The Falleron Handbook


Welcome to the campaign handbook for the World of Falleron. This handbook provides a set of custom rules, lore, and story resources for players participating in the Falleron campaigns or for those GMs and Players looking for some inspiration or to run their own campaign within the setting. Falleron uses the Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition ruleset at present, and the guides and materials found in this handbook are designed to be homebrew materials to go along with the ruleset.

The world of Falleron is vast and encompasses multiple continents and many generations of stories, characters, and other lore content. To help make sense of it all, this handbook is split into the following chapters:

  • Backgrounds. This chapter is devoted to the custom setting backgrounds for use with 5th edition characters.
  • Campaigns. This chaper is devoted to a listing of the campaigns that have been played in the Falleron setting and have added to the world building.
  • Characters. This chapter holds a listing of player and NPC characters that have particular relevance to our ongoing campaigns.
  • Classes. This chapter holds the custom 5th edition classes, subclasses, and content we have designed to augment the options for the Falleron world.
  • Codex. This chapter is a lore codex covering characters, campaigns, histories, locations, and other stories of relevance created through the campaigns.
  • Deities. This chapter is devoted to the custom setting goddesses and gods, their domains, patrons, and the vile demons for use with 5th edition characters.
  • Feats. This chapter covers the handful of custom feats in the Falleron setting, adding to the existing core and UA materials.
  • GM Tools. This chapter is a resource for GMs using tools we have found interesting or practical over years of gameplay.
  • Items and Equipment. This chapter is devoted to the common, nonmagical items and their values that might be found in the Falleron setting.
  • Languages. This chapter is devoted to the custom setting languages for use with 5th edition characters along with in what regions they are common.
  • Races. This chapter is devoted to the custom setting races for use with 5th edition characters. It also includes a considerable amount of their lore, culture, and history.
  • Timeline. This chapter gives an overview of the timeline of Falleron, from creation to present campaigns.
  • Wondrous Items. This chapter is devoted to the custom setting wondrous items discovered for use with 5th edition characters.
  • World Map. This chapter has the various world and regional maps for the Falleron setting.