Auberon’s symbol is the all-seeing eye, every watchful and watched.
Aspects: Beauty, Knowledge, Vanity Domains: Forge, Knowlege, War
Common Follower Alignment: Chaotic (All) Place of Power: Libraries, Art Galleries, Workshops
Other Names: The Watcher, The Great Craftsman, The Measure of Potential Spouse: Mab


Seeking a spouse that would cause her to never crave the Fool after he pledged himself to Compassion, Mab used all of her imagination to create the perfect spouse for herself, one of unparalleled beauty and intelligence that her eye would never stray from. His name was Auberon, and he was vainly aware of his perfection from the moment he was thought into being. Together they gave birth to the wild, magical entities of the dream world, also known as the Faewilds, some of which were touched by Compassion and became the first Fae.

When Auberon and the other gods decided to kill the Fool and take the First Knife and Eternal Rose for themselves, it was Fae from both Courts that betrayed him and escaped his manifold aberrations to warn Compassion of the plot. When Compassion trapped each of the gods and used the last of her power to bind each of them, Auberon was transformed from just vanity and pride to something more, though he didn’t quite understand what.

With Compassion’s power spent and her form sealed away, Auberon became fascinated with his transformation and began to stare at himself ceaselessly in a mirror of ice, musing over his perfection and wondering what it meant. He lost track of all else, and totally neglected Mab to the point of driving her to madness, for no shape or appearance she could take would draw his gaze away from the mirror. Finally, she tore at him and forced him from the mirror, and in this moment of conflict they give birth to Masque, a demon of vanity and madness which stole both of their faces and left them unable to see themselves or others. Eventually, the Fool helped them overcome Masque through their harmonious voice, and Auberon discovered what had changed was his pride in his beauty and that he could create with others.

Auberon discovered a deep well of power that Compassion had given him, not only to see into the beauty of himself, but also into the potential of anything he fixed his gaze upon. Those he looked upon gained greater beauty, confidence, and potential that welled up from their own confidence. But the only being he looked upon that had no end to her potential was Mab, and he fell even deeper more in love with her than he had been before.

Since his lesson with the Fool, he and Mab continue in their harmony of governing the Faewild through their respective Courts, always singing together for greater beauty and inspiration.


Auberon is nearly always depicted as an eye appearing within a reflective surface, such as a mirror or ice. The rest of his form is always shrouded in mists. Only Mab can comprehend his true appearance, for it is said that any mortal who looks upon him directly has their heart burst with longing immediately.


The Winter Court

Auberon governs the Winter Court, where all is as still, perfectly formed, and eternal as he is. His closest children are the Stoutkin and Fiendkin beings of cleverness and cunning which can craft things of great beauty and permanence. Auberorn’s fear of The First Blade never truly went away, as it is the only thing that could mar his beauty, as such all Fae fear and cannot bear the touch of cold iron. Where the Summer Court relies on freely given wood for their tools, the Winter Court crafts tools with great cunning from bone, glass, ice, and stone. Stoutkin and Fiendkin, much like their Elfkin and Greenkin rivals, sustain themselves entirely upon the flesh of living animals and beings. Occasionally, a Fiendkin or Stoutkin will bring a mortal of great potential to the Winter Court, where they are trained to become themselves only better, chiseled and crafted to become some of the greatest heroes and villains of every age.

Auberon’s gaze can be found on any of the infinite reflective surfaces of glass, crystal, water, and ice in his Court, and while he rarely takes personal interest in his Court’s actions, when he does they all seek to obey.


Cults to Auberon exist on the mortal planes primarily in small enclaves of artists, courtesans, models, and poets. Those seeking beauty over all else find a champion in Auberon, and many cults exist offering youth, beauty, and grace to all who pledge within their sinister rituals. Not all such rituals are benign, and Auberon is willing to chisel perfection from his followers without regard for pain or consequence.

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