Loch Gladbaegol’s design is too complicated to really fit a 3d render into (a problem you get when using models from when you first started with rendering). So to accommodate this I did a traditional top-down house floorplan.

Soooo… remember back when we were doing the Revalian Nights campaign and I was all “Coming soon: Loch Gladbaegol?” Yeah, that was back in February of 2016. Anyhow, turns out that our party never quite made it across Whitechalk Pass and that… Read More

The final map for the Daytown Set is what likely should have been the first one: an area map for the Daytown area including the locations our heroes in Scourge of Heinrich have encounetred (and a lot more). While that campaign has… Read More

As the final map of the Abyssal Depths, and Daytown as a whole, the Underground Pool is the final boss battle of the mini-campaign. Here the players fight a great demon of the deep in his home element, the toxic waters of… Read More

Near the bottom of the depths is an infernal altar to the Leviathan. Players must climb it to stop the evil rituals from bringing the terrible, terrible beings of the Abyss to Falleron!