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Kingsbridge Map – Revisited

Taking a bit more time on the Kingsbridge map, this time to get some more detail across on the surrounding area. I think I’m happy with it now! I used this in the most recent Crown of the Heartlands game to great effect!┬áLots of…

Area Map – Kingsbridge

With the Crown of the Heartlands campaign returning to Kingsbridge, perhaps it is time to see Kingsbridge for all it has to offer:

World Map – Falleron 2017

Just in time for the new year (approximately) is the 2017 update to the Falleron World Map. This latest version expands out the total scope to look at the world beyond the Kingdom of Ovid and reveals the far corners of Revalia, the Orland,…

World Map – Revalia and the North

The February hiatus ends with an updated map of the north!

World Map – Falleron (Winter 2015)

For Christmas this year I worked on the Falleron Map a bunch, expanded it a great deal, and prepared it for print. In a few weeks I will be having a professional printed make a set of posters to ship to my players! The…