Mab’s symbol is a barbed circle reaching for the world, representing her constant aim to alter and influence the mortal plane from the faewild.
Aspects: Imagination, Magic, Madness Domains: Arcane, Life, Trickery
Common Follower Alignment: Chaotic (All) Place of Power: The Faewild, Dreams
Other Names: The Dreamgiver, The Fae Queen Spouse: Auberon


Mab was born of Compassion’s first dream and was the first sister goddess. Springing to life as her reflection within the dreamworld followed her into the waking world upon awakening. For a time they danced together in delight, but Mab’s power was without control in the waking world and she altered and changed everything she touched in perfect chaos. Finally, Compassion pushed Mab back to the dream world where her power could be controlled, but it took all of her power to keep her there. She then created a second sister goddess, Alethia, to hold Mab in place within the dream world.

For a time, these sisters fought restlessly with Mab trying to escape and allow her imagination free reign over everything while Alethia held her resolutely in place with great and undivided purpose, but neither were happy. Compassion finally created two more sister goddesses, Gien and Morrigan, to offer gifts to their sisters to distract them from their struggle. To Mab she gave The First Blade, a cold weapon of iron that could destroy anything in existence, and with it the understanding that she could unmake as well as make things. With it Mab pruned her dream world, allowing room for new ideas and thoughts and was content in her place.

When the Fool pledged himself to Compassion, Mab created her own spouse from her imagination, creating a creature of such beauty and desire that she would never seek to look at another. His name was Auberon, and with him they gave birth to a vast multitude of beautiful and strange things within the dream world, and they loved them all. But within this dream, none of them had self-awareness, until Compassion came to some and touched them, transforming them into the first Fae.

When Compassion was locked away after her confrontation with the male gods, Auberon, in his vanity over his own reflection, stopped paying any attention to Mab. She tried time after time to gain his attention, but found that no guise she could form would draw his attention from the mirror in which he watched himself. Mab fell into madness, and finally, she took him by force and with him produced a creature of madness and vanity called Masque,  which stole the faces of both Auberon and Mab and left them unaware of who or what they were. The Fool eventually found them and, while they lacked the ability to see, guided them together to overcome Masque through their ability to sing together, creating a beautiful harmony born of Mab’s inspiration and Auberon’s beauty.

With their faces restored, they returned to wander the Faewild and together they shape and rule the world of dreams.


Mab is a being of intense beauty and rarely appears the same for even moments at a time. Her entire being is in constant flux from one appearance to another, but almost always as one of the Faekind. She can be known by her form, which is in constant flux, and by her voice, which is always the same–always beautiful and haunting to all who hear it.


The Summer Court

Mab governs the Summer Court, where all is as wild, untamed, and imaginative as she is. Her closest children are the Greenkin and Elfkin, beings of strength and beauty and variety that thrive in the growing and wild of the world. Rarely will those of the Summer Court kill a living plant, for Mab saw how the Eternal Rose helped free her and respected its power to create in the real world as she did in the dream world.

Instead they will speak with living things to create the tools they need, having trees willingly grow them branches and tools needed for survival in their bizarre and changing realm. The First Blade remains a cultural fear for every Fae, as it was created specifically to destroy things of their world. As such, all Fae fear and cannot bear the touch of cold iron. Greenkin and Elfkin sustain themselves entirely upon the flesh of living animals and beings, and will not consume plant flesh. Rarely, her followers will spirit a mortal to their world to raise amongst themselves, and those who do find themselves as malleable in form and appearance as the Greenkin and Elfkin they live with. While Mab is an unquestioned goddess to both Courts, only the Summer Court serves her as their queen, and even then, only when she speaks or summons them, which is often for random and strange purposes seemingly without reason.


Cults to Mab exist on the mortal planes for those who are unusually attached to the dream world. Many such cults use draughts or rituals to induce permanent sleep to bring themselves to the dream world, or seek to tear open rifts between the waking and the dreaming world. Frequently such cults will stop at nothing to enter the dream world and seek its power of chaos and change for themselves.

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