The Deities

The world of Falleron has an extensive pantheon, consisting of recognized deities, feared demons, cultural heroes known as demigods of their people, and other faiths that are recognized to greater or lesser degree throughout the realms.

Information on the different deities, demons, demigods, and other faiths can be found on the following pages:

The Greater Powers

There are eleven Greater Powers recognized throughout the world of Falleron. Some of these, like Peace, are rarely worshiped if they are acknowledged at all while others, such as Alethia or Tamberlain, have worshipers spread across the world. All of the greater powers have the ability to grant their worshipers and faithful domains of power.

Symbol God Name Aspects Domains


Resolve, Law, Cruelty Forge, Knowledge, Life


Beauty, Knowledge, Vanity Forge, Knowledge, War


Kindness, Hope, Love Arcane, Life, Protection


Joy, Nature, Ruin Life, Light, Nature


Imagination, Magic, Madness Arcane, Life, Trickery


Acceptance, Destruction, Death Grave, Tempest, War


Time, Serenity Arcane


Despair, Loneliness, Courage Grave, Life, Trickery


Anger, Justice, Atonement Nature, Tempest, War


Protection, Fatherhood, Greed Light, Protection, War

The Fool

Curiosity, Humility, Love Paladin Oath: The Fool’s Oath


The Demons

Demon God Name Aspects Patron


Ruin and Greed The Fiend


Vanity and Madness The Archfae


Cruelty and Anger The Great Old One


Death and Despair The Undying

Lesser Powers

Symbol God Name Detail Patrons

The Great Clont

The great ancestor spirit of the Clont The Seeker

The Three Sisters

The sisters Vein, Shimmer, and Mother Oak, the ancient demigods of the Plantfolk. The Three Sisters (Falleron Custom Patron)

The Dark Queen

The Dark Queen of Taintsville, a grand vampiress of incalculable power. The Raven Queen

St. Amalas

Holy Martyr of Kernaugh who crusades to destroy the demons with radiant flames. The Celestial

The Maker (D4D1-0S)

The secret god of the constructs, spoken of only in B.A.S.I.C.. The Maker (Falleron Custom Patron)


 A race of mysterious spirits that inhabit ancient weapons of power. The Hexblade

The Wild Hunt

The great host of the faewild, join the hunt or be hunted! The Archfae

Divine Self

A warrior philosophy from Avalonia seeking perfection in mind, body, and spirit. Go be a Monk, I mean really now.

False Gods

Powerful beings of that generally aren’t actually gods but like the attention anyway.