Welcome to the site for the Roll20 powered RPG game of Falleron and the repository for free encounter maps produced for it. This game takes place in the world of Falleron, custom setting created by Enc and his players over several years of gameplay. We play with a custom ruleset developed from scratch focusing upon simplify, transparency, and clarity, making for a fast moving but highly customizable pen and paper gameplay.

The Falleron RPG system focuses primarily upon talent trees, having characters, NPCs, and monsters drawing from over 60 trees of skills. For players, please see our Falleron RPG system page. For Gamemasters and those looking to start their own game using the system in Roll20 check out our GM Tools page for the character sheet source code, balancing tools, and listing of items and lore.

In addition to our custom rules, Enc has also created a large number of encounter maps for use in Roll20 over the last few years. We keep these hosted and available for anyone to use for non-commercial purposes.

We hope you like our maps and tools! If you have any questions or if you are looking for a custom map built for your campaign see our “About Us” page for details.