Garnet Falls

Just outside the northern gate of Potter’s Field, a narrow bridge crosses the ravine of Garnet Falls. A popular picnic location before the war, now it serves a strategic choke point for both sides.

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Potter’s Field – Main Street

Just inside the leftern gate of Potter’s Field, main street is a sanctuary within the city. Here a visitor could almost see what the city was like before the war, so long as they don’t look too closely at the wagons filled with wounded soldiers or the empty store shelves.

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Potter’s Field – Market Square Battlefield

This week we have the front line in the war for the city of Potter’s Field. Just around the corner from the Deep Mountain Mining Guild, Market Square was the central hub for the city in more peaceful times. Now it has become a desperate battleground between the armies fighting over the city.

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Boarhardt Guild – Potter’s Field

The city of Potter’s Field is a battleground. With cannons shelling the city daily, and house-to-house fighting wrecking much of the southeastern districts, destroyed homes are far from unusual. But while the loss of many homes and businesses were keenly felt by locals, nothing was as devastating as the loss of the local chapter of the Boarhardt Guild. It stood as a lone bastion of reliable assistance for a people largely ignored by both occupying armies.

But the Boarhardt Mercenaries are a hardy lot. Even with most of their guildhall destroyed, they found a single room still in tact and reopened to the populace. Though, as one will soon see, it can be quite challenging to navigate the ruin to get to assistance.

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Mt. Garnet Mines – Eastern Dig

This week we have the last segment of the Mt. Garnet Mines. The Eastern Dig burrowed into a swift-moving underground river. While many choice gems may be found along the walls of the rapids below, certain doom lies in wait within the dark water. Those that survive the beasts within will surely be swept down stream, out of the cave entirely to the waterfall along the eastern side of the mountain.

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Mt. Garnet Mines – South & Mining Guild

This week we have the southern exit to the Mt. Garnet Mines via the Deep Mountain Mining Guild in Potter’s Field. One of the many fighting factions in these mines, the Deep Mountain Mining Guild built a shaft directly to the city of Potter’s Field to give themselves an edge on getting their ore to the markets in the city, but everything went wrong when their tunnel awoke a clan of Purple Worms deep beneath the rocks…

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Mt. Garnet Mines – North

The northern shafts of Mt. Garnet are home to the Deep Mountain Mining Guild. This operation is incredibly secretive, and has erected a massive vault door to keep out rival mining interests within the mountain. Should players manage to enter the northern dig, they will find rich ore deposits, but be careful. The Deep Mountain Mining guild struck an underground lake, flooding many of their richest shafts.

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Mt. Garnet Mines

Mt. Garnet stands as a textbook example for what not to do with a mine. Folks in the Lockwood tend not to take orders well. One might say that’s the reason for this little war we’re fighting. It certainly is why the Mt. Garnet Mines are a dangerous venture (at best). You see, rather than organize under one guild or company, the local miners each set out with their own tunnels. Each sought the riches of the mountain for themselves. Each sabotaged all neighboring tunnels as often as possible. Traps were laid. Men were killed. Feuds lasted for generations below the mountain, long before this war.

Now the mountain is a monument of bad blood, bad masonry, and bad decisions.

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Garnet Crossing Meadery

For the last of the Garnet Crossing maps, we have the local meadery and apiary field. Looking for some quality mead? Well look no farther! Garnet Crossing Meadery has a bottle of something special just waiting for you:

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Temple of Tamberlain: Garnet’s Crossing

Tamberlain, the Allfather. The Sunlord. He is known by many names, and nearly always with respect and reverence. But in the Lockwood, where creatures of darkness rule, his temples are not allowed within the city walls. Instead, small temples in his name can be found in secluded glades just outside of civilization, with worship occurring cautiously, if not secretly.

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Area Map – Battle for Potter’s Field

Coming up in the Crown of the Heartlands: Book Two (Kill Taric!) arc, the party will be venturing deep into the Lockwood to the embattled valleys surrounding Potter’s Field. Once a quiet town and bastion of relative safety in the otherwise horrifying Lockwood, the war between the Lord’s Council and The Dark Lady of Taintsville brought nothing but ruin to the community.

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Campaign Log Update

Continuing the updates for Crown of the Heartlands, another chapter has been added:

These are taking longer than expected, especially the Beast of Bentleyshire chapter which constitutes almost 4 months of games. Updates may be slower than anticipated for these chapters!

Have a great day!


Campaign Log Updates

Catching up with the campaign logs for Crown of the Heartlands, two new chapters from last year have been updated:

I hope to have chapters ten through thirteen completed and logged by the end of next week.

Until then, have a great day!


Encounter Map – Bentley Castle Basement

Deep below the castle, a vat of blood, dark rituals, and hidden studies lie awaiting exploration. Here the sinister brotherhood made their home, and it is here that the players would have a final showdown to stop their evil plots (at least for now).

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Encounter Map – Bentley Castle Tower

The tower of Bentley Castle long since saw the roof collapse, and through that narrow shaft of light above a single tree grew through the stones and pavers of the watchtower. The stairs up have fallen into decay, but deeper below strange shadows flicker…

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Encounter Map – Bentley Castle Ruins

We are approaching the end of the year, and the end of the Bentley first arc. The final dungeon for Bentley is a multi-part castle ruin. The first section is the exterior grounds. Once the capital of the nation, generations of abandonment have seen this castle fall into little more than worn-down walls and collapsed roofs. But beneath it there are secrets yet to be discovered.

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