Encounter Map – Loch Gladbaegol Interior

Loch Gladbaegol’s design is too complicated to really fit a 3d render into (a problem you get when using models from when you first started with rendering). So to accommodate this I did a traditional top-down house floorplan.

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Encounter Map – Loch Gladbaegol

Soooo… remember back when we were doing the Revalian Nights campaign and I was all “Coming soon: Loch Gladbaegol?” Yeah, that was back in February of 2016. Anyhow, turns out that our party never quite made it across Whitechalk Pass and that campaign stalled before the start of the Crown of the Heartlands campaign 6 months later. Loch Gladbaegol was shelved, and never really completed.

Then the Scourge of Heinrich campaign decided to stop by and suddenly there was a reason to dust off that model and start working on it again.

So, almost two years late, here is Loch Gladbaegol:

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Encounter Map – Whitechalk Pass


Note: Credit for rockfall goes to Greytale of the Dundjinni forums.

Preview – Loch Gladbaegol

I’m currently working on a muti-map set for Loch Gladbaegol, a remote keep and manor home for a Revalian Lord:

Loch Gladbaegol In Progress1

Loch Gladbaegol will have a number of maps included in the set, including:

  • Bridge and shoreline across the loch.
  • Front battlements.
  • Rear battlements and docks.
  • Forest cliffs and cave.
  • Cellars and Distillery
  • All interior wings of the Keep itself including
    • Scullary
    • Tower
    • Masters room
    • Library
    • Guest halls
    • Armory

Loch Gladbaegol In Progress2

This map is one of the first I am making exclusively in 3D rendering programs, and rendering new objects from terrain to trees. It may take a bit longer to complete, but I think the end result will be a map set that players will remember for a long time. Updates will follow as I make progress.

Encounter Map – Revalia Palace Hall


In this hall just inside Revalia Palace the final battle of the Revalian Nights Campaign ended. Here, after 24 hours in-game, the party came face to face with Marshal Koemann and he could see just exactly who thwarted his insideous goals to take over the north.

I really like the lighting contrast on this one!

Encounter Map – Revalia Palace Gate

Revalia Palace Gate

Revalia Palace is a mighty keep at the center of the city. Here Koemann’s forces made their final stand as the party stopped his evil schemes once and for all.

Encounter Map – Parade Street Chase (x4 variations)

Here we have Parade street, a long set of four maps for prolonged chases. In my campaign this was a lengthy, zombie horde style battle where the players used turrets on the tank they fought (and then stole) from Dawnlight Square to break through Koemann’s zombie knight army to the palace.

Revalia Parade Street Chase 2 Revalia Parade Street Chase 3 Revalia Parade Street Chase 4 Revalia Parade Street Chase 1

Encounter Map – Dawnlight Square

Revalia Dawnlight Square Dawn

Immediately after the battle at Koemann’s Estate, the party joined the battle for Revalia proper at Dawnlight Square. Here they faced off in the arena-like square with a mighty steam-tank that  shelled the surrounding houses and eventually crashed into the fountain.

This is the first map with a dawn lighting effect, and… it’s ok! I have a lot of work to do working on higher contrast lighting (this one is a bit too bright), but it’s a start!

World Map – Revalia and the North


The February hiatus ends with an updated map of the north!

Encounter Map – Koemann’s Estate Interior


Koemann’s Estate has many lavish rooms draped with the trappings of Revalia. This map played rather specifically for my party, they arrived in the Grand Hall, explored the Study and Sauna, then joined the rest of the guests in the Dining Hall. After some chaos at the party, they left the Dining Hall via the door on the north side of the room and found the doorway in the hallway locked, so they have to break the window and parkour along the building to get to the next window to unbar the door. Beneath them were a pack of guard dogs, making falling quite dangerous!

Encounter Map – Revalia Koemann’s Estate (Exterior)


Lord Koemann is the Mashal General of the Knights Revalia and has a grand mansion in the Park district of the city. Here he throws lavish parties and lots his secret agenda…


Encounter Map – Revalia Inquisitor’s Secret Prison


Hidden behind an innocuous door among the city is a secret torture chamber of the Inquisitors, the secretive cabal of the Knights Revalia devoted to rooting out any and all clerics from the city. The party had to rescue their support cleric Imari from this torture chamber and, depending upon how much time they wasted on the castle wall, the sewer brothel, and the auction Imari took increasing damage. While they managed to save her before she was killed, their delays caused her to be horrifically injured by blood magic, leaving her crippled and maimed. The party, in vengeance, wiped out the entire Inquisitor’s order within their prison and escaped into the sewers with their injured friend.

Functionally, there were also prisoners on the various racks and iron maidens that could be rescued or put out of their misery. The entire room can also be easily flooded via a large sewer catch, a design used to hide the evidence should the Inquisitors need to flee in a hurry or, in the party’s case, to put an end to the horrific place.

I’m pretty happy with how this one came out. I will probably keep working with the two-walls style of room more than other formats moving forward, it allows for a nice spread of movement while showing of height well. The final room is found through the double arch on the bottom level.

Encounter Map – Revalia Auction House


In any city with a great number of nobles you will always find an auction house, a place where the rice can flaunt their wealth for trinkets and baubles they probably don’t need. In the case of my party, the goods up for action were their ship’s storage lockers after they ran afoul of the law and their quartermaster was taken in by the police. Held in the back room to identify her cargo, the party had to rescue their quartermaster and outbid rivals for their items they kept in storage before they could be used to fund her defense at her trial.

The map includes an area to post starting bids and items coming up for sale in the auction. I had my players have to compete with six NPC bidders they could distract with conversation checks or intimidate into leaving. Of course, my party just set fire to the storage room to clear out as many as they could before resuming the bidding. Whatever works!

Encounter Map – Revalia Sewer Brothel


One of the seedier locations in the great city, the sewer brothel is home to some of the city’s most beautiful, and dangerous, members of the thieves guild. To find it players must know their way through the labyrinthine sewers or know the distinctive sewer grate hidden among thousands in the city.

Encounter Map – Revalia Outer Wall Canal Gate



Continuing with the Revalian Nights arc, this map is a climbing and espionage map for players to gain access to the inner city. Players need to get into the sewer system to access the city, but the very thickmetal gate bars the way. To get around this players climb the wall using foothold items randomly placed. The foothold image I used is below:


To make things more difficult, there are two devices in the control room. One lowers and raises the gate (I had this be the green button), while the other detects and suppresses magic and supernatural abilities. This forced my players to go up the wall the old fashion way, with numerous climb and leap checks as some of the bricks came loose under them. Once to the top of the wall, they had to take out the patrol wandering above the gate.

Encounter Map – Revalia Sewers (Harbor District)