Race: Construct

Last updated: 10/24/2017

Constructs are a race of sentient objects, either made from technological design, cunningly crafted art, or the dark powers of necromancy. The first construct was born from Compassion alone in her desperate search to find a guardian to keep the First Blade safe from the other gods. In her travels she came across the tinkerer Daedalus, working alone in his workshop. Daedalus was a lonely man. His wife had died before they could have children, and he sought to have a companion of his own to pass down his skills to. Over time he crafted a lovingly created statue of wood and stone, cloth and leather, and spoke to it each day as he worked in his workshop. While many thought him mad, Compassion saw not only his desire but his kindness, and placed her hands upon the statue, granting it a soul and the ability to move and think. This became the first construct, and thereafter whenever someone crafted something with all of their soul, there was a chance that it too could come alive and become aware.

Charge of Compassion

Most constructs all have a secret mission passed down from Compassion: they must protect the First Blade and the Fool from the other gods. While an opportunity to do so may never occur in their lifetimes, should the opportunity present itself they frequently feel compelled by the Maker to aid in this mission.

The Uncanny Valley

Being alive without a biological body is not without its drawbacks, and many races, especially those of Fae and Vampire heritage, dislike and distrust Constructs. Fae fear their metal bodies as being naturally harmful to them, while Vampires see them as a mockery of their own curse of undeath, that life is so freely given to things of metal and stone yet denied to them. Beyond these races, Constructs are frequently seen as miracles of wonder and amazement by much of humanity, and though some constructs have become known for their war applications (especially those Technological Constructs of Grandmill), in most places they are seen as calm, useful helpers in whatever their application demands.

B.A.S.I.C. and D4D1-0S

Constructs all inherently know the language of B.A.S.I.C., a machine language of numbers and equations that they can communicate with others through what sounds like a series of static, beeps, and chirps. While a small number of other races learn to interpret this language, and even write it in some cases, none but Constructs may speak it effectively without magical or technological assistance. In addition to their language, Constructs all are aware of and venerate their original maker Daedalus, referring to him as D4D1-0S in their own language. While other faiths may also appeal to the individual, it is common for Constructs to praise “The Maker” even above the other gods they serve.


Traits: Construct

Constructs come in a variety of humanoid shapes and sizes, but generally they all have the following traits.

  • Ability Score Increase. Constructs gain +1 to an ability score of their choosing.
  • Age. With regular tuning and maintenance, along with availability of materials, a construct could theoretically live forever. In reality, they tend to live shorter lives than mortal beings due to frequently encountering great danger.
  • Alignment. Constructs tend toward lawful alignments as their minds function primarily in code and mathematical processes. While outliers have been programmed to be “random,” it is an unusual state for a construct and they are usually only in this fashion when malfunctioning.
  • Size. Constructs are generally about the same size as their human creators, but tend to weigh twice their weight given their materials. Regardless of their weight they are considered Medium size.
  • Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
  • Soul in the Machine. Even though you were constructed, you are a living creature. You do not need to eat or breathe, but you can ingest food and drink if you wish. Instead of sleeping, you enter an inactive state for 8 hours each day. You do not dream in this state; you are fully aware of your surroundings and notice approaching enemies and other events as normal. Should you complete this inactive state, you regain your entire pool of Hit Dice.
  • Languages. Constructs can speak Ovidic (Common) along with B.A.S.I.C. (a language only available to them in most circumstances).
  • Created Purpose. You were crafted by a specific being for a specific purpose. While your comprehension has move beyond this, the nature of your being still is framed around this initial invention. Choose a specific skill, tool, or instrument. You gain proficiency in that skill and do not require a tool or instrument to use it. Your fingers become particularly nimble and transformable, allowing your body to become the chosen instrument or to have the chosen tools hidden inside.
  • Subraces. Constructs come in a variety of forms depending upon how they were built. You begin the game with 6 module points. You may construct your body through spending these points in the following options:
Construct Design Template Table
Upgrade Cost Effect Chassis Feature
Fine Tuning 1 Gain +1 to an ability score. This may be chosen multiple times, but may not increase an ability score above 20. Your chassis gains some fine tuning that alters its form slightly.
Multitool 1 Gain proficiency in a second skill or tool as with Created Purpose. Your fingers become particularly nimble and transformable, allowing your body to become the chosen instrument or to have the chosen tools hidden inside.
Translation Module 1 Know all languages and gain the ability mimic voices. Your chassis allows you to speak with a variety of sounds and can repeat the sounds precisely of any voice you have heard before.
Heavily Armored 2 Gain +2 to your base AC and you become immune to poison and disease. Your chassis, inside and out, is now always covered in a thick metal shell, protecting you but causing your skin to have a metallic sheen.
Homonculus 2 Gain a Human subtype trait but Curious. Your base chassis becomes Humanoid, resembling a doll-like human in nature.
Beast Wars 2 Choose any Werefolk subtype but Natural Armor. Replace a part of your chassis with an animal-inspired upgrade.
Curious 3 Gain the Curious Human subtype trait. Your processor doubles in capacity. If you choose both Curious the Homonculus traits you are indistinguishable from a Human except by very close inspection.
Clontgrade Complete 3 Choose either True Clont or Half-Giant subtype trait. Your chassi size increases substantially.
Magitech 3 Choose a Fae Subtype. Your technology-powered core is replaced instead by a magical framework.
Biotech 3 Choose a Plantfolk Subtype. Your form becomes made out of a lovingly crafted wood resin (Arborkin), vine-like cables (Meadowkin), or cloudy nanites (Trufflekin).
Necrotic 4 Gain the False Life, Vampiric Hunger, and Fallen Vampire Subtype Traits. Your form is stitched together from the corpses of other creatures, horrific and decaying.
Lovebot 4 Gain the False Life, Vampiric Hunger, and Blessed Vampire Subtype Traits. Your form is designed to be pleasing to other races, and is attractive and inviting, though uncanny.