5e Homebrew

5e Backgrounds

Falleron has developed some homebrew backgrounds. These usually are tied directly to a specific campaign or story-line. Find a full list below:

Homebrew Backgrounds:


5e Classes

Falleron has a few classes and class archetypes that have cropped up organically as we’ve played over the years. Below are the current valid classes, along with our new classes and custom subclass options.

Updated Classes:

Falleron Ranger –  The ranger in 5th edition has gone through a number of variations between core, Unearthed Arcana, and Xanthar’s Guide to Everything and each time it seems to fall a bit short. We’ve taken a shot at our own, replacing the unfocused Ranger mechanics with something that feels both distinct from other 5e classes and true to the flavor and lore Ranger players love. Variant created by Encartrus.

Falleron Druid– The core 5e Druid is a curious class that seems to have too much going on at once. Are you a shapeshifter? A caster of the natural world? Are you supposed to use those weapon and melee augment spells out of shapeshift? You have a lot of gameplay options baked in, but none of them seem to jive all that well with the rest of the toolkit. For the Falleron Druid, we broke down what all druids need, and then took each of these elements and made a set of more focused archetypes to really shine in each role. Variant created by Encartrus.

New Classes:

The Haberdasher – Originally embodied by Hatman, Bruce Richards has taught a select few number of sidekicks the ways of the hat, which have then been passed on to others. The Haberdasher is a gadget-wielding, melee class which uses trickery and unarmed combat to tackle criminals and monsters alike. The Haberdasher is a custom class created by Mowngle.

The Sword Saint – After decades of research into the study and use of magic, and martial training to hone their skills with the sword, Sword Saints are able to evoke their focus into brief bursts of power. This heavy-armored melee class combines intellect and strength to do powerful, though limited, attacks. The Sword Saint is a custom class created by Tarcion.

Paladins: Additional Oaths

The Fool’s Oath – Following the path of The Fool, the trickster god of Falleron, paladins who follow the Fool’s Oath are focused upon wandering the earth with the aid of their carved staves and clubs. For those seeking an unarmored melee hero with a lot of flavorful out-of-combat utility, the Fool’s Oath paladin can be a great option. Variant created by Encartrus.

Warlocks: Additional Patrons

Warlock Patron: The Three Sisters – A warlock patron reaching out to the plantfolk demigods, focusing upon creating areas of overgrown difficult terrain that provide the player with considerable and powerful combat bonuses. For those seeking a druid-eque warlock patron, this is a great place to start. Variant created by Encartrus.

5e Feats

Custom 5e feats for the Falleron Setting:

Fix Bayonets

You have mastered the ability to use your Musket in melee via attaching a Bayonet to your muzzle. As a bonus action, you may fix your bayonet, preventing your Musket from firing as a ranged weapon but allowing it to be used as a melee weapon. You are proficient in this weapon. You may remove and sheathe the Bayonet as either a bonus action or a reaction.

Over a short rest you may disassemble a spear in your possession to create a bayonet. This weapon which has the same weapon properties as the spear disassembled in this fashion (including versatile, any enhancement bonuses, etc.).

Attacks with your bayonet gain the same class feature and benefits as a spear would (should you have these). You may attempt to attack with your bayonet without it being fixed to your Flintlock Musket. If you do so, it loses the versatile quality and gains the light quality.

Firearm Drill

Firearms are dangerous weapons at the best of times. You have drilled hard over the years and have perfected how to load, aim, and fire them with remarkable speed and effectiveness.

On your turn, when you score a critical hit or reduce a creature to 0 hit points with a Musket, or Thunder cannon you can make one additional attack with that weapon as a bonus action. This bonus attack does not require reloading.

You ignore the loading quality off Muskets, Pistols, Blunderbuss, and Thunder Cannons with which you are proficient.

Being within 5 feet of a hostile creature doesn’t impose disadvantage on your ranged attack rolls with Blunderbuss and Pistols.

Versity Academy Alumni

The students of the Versity Magical Academy train to be scholars of the magical arts in all of their forms. When trouble calls, Versity graduates face it using the magical arts, often for longer than rival spellcasters would think possible.

Whenever you take a short rest you may choose to sacrifice a hit die to roll 1d4 to recover expended spell slots. The spell slots can have a combined level that is equal to the result of your roll (so if you roll a 4, you can restore up two level 2 spells or four level 1 spells, etc.). You may not restore spells above level two in this manner.

This may be used along with the wizard’s Arcane Recovery ability, but both resolve separately. Classes that prepare spells may only recover spells that were prepared for that day.

5e Races

Falleron uses a special racial system allowing players to have diverse backgrounds. Find the full system below: