Hireling Cards

One of the things I’m currently working on are these little hireling cards, for use in tabletop play. The idea is that players can submit their own favorite art or character images and quickly plug them into a Photoshop template:

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Equinox Map, Handouts, and Tokens

The Skyland of Equinox is a floating island that drifts among the crowds and, in the Age of Memories setting, is the ancestral home of the Eladrin Elves. With each season in perfect balance thanks to powerful ancient magics, the island is a paradise for those fortunate enough to live on it.

At least, until things go wrong in this campaign causing it to become a dangerous and wondrous place to explore.

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Larana’s Farm

This little farm in the swamp is kept by a strange woman with otherworldly powers. Locals say she keeps her still beating heart upon an altar outside her home…

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Mudwick Bridge

Happy Spring, everyone.

By the way: Algae Swamps are just the worst.

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Mudwick Inn

Hey, a new map!

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Encounter Map – Mudwick

Slowly getting things back up and running after some hiccups. Here’s a new map to have some fun with:

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2019 Updates

For a bunch of reasons, I will be slowing my update schedule in 2019 substantially. Stuff will still post, but at a much slower rate.

Look for the next map set in late January. As shown in the Featured Post, most of the maps this year will be themed around Briarthorn, a 1920s era setting.


-Brooks (Enc)

Region Map – The Meridian Islands

Connecting back to the Shipwreck Island map, we expand Falleron to the south and west with this expanded world map:

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Encounter Map – The Shipwreck

So remember that Liquid Asset map last week? It can’t be called Shipwreck Island without a shipwreck!

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Encounter Map – The Liquid Asset

Sometimes you need a ship to get you to places like Shipwreck Island. It’s probably fine.

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Area Map – Shipwreck Island

Hey, look a new place to go and get shipwrecked with all your friends!

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Commission – The Lazy Sparrow

Many of you may remember The Lazy Minnow steamship from several of our ongoing campaigns (Scourge of Heinrich and Mullenstone). In the Scourge of Heinrich game, players were blessed by Gein, a nature goddess, after they saved one of her sanctuaries from corruption. As a reward, she had the wood of the Lazy Minnow come alive, turning the ship into an organic airship!

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The River Prince

This week we have The River Prince, a multi-level steamboat traveling up and down whatever river system works well for your players. This sizable vessel is perfect for a mystery game, a player headquarters, or even for combat encounters in a spooky swamp! Read More

Faegate: The Creeping Meadows

This week we have the dreaded Creeping Meadows. This is the battlefield between the Summer and Winter Courts of the Faewild. It is a strange place riddled with unexploded magical spells and altered permanently by their constant battles with raw, wild magic.

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Faegate: The Crystal Forest

The Crystal Forest appears to be a tranquil woodland filled with glowing trees. As with most things in the faewild, the beauty goes hand-in-hand with danger. These trees are filled with volatile magic, ready to explode if not handled carefully.

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Faegate – The Summer Court

This week we return to the Faegate project for another trip into the Faewild. This week we have a set of maps set in the Fae Summer Court, home to the elfkind in the Falleron setting.

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