For a bunch of reasons, I will be slowing my update schedule in 2019 substantially. Stuff will still post, but at a much slower rate. Look for the next map set in late January. As shown in the Featured Post, most of… Read More

February Updates

While all may be quiet on the front, Potter’s Field continues behind the scenes! I don’t anticipate a release until 2/26 (next Monday) as I hammer out the finishing details. Once Monday rolls around, we should have two maps a week for… Read More

Catching up with the campaign logs for Crown of the Heartlands, two new chapters from last year have been updated: Chapter Eight: With Some Vengeance Chapter Nine: The Crownbridge Affair I hope to have chapters ten through thirteen completed and logged by… Read More

So following suit with Humans, Vampires, and Werefolk, now every race has been updated with new traits. You can find them all here. Each of these changes comes down to customizing your character to feel like something unique to the player when… Read More

Taking a short break from maps this week, I would like to look back over what I’ve done so far this year and look a bit into the future to let you all know what you can expect from the rest of… Read More