The Fool

The Fool’s symbol is his staff, his tool and weapon throughout his stories.
Aspects: Curiosity, Humility, Love Paladin Oath: The Fool’s Oath
Common Follower Alignment: True Neutral Place of Power: Literally everywhere.
Other Names: The Traveler Spouse: Compassion


It was the Fool who came to Peace from a place beyond, and in his curiosity caused the universe to be created in waking her from her slumber. Where the Fool originated from is one of the great theological questions, and while it has no clear answer what is certain is that his small voice caused a ripple in the universe that eventually caused all things to come into being. Peace, in fearing the harm the universe was causing the Fool, broke herself in two and formed Compassion, a being which arranged the heavens and earth to make the Fool more comfortable. Over time, the Fool’s questions led directly or indirectly to the other gods and goddesses being created, and in learning from them and the world they created became something more than a simple fool. He grew to love Compassion, and eventually pledged himself to her with a ring made of great power.

When Compassion eventually gave away the last of her power to protect the Fool from the other gods and became trapped in a seal of her own creation, he sought aid from each of the other gods. One by one he banished the demons they had created and brought them back to balance, wielding only a simple staff and the power given to him by his companions along the way. The stories of the Fool and the Four Demons are common across all the realms and show how anyone can learn from their mistakes and grow. Takes of the Fool are as often jokes at his expense or great mistakes and embarrassments as they are tales of heroism and valor.

The Fool is the father of humanity, and with his spouse Compassion gave birth to the first humans. While humanity is often called “The Fool’s Children,” the Fool is rarely considered a father figure due to his itinerant ways.

The Fool comes from beyond the plane of existence and lacks any power to grant of his own beyond his questions and actions.


The Fool is always depicted as a human male, though his face and appearance are never described. To the point of deliberateness, the Fool is anonymous. He is any human, and all humans. He is the traveler of the road, the drunken man at the bar. He is both the man in need and the hero who saves him. Unlike the other gods and goddesses, the Fool has no way to know his divinity, as he comes from someplace beyond and all magic and divine power of the other gods does not directly apply to him.


The Order of the Road

There are few orders to the Fool, as his power does not offer any direct energies to those who worship him. Indeed, unique among the gods is his limited form of divine blessing, found only in his relationship with humankind. Despite this, there are many who find his strength in their travels and follow a tenant of faith based in his curiosity, humility, and love. The Order of the Road are a group of like-minded travelers, usually nomads, wanderers, mercenaries, or gypsies that follow a simple set of doctrines in helping one another. First, always treat the traveler upon the road as you would be treated yourself. Second, always ask questions and tell stories of the answers you have found. And third, never claim to be anything but a simple fool. Simple rules for a rudimentary faith, but one that has perhaps lasted longer than any other religious organization in the world. Members of the Order of the Road also almost always are those keeping up the Lovers Wayshrines and frequently are the patrons to their creation. They also tend to be anonymous protectors against bandits and brigandry in the more wild places of the world.

Lovers Wayshrines

Throughout the world simple wayshrines to both the Fool and Compassion can be found along every road and in deep wildernesses where places of great beauty and power persist. In honor of the travels across the world by the Fool and Compassion since the dawning of time, these shrines are placed by travelers, monastic orders, monarchs, and simple farmers out of love, respect, and kindness to others. Varying as broadly as a simple wooden carving of the Lovers, to elaborate temples along great highways with a host of accommodations, the purpose of these shrines is always the same: to provide a place of refuge to any needing shelter.


A small number of people see the Fool as a being of great evil, a corrupter from beyond the world that deserves to be destroyed. While these cults are rarely worshiping the Fool, the usual alignment between them is their animosity for him and him alone. Some cults also exist as an extension of the Order of the Road, including a long suspected but rarely proven hidden network of informants and spies that supposedly watches over the world in secret.

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