This handbook provides a set of custom rules, lore, and story resources for players participating in the Falleron campaigns. Falleron uses the Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition ruleset, adding custom races, spells, classes, backgrounds, and items.


This world we live in has innumerable secrets. Secrets that many great and powerful women and men have sought to answer. Some have found minor success in this regard, but for the most part we mortals live in greater ignorance of the wider truths beyond ourselves. We crawl like infants through fields of glass and flame, injured and slain by forces we could not hope to understand.

For generations, the Versity Magical Academy has sought to answer the great questions of our world. Some do so through seeking the means to shield the mortal races from the vast threats that ever loom above us. Some peer into the the depths and try to embrace the dangerous, and frequently lethal, forces beyond our understanding to gain the slimmest of understanding in their sacrifice. Still more seek the safer routes of finding minor, pragmatic solutions to immediate problems. Each way finds some success, and in many ways we know more today than mortals have ever done before, even in the ancient and glorious ages of the distant past.

While I would never presume to consolidate our vast library into a single tome of knowledge, I nevertheless have been set to task by the Versity Magical Academy’s Board of Regents to create a common libram. It is their hope that such a tome might begin the process of learning for our newest initiates through the insights of older, more experienced magus, presumably such as myself, and thus allow them to avoid the more dangerous pitfalls of study that so often claim the lives of those newly embracing the mysteries of the world.

But I assure you, this tome will not spare you from the life of pain and doubt that following the arcane ways assuredly brings. Do not presume that knowledge will provide you with the tools to achieve your goals, for it will not. It is far more likely that knowledge will provide you with a noose of your own weaving. Balance your perseverance with a healthy degree of fear and respect for the immense forces you attempt to understand and you may yet survive to take your mastery exams.

With that said, let us begin upon this ill-advised exercise together.

-Cornelius Hitt, Fall 1523

Headmaster of Versity Magical Academy


About the Author:

Cornelius Hitt is the current Headmaster of Versity Magical Academy, the largest and most prestigious school of arcane learning in all of Falleron.  Born to a simple farming family in Sanctuary Vale, Cornelius has through skill, luck, and a great deal of sacrifice risen to become a Master Magus, Dean of the Versity College of Pragmatics, and has served as the longest-surviving headmaster of the academy, nearly triple that of the previous average, at a remarkable 9 years. He attributes his success largely through persistence, humor, and a diet almost entirely made up of coffee and pickled cabbage.


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