Category: Encounter Map

Area Map – Isle of the Hunt

A while back I was commissioned to make a battle-royale style map for the Scourge of Heinrich campaign. This map had players (myself included) hop off an airship and parachute down onto one of the grids where they competed with a range of NPC…

Faegate: Potter’s Field

Circling back to Potter’s Field, here is one last terrestrial Faegate for the setting. This one in the hills north of Mt. Garnet:

Faewild: The Winter Court

This week, we have the Winter Court of the Faewild, where the Dwarven Clans rule over the magical realms of cold and calculated magics. This isometric map consists of a wide, glacial ravine with lots of places for encounters!

Faewild: The Umbral Pools

The Faewild is a realm of imagination, ever changing and shifting in ways only Fae and madmen understand. Despite the transient nature of the plane, some domains are so powerful they their magic persists even as the rest of the realm transforms. The Umbral…

Faegate: The Gates of Winter

This week, we have another Faegate: the Gates of Winter. Located in the mountains of Rookvale, many stories tell of this portal to the Faewild. While difficult to get to, many a hero has made the pilgrimage up the mountain seeking its secrets. Will…