm of Bentleyshire is normally a calm, quiet place. In the middle of the dense,  untouched Bentley Forest, the village has been largely ignored by progress and the greater happenings of man over the generations. It is known as a quaint place to visit, a good place to retire to. But of late, things have grown dark. A brotherhood of criminals haunts the town, kidnappings are on the rise, and livestock have been found brutally mauled in the fields. Dark days have fallen on Bentleyshire. Perhaps you lot can help?

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Encounter Map – Castle Crownbridge Interior

Today we go inside the main corridors of Castle Crownbridge. Rather than map out the entire castle, we played this largely theater of the mind with three encounter areas set up for inevitable combat needs. First we have a corridor open for random “oops we ran into a patrol” encounters. Second there is a corridor that has been barricaded by enemies that players have to charge and go over (or, vice versa, the players perhaps made the barricade!). Finally we have a control room with maps, an infernal machine, and documents detailing the goings on for the castle.

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