Draug, The Grave King


Draug is associated with death and despair.


The Grave King was born of the death, destruction, despair, and loneliness of Morrigan and Samhain when they finally gave up hope for ever seeing life that could withstand them. The Grave King is small compared to the other demons, barely the size of a human child, but its power is perhaps the greatest of all. It can pervert and raise the dead just as its parents did, but, unlike the spirits and vampires born of Morrigan and Samhain, his undead are mindless and obey his every whim. These whims are terrible indeed, and tend to only be to spread more death and fear wherever he can. For the last several centuries, he has openly dwelled in the Frostlands of Melokia, waging an eternal war against the people of Revalia with wave after wave of undead, though his influence reaches far from this single land and can be felt in every corner of the world.

The Grave King is a being of great evil, and while it frequently accepts and grants powers to mortals to spread the cause of death and despair, should more be created by destroying these followers it will. It cares not for those serving it or their petty motivations in seeking his power, only in how much death and despair they can cause.

Cults to the Grave King seek to spread death, decay, and despair wherever they can and tend to be filled with ranks of necromancers, poisoners, and worse. Due to how openly their aims can be felt, and how terrible the plagues and mass events of murder their followers cause, most nations actively hunt and seek to root out such cults rather than addressing them when they manifest as a problem.