Trap – Metal Cage

Sometimes you just want to catch your prey. Dropping a large, heavy metal cage might do the trick!


Trap – Stone Pitfall

Some dungeons have strategically placed drops to hide spikes, pools of acid, snakes, and worse!



Trap – Dirt Pitfall

The favorite traps of the desperate, the low-tech, and Team Rocket the pitfall is a work of mediocre engineering, generally covered by some form of lightweight material that gives upon crossing.


Trap – Floor Spikes

Perfect for the bottom of a pitfall or for a spring-loaded floor spikes, these rusty blades look dangerous!Spikes



Trap – Magic Orb of Fire and Ice.








This trap set involves another magic orb, this time one that simultaneously summons both jets of fire and ice and slowly rotates. The flames and ice can be used separate or together with the orb.
Flame-Jet-Trap frost-jet-trap Magic-Sphere-fw Magic-Sphere-Trap-Off

Trap – Tesla Orb

This arcane orb triggers a tesla sphere effect with shoots lightning out in all directions until stopped. In Roll20 I had the off and on versions of the sphere as a rollable table, and kept the lightning field effect as it’s own thing to rotate as it dealt damage.

Magic-Sphere-Trap-tesla Magic-Sphere-Trap-Off Lightning-field

Trap – Pendulum Scythe

Sometimes you encounter pendulums made of death! It’s no one’s fault.


Trap – Ghostflame

This wall of white flame is holy magic incarnate, and only the pure may pass through without being burned to ash.


Trap – Wall Scythe

Only the penitent man will pass. Kneel!


Trap – Swinging Censer (two variations)



It’s Trap Tuesday! This week we have a pair of swinging censers (used in the Hall of Trials map for the Temple of Tamberlain). Both will deal some BONK! bludgeoning damage on hit and then do something else. The burning one spills flaming oil on it’s target, setting them on fire. The smoking one has a knockout gas that may render a player unconscious: