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Falleron Handbook: Racial Traits & Future Updates

So following suit with Humans, Vampires, and Werefolk, now every race has been updated with new traits. You can find them all here.

Each of these changes comes down to customizing your character to feel like something unique to the player when making their racial choices. For humans, picking two community traits gives you a feel for your character’s upbringing and society. Werefolk give you your physical traits. Fae, which are a bit more complicated, grant a wide range of traditional and D&D creatures now by mixing and matching two magical and physical types. Constructs, on the other hand, now have the ability to be built using the traits of the other races to make your very own abomination or robot however you like. Clont alone remain fairly constant, with some tweaking to their previously overpowered racial traits and the addition of a large-sized half-giant.

All of these changes are the first part of a larger lore rebuild which will be going on over November and December. In addition to the 6x maps released each Monday, over the next few weeks we will also be updating the handbook to more closely align to D&D 5e creature types, the new Xanthar’s Guide to Everything updates for racial, feats, and other items, and updating our Wondrous Items list with a number of Falleron-community inspired items.

Until then, enjoy these new racial traits and tune in next Monday for more Bentleyshire maps.



Crescent Island Chapter 11: Warning, Do Not Touch

Chapter 11: Warning, Do Not Touch

After great discussion, however, the party decided to pause for a bit to recover after closing and barring the door to the mausoleum. There was fierce debate coming up to that point as Kerry was concerned that they could be attacked while pausing to rest. Greyson, on the other hand, decided that this was a perfectly defensible position and set up with his rifle at the ready in between the rear wall and the sarcophagus. Frazious and Rughdar seemed to agree with Greyson and the group took a little while to relax and anticipanted the inevitable horde of undead bursting through the door. The horde never came, however, and they proceeded down the dark steps inside the sarcophagus. Before heading down, Rughdar apologized for making Kerry miss his date. On their way down the stairs, the walls around them began to suddenly shake but stopped after a few moments. It seemed to be another earthquake.

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Crescent Island Chapter 10: On Second Thought

Chapter 10: On Second Thought

Frazious was marched through the streets of Respite by his guard escort while his companions followed behind, Greyson and Rughdar disguised as guards themselves using Greyson’s magic. The group approached a large stone structure which appeared to be fairly recently constructed. Above the entrance was a steel plaque which read, “Respite Guard Headquarters” with an inscription underneath which read, “Peace Through Strength”. As the journey had taken nearly an hour, Greyson was aware that their disguises would be wearing off soon so the group took refuge in an alley across the street and watched as Frazious disappeared inside the building with the guards.

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Racial Updates – Werefolk

Today we have a few updates to Werefolk that have been building over the past few days, including two new options.

  • Horns is a werefolk feature perfect for those werefolk that like to charge into the fray head-first (literally). It grants a number of damage bonuses on a charge.
  • Waterborn is a werefolk feature for those aquatic creatures looking to make the most out of sources of water in combat.

In addition, both the Pounce and Claws features have been updated with additional errata and some minor changes. See the full list here!