Race: Clont

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  • 2/17/2017 – Clarification of Clontish Resolve DC.
  • 4/28/2017 – Removed save DC from Clontish Resolve

Originally born of Alethia and Selnoir, the Giants dominated much of the world with their power and rage before a small number were blessed by Compassion to understand the consequences of their great strength.T hose touched by her were reduced in size, but gained a collective consciousness that allows them to communicate and learn from their ancestors. While far from the size of their Giant cousins, Clont tower over the other races and their strength of mind and body is rarely matched. With their desire to contribute to their collective consciousness driving them onward, all Clont seek new adventures and secret knowledge to provide their people after they pass on.

Clontish Fortitude

Clontish folk are large, often towering over the other races for even the most diminutive of their race. Ranging from 6 to 10 feet tall, and frequently weighing 200 to 400 pounds, Clont retain the physical fortitude of their Giant cousins. While their body types and coloring can vary as greatly as humans, most males sport thick facial hair which grows too swiftly to make shaving not a consistent chore. Clontish women tend to be as athletic as their male companions and are frequently taller than their male brothers.

The Great Clont

The Great Clont is the ancestor spirit and collective consciousness of the Clontish people. Formed from Compassion’s blessing in ancient times, she created a bond between every Clont and their ancestors, so that they would know the consequences of their actions and learn from their mistakes. This manifests itself in different ways for each Clont, though the ability to tap into this consciousness exists in every Clont should they choose to embrace it.

In most, it is only found in dreams and visions during times of great stress and conflict, granting them insight to attain their goals through the wisdom of their ancestors. In some more attuned to their spiritual side, it manifests itself as a constant dialog between their ancestors and themselves, providing insight and occasionally eccentric behavior as they learn and grow from the experiences of the past.

Due to this, all Clont seek to make their lives worth living so that when they pass on they can leave experiences and wisdom to provide to those who follow after them. This shows up in the legendary boast culture that Clonts follow, where their personal tale of triumphs defines their self identity. Clont seek to be the best at their goals, or to overcome a great challenge, or to try to see and discover more and greater things than any who have come before them. This has led to Clonts wandering the wide world and mixing amongst all of the races as they seek their goals.


With the collective knowledge of their ancestors driving them, Clont tend to seek out a great task over their lives to achieve and add to the collective knowledge of their people. Many become great warriors, explorers, scholars, and masters of craft as they single-mindedly pursue the aspect of achievement they wish to have remembered amongst the Great Clont. While Clont are frequently raised on the road and in the communities they were born to, all try to take a great pilgrimage to Clontstead in the Genevian Highlands when they come of age to declare their great purpose for their ancestors to hear. From that point onwards, they seek to further that goal with great resolve. Because of this, Clont have come to be accepted and appreciated in most cultures and peoples of the world as welcome friends of those who aid them on their purpose or fearsome enemies should you stand in their way.

Traits: Clont

Clont are physically dominating and tend to be highly resolute in all they do. While their purposes can vary greatly, some aspects remain true of all Clont.

  • Ability Score Increase. Clont are known for their great Strength, Wisdom, and Intelligence. Pick one of these abilities and increase it by 3 and decrease the other two stats not chosen by 1. This cannot be used to raise and ability score above 20 points.
  • Age. Clont tend to reach physical maturity by 20, declare their purpose and be considered an adult by Clontish custom by 25, and rarely live beyond a century due to the dangers of their quest. The eldest of Clonts have been known to live for 150 years or more, though these are quite rare.
  • Alignment. Clont can be found of all alignments, with the nature of their personal achievement quest being the driving motivator of their actions.
  • Size. Clont tend to be 6 to 10 feet in height and range from 200 to 400 pounds at maturity. They are always considered Medium in range, even though the largest of Clonts flirt with the top end of this.
  • Speed. Your base walking speed is 30.
  • Clontish Resolve. When a Clont would be reduced to 0 HP by a spell or physical blow, they may shake off the attack and remain at 1 HP. Once this effect occurs, it may not occur again until after a long rest.
  • Ancestor’s Guidance. All Clont have the ability to gain the knowledge of their ancestors, and may rely upon them in times of great need. You may as a bonus action channel the collective knowledge of the Great Clont on a single attack roll, saving throw, or skill check to gain advantage. Once this is used it may not be used again until after a short or long rest.
  • Wanderer. All Clont wander the earth at some point in their lives and develop skills to assist with their journey. Gain proficiency in survival, history, athletics, or nature (pick one).
  • Languages. Clont can speak Ovidic (Common) along with Clontish.
  • Subraces. Clontish folk have some variety across the realms of Falleron. Clont characters choose from one of the following subraces.

True Clont

The majority of Clont go through the great ritual to declare their purpose in life between ages 18 and 25, and follow that great purpose to the end of their days. Clonts of this background declare a purpose they wish to achieve and this goal is kept in mind as they make all of their actions in life. While they do not necessarily pursue it at all times, their long term goals should always keep this purpose in mind.

  • Great Size. True Clont are physically massive compared to other races, and gain benefits from their great size. True Clont gain +2 to their Constitution.You count as one size larger when determining your carrying capacity and the weight you can push, drag, or lift.


On a rare occasion a very large human and a very small Clont find love and give birth to a child that share their heritage. Such children have the ability to sense the Great Clont, but don’t quite bear the full size and resolve of their Clontish parentage. Unlike most Clont, Half-Clont tend to not wander the world seeking a single purpose and live closer akin to their Human parents in culture.

  • Human Upbringing. Half-Clont have a curiosity about them that they have inherited from their human parent’s and gain one Human regional trait of their choosing (feat and language).