Compassion’s symbol is a simple ring, given in love by the Fool at the dawning of the world.
Aspects: Kindness, Hope, Love Domains: Arcane, Life, Protection
Common Follower Alignment: Good (All) Place of Power: Places of healing, the home, thresholds.
Other Names: Mother Spouse: The Fool


Compassion was the first goddess, born of Peace at the dawn of time out of her concern over the damage the wild universe was causing the Fool. Powerful to the point of omnipotence, over time she grew to create the heaven and earth, each time giving away some of her power to give comfort to the Fool, and later her sister goddesses (born of her power), their husbands, and all mortal creatures. In the end, she was left no power of her own, becoming as powerless as the Fool, but having influenced all other gods and goddesses with her touch.

For a time she was sealed away from the world, suffering in loneliness while the Fool sought to find a way to free her, and during this time she grew to understand the need to accept kindness from others even as she understood the magnitude of what she had given away. Once freed, her power slowly returned to her from the world as she walked it anonymously with the Fool. To this day, she is said to still walk amongst the mortal races, offering small kindnesses to her children wherever she goes.

Compassion is the mother of humanity, and with her spouse the Fool gave birth to the first humans. For this reason she is often called the Mother of Mortals.

In more recent history, the Saint Amalas of the Orland Empire claimed she was Compassion reborn, having returned to Falleron to bring kindness and love back to the world. While her identity as Compassion is largely disputed, many humans follow the Church of Amalas and worship her as Compassion reborn.

Compassion’s power was all but spent in making the world, the goddesses, and binding the gods with the last of her power, but echoes of it still exist for those who are unusually kind, empathetic, and generous.

Compassion’s symbol is a ring made from the first tree, with a gemstone bound from the first mountain. Crafted by the Fool with the aid of her sisters, it was the gift that the Fool gave her to show his love and from it she drew life and power after all of her energy was spent in creating the world. To this day, whenever two people in love pledge themselves to each other they swear upon Compassion and give rings in honor of their love. The connotation of a ring representing female is also fairly universal throughout the realms for both physiological and spiritual reasons.


Compassion is typically represented as a human woman, though her physical being is interpreted as being of whatever the local appearance is of most humans locally. Compassion is effectively anonymous among humans, if she walked among them none would know her from any other, adding to her message that anyone can give with all of their heart. Compassion is said to be identified by her touch, as when she lays her hands upon those in need her identity is revealed.


Lovers Wayshrines

Throughout the world simple wayshrines to both the Fool and Compassion can be found along every road and in deep wildernesses where places of great beauty and power persist. In honor of the travels across the world by the Fool and Compassion since the dawning of time, these shrines are placed by travelers, monastic orders, monarchs, and simple farmers out of love, respect, and kindness to others. Varying as broadly as a simple wooden carving of the Lovers, to elaborate temples along great highways with a host of accommodations, the purpose of these shrines is always the same: to provide a place of refuge to any needing shelter.

The Healing Ring

From the most studied doctor to the self-trained village herbalist, nearly everyone who heals others as their profession becomes a member of The Healing Ring. Venerating helping others and seeing to their care, members of this order hold true to their oaths to do no harm to others.


While formal, organized cults to Compassion are few, followers of her ways are many. Covens of Compassion tend to be small groups of philanthropists who anonymously help the suffering and give comfort to those in need. Many organizations of healers, herbalists, and rural shamans and witches revere Compassion as their great teacher.


A single order of great conflict has emerged in her name, the Order of St. Amalas, though very few claim that the saint is directly affiliated with compassion.

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