The Demons

When Compassion was sealed from the world, her passing led to the creation of four great demons by her sisters and their husbands. Each born of the worst aspect of their parents, they sought to consume everything about mother and father alike before they were driven away by The Fool in his quest to free Compassion from her prison.

While each was driven forth to the farthest corners of the world, their power was still great and it must not be underestimated what these children of the gods were able to do. And, for a time, they overcame their own parents with their evil. While only the worst of society willingly worship these beings, many find themselves enthralled into their service in some form, and their evil hand is perhaps more directly felt today than the gods themselves.

Those who follow cults of these demons typically do so out of fear, but sometimes the very ambitious or like-minded seek them for their own sinister purposes.

The Four Demons are: