Morrigan’s symbol is the crow, heralding the storm of conflict and death to come, and lingering to consume the fallen after.
Aspects: Acceptance, Destruction, Death Domains: Grave, Tempest, War
Common Follower Alignment: Evil (All) Place of Power: Battlefields, Graveyards, Mausoleums, Storms
Other Names: The Calamity, The Reaper, Stormherald Spouse: Samhain


Morrigan was born from Compassion with a specific purpose, to give the gift of the First Blade (a great gift that could destroy anything) to Mab and to convince her to learn that loss was not something to shun, but one to accept as part of the transition of life. In doing so, Mab learned life and death, and Morrigan delivered her message. Morrigan continued to pass through the waking and dreaming worlds, bringing with her destruction and calamity and warning others of its coming. Her warning was the first breeze of winter, the rumble before the landslide, the horn before the war. And where she walked all things found their end. But after her coming, she knew there would be new beginnings even though she could not see them.

Only the Fool would tell her of the new things that passed in her wake, and she treasured him almost as much as Compassion herself for this vision. It was Morrigan that the Fool came to when he sought a way to pledge himself to Compassion, and it was Morrigan who gave him a gemstone made from the first mountain and bade him to seek a gift from each of her sisters. For while her purpose was bringing acceptance of death and destruction, she secretly longed to see life and growth for longer than the moment it took her to destroy it.

When the Fool pledged himself to Compassion, her other sisters created their own spouses immediately, but Morrigan did not know of their unions. Where she walked her sisters did not tread, and none save for Compassion and the Fool visited her on her lonely march of destruction. They told her of her siblings and their new found loves, and she was happy for them, but did not seek her own companion. For, after all, who could love one such as her? As she walked, she felt the greatest of loneliness and despair, and it was too much for her to bear within herself. It emerged and became a god that walked alongside her, and he was known as Samhain.

Together they marched through the winter of all they passed, leaving acceptance, despair, destruction, death, and loneliness in their passing, and they knew they could bear no children as they would not endure the bitter cold of the world they passed through, and as her sisters’ children grew many her and Samhain grew desperate. They found the bodies of those who had fallen into death, and Morrigan embraced them one by one, desperate to feel the touch of life even once upon her cold hands. For each she held, Samhain breathed what life he could into them, and they awoke as undead things. Shambling corpses and wights and spirits born of loneliness, despair, and death, which like their mother, sought only the solace and warmth of life. When she touched them, however, they decayed until nothing remained but spirit, and she knew no solace from her own children. And they were terrible to behold, and her siblings and their children shunned them. Even the Fool could not bear to look upon the horrors she and her husband had created and turned away. Only Compassion approached them, and out of pity and kindness touched some of them to grant them what desire and life she could, and they became the first Vampires and could walk before death and the tempest without harm, and so, kept Morrigan and Samhain company and they were glad for their part.

In time, the male gods decided to kill the Fool and take the Eternal Rose and the First Blade for themselves, so that they could control the powers of life and death eternally. When the male gods approached her husband, he came to her, unlike any of the others, and told her of the plan. With the Eternal Rose, they could bring their children to true life, and perhaps, they could walk the world and see life in addition to death. It was more than they had ever dared to hope for.

Yet after Samhain left, Morrigan immediately felt regret for the Fool had always been kind to her. She gathered up her most precious of Vampire and begged her to deliver her warning to Compassion, for if she went herself she would destroy all in her way. The Vampire suffered greatly at the hands of all the other races, decaying and hated for what she was, she was beaten and driven from land to land, and arrived in great pain and agony to deliver her message. And, for this kindness, Compassion gave her a great gift, and passed much of her remaining power into the Vampire. She became beautiful to look upon, moreso than any living thing, and all who saw her wanted to be kind and helpful. And this blessing she gave to all the Vampires that followed her for, while they would always be undead, they could know the compassion of kindness despite their nature.

When Compassion was locked away after her confrontation with the male gods, Samhain returned in failure, but he had been touched by Compassion and knew he had been wrong in his desire. He and Morrigan fell to the ground in each other’s arms and knew there would be nothing but death and loneliness in their future and they despaired. From this moment of purest sorrow a great demon was born from them known as The Grave King. It was a child of everything they hated of themselves, who thought of nothing but death and despair, and brought it upon all who came near. His power was greater than either could bear, and they fell to the ground at its feet. A great winter came to the land they fell upon.

Eventually, the Fool noticed that winter had stopped wandering the world and resided only in one land, and with the aid of her Vampire children came upon the frozen shell of Morrigan beneath the ice. He could not reach her, so deep was her despair, but with his staff he was able to drive back the Grave King long enough to free Samhain. The Fool begged him to help save his wife, and in that moment Compassion’s touch blossomed within him and Samhain stood against the cold and death and despair and laughed, shattering the ice. He picked up the Grave King and embraced it, and it recoiled from the love he offered and fled.

Morrigan roused herself and found the arms of Samhain, whose courage to stand against death had blossomed and he offered her the warmth of hope and courage that one day they might yet find life that they could embrace and raise together, the final gift of Compassion and the greatest of them all.


Morrigan frequently appears as an old woman bound in a tattered, shredded cloak of crow feathers barely standing from the torrent of wind and hail and snow spiraling around her at all times. She leans upon a great scythe that she uses as a walking stick and to harvest the souls of the dead, each of which she embraces before their inevitable decay beyond life.


The Heralds of Winter

The largest faith associated with Morrigan is The Heralds of Winter, a group of clerics, warriors, merchants, and wise folk who seek out trouble before it comes and try to warn, or profit, those affected of disaster before it strikes. The Heralds can be found in every country and before every conflict, calling out to those who will listen to take refuge and prepare for the worst. Many see them as doomsayers and scavengers, vultures seeking to profit overcoming disasters, yet many see them as their only benefactors when disasters strike. After a great hurricane destroys a city, The Heralds of Winter will remain, burying the dead and comforting the grieving. They strive during the storm to shelter and give comfort to those they can, but such kindnesses are rarely noticed amidst so much suffering. Still there are many who see the compassion in this order, and are able to look beyond the face value of a goddess of death and destruction to see the necessity of such in the world and most of these respect or join the Heralds.

The Assassins Guild

The Assassins Guild has long focused on Morrigan’s goal of reaping death and destruction to the point of making it an art form. The more sinister sibling to the Heralds, the Assassins Guild is frequently the cause of death and destruction around the world rather than the warning of it. The Assassins Guild does not take contracts and it does not kill for money or power. Its members only strike where their divine guidance brings them, and Morrigan guides them well. Whenever change needs to come, by death and destruction, the Guild is there as her scythe in the dark.


Cults to Morrigan usually focus on her aspects of death and destruction rather than her messages of warnings and acceptance of change. Most of these cults seek only to destroy indiscriminately and are inherently chaotic, but this is not always the case. There are many small covens of those who are in mourning that find solace in Morrigan’s story, and many more that form small temples which seek ways to bring the dead to life in order to please the Stormherald.

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