Gien’s symbol is the burning leaf, representing her dual creative and destructive nature.
Aspects: Joy, Nature, Ruin Domains: Life, Light, Nature
Common Follower Alignment: Chaotic (All) Place of Power: Wilderness, Inns, Fireplaces, Festivals
Other Names: Spring’s Child, The Wild Woman Spouse: Tamberlain


Gien was born from Compassion with a specific purpose – to give the gift of the Eternal Rose (a great gift that could create and restore life) to Alethia to show her that there was more to life than simple purpose and duty. Born first as Joy, and then latter falling into Ruin when Compassion was shut away from the world, Gien is a volatile goddess. Like a brilliant flame, she can warm the coldest heart and yet also set flesh ablaze if drawn on too heavily. She created first plants and trees, and from them she gave the Fool a simple wooden ring to use for his gift to Compassion.

Jealous of the Fool pledging himself to Compassion, Gien created her own spouse out of greed, to give her a match that would always desire more of her. Together with her spouse Tamberlain, Gien gave birth to all of the animals of the world, which act first upon their desires for joy and sustenance and are driven by their greed and need for protection. Some of her children were touched by Compassion and became the first Werefolk and these became her favored children.

When Compassion was locked away after her confrontation with the male gods, Tamberlain, in his greed, locked Gien away within a great mountain so that she would be his forever. Without others to share her joy and give fuel to her passion, her flames turned inward and she became Ruin, destroying all she touched out of desperation. From this new form, she and Tamberlain gave birth to the Chimera, one of the great demons that ultimately would be defeated by the Fool

Freed from her fiery prison, she once again spread her warmth across the land and she does so to this day.


Gien typically manifests herself as a young female, though culturally she has appeared as every race of being (except for Vampires). Generally her favored forms are of maiden-aged Werefolk and Humans, usually with hair akin to brilliant fire and eyes to match. Gien’s laughter is said to change all who hear it, though how depends upon the legend.


Temple of the Hearth

The primary religious organization worshiping Gien is the Wildfire, a faith organized around protecting what is good and joyous in the world from harm. Worshiping both Gien and her husband Tamberlain, this is the largest worldwide faith and is commonly found in every city and even the smallest townships. These temples tend to be brightly lit buildings filled with clear glass or entirely outdoors to bring worshipers closer to nature. Often considered the faith of farmers, much of the Temple of the Hearth–often called the Hearth–is focused around simple joys and the bringing of life and sustenance. The order is split into two adjacent forms: the Sunguard of Tamberlain and the Heartflame of Gien.

The Heartflame

The Hearth order that focuses upon Gien, the Heartflame’s followers respect nature and seek to understand its cycles. Followers of the Heartflame are frequently druids, though many types of people are drawn to the wild places of the world. The Heartflame encourages those who follow the ways of the wild, embracing passions and simple joys wherever they can be found, while also being mindful of maintaining the balance within the world around you, lest it all fall into ruin. From farmers to courtesans, hunters to druids, many find their inspiration in the natural world and its rules for survival.


Cults to Gien are extremely common and are generally hedonistic in nature. Most of these cults are faiths of excess, seeking only the pleasures of the flesh, of food, of wine, and other forms of entertainment over all other things. Many forms of drugs are sold as Gien’s Gifts, granting immediate bliss and ecstasy, while also eventual ruin of burning their users out. Hunting cults, especially those of the thrillseeker types, are almost always devoted to Gien. The worst of these spirit away members of various races to pit them against their own hunting skills.

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