False Gods

Out of madness, desire for wealth and greed, or just being misguided many other gods have become existent through the realms of Falleron. Generally these gods are all false gods, and grant no power to those who follow them. In many cases these faiths center around a being of power. Frequently these are:

  • A beast of great age and power, such as a dragon or a bear.
  • An unusually patient and socially inclined giant.
  • A spirit or vampire without a court seeking greater power.
  • False prophets amongst the mortal races using charlatan tricks and powers.
  • A wild Fae that escaped the Faewilds to the mortal realms, such as a great elemental or magical being.

Such beings generally do not have actual clerical powers or patronage to give, and simply lead through their charisma or intimidation, using the powers the powers they have within themselves.

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