Warlock Patron: The Three Sisters

Warlock Patron: The Three Sisters

You have made a pact with one or more of the Three Sisters, the Plantfolk demigods created in ancient times to guard the wild places of the world. These beings seek first and foremost to protect and grow the plants of the wild, bearing a general indifference for the animals and mortal races that have come to dominate the wider world unless they are helping or encroaching upon their domains. Mother Oak is the strongest of the three, a kindly arborkin demigoddess who shelters and maintains the fertility in the land. Shimmer, the willowy meadowfolk demigoddess, seeks to bring new life and revitalize the barren places with new life. Finally, there is Vein, the trufflekin crone demigoddess who brings decay and death so that new life may one day form.

While some of those bearing this pact seek great quests in changing the balance between flora and fauna, many choose to be simple harvest witches or warlocks, helping keep the land flourishing and fertile. Those who despoil nature, especially those doing so for the sake or industry, are frequently the main enemies of the Three Sisters and those who draw from their power.

Expanded Spell List

The Three Sisters lets you choose from an expanded list of spells when you learn a warlock spell. The following spells are added to the warlock spell list for you.

Spell Level Spells
1st Goodberry, Entangle
2nd Barkskin, Spike Growth
3rd Plant Growth, Speak with Plants
4th Grasping Vine, Hallucinatory Terrain
5th Reincarnate*, Tree Stride

*Your Reincarnate spell operates differently than as written in 5th edition. Instead of rolling 1d100, instead the DM rolls 1d4 with the rolls being 1) Trufflekin, 2) Arborkin, 3) Meadowkin, 4) the character’s original race with radical changes in their appearance reflecting nature and plants (such as their hair and eyes becoming bright green, etc.)  

Nature’s Weapon

At 1st level, you gain proficiency with Clubs, Greatclubs, Sickles, Whips, and Quarterstaves, but only if they are made out of wood, vines, or other plant matter. You may treat all of these weapons as valid targets for Shillelagh. In addition, when attacking with these weapons you may use your Charisma modifier, instead of Strength of Dexterity, for the attack and damage rolls. If you have the Pact of the Blade, you may summon wood or vine versions of these weapons.

Sylvan Tricks

At 1st level, when you select a cantrip from the Warlock cantrip list, you may also choose from the Shillelagh and Thorn Whip cantrips.

Vengeance of the Wild

Starting at 1st level, whenever a spell you cast creates difficult terrain or summons a plant to the battlefield, as a bonus action you may choose one of the following effects. The effect lasts for up to 10 minutes, or until the plant is destroyed or the difficult terrain is cleared.

  • You gain a bonus to damage rolls against targets entangled in your spells or impacted by your difficult terrain. The bonus equals your proficiency bonus.
  • You may grant any number of targets the ability to pass through your difficult terrain without penalty. While inside the effect of your difficult terrain the plants within seek to protect these friendly targets and grant those you choose inside +1 AC.
  • Whenever a target dies while entangled by your plants or inside your difficult terrain, you may choose one: Either the difficult terrain or plant effect immediately wilts and the target regains 2d8 health, or the target is wrapped in thirsty roots, resetting the spell’s duration as the plants feed. Bodies consumed in this fashion leave behind only bones and inorganic possessions.

At level 6 you may choose two of these effects to be active. At level 10 you may have all three active. You can’t use this feature again until you finish a short or long rest.

Tranquil Glade

Starting at 10th level, you may use your command over plants to create a sanctuary in the wild. Whenever you use your Entangle, Spike Growth, or Plant Growth spells, and are not in combat, you may choose to have these spells instead create a sanctuary for you and your allies of 30ft in diameter. Whenever you take a short or long rest inside the effects of your difficult terrain your party is shielded from the outside world. So long as plants, grasses, or mushrooms are common sights in the location you have created your party goes unnoticed by those creatures outside your area of difficult terrain unless they use magical sight or detection. Non-plantfolk creatures can’t enter the area without your permission without taking several minutes to hack, saw, and otherwise force their way through the plants surrounding your glade. Should someone attempt to do this, you receive a mental ping alerting you to the intrusion.

Starting at 14th level, you may choose to use your Font of Life to create this effect. It must remain active in order to maintain the glade, but the spontaneous growth continues at the edge of the glade rather than within it.

Font of Life

Starting at 14th level, you may as an action become a font of life. Plants within 10 feet of you grow and flourish visibly. Fruits ripen, flowers bloom, even dead fields begin to sow and grow at your passing. While crops may grow to record sizes, this effect may not always be positive. Roots may also burrow into the walls around you, weeds may choke through cobblestones beneath your feet, and other disruptions may occur as plants struggle to grow and expand. While active, areas within 10ft of you are considered difficult terrain for hostile targets. Once you pass beyond 10ft, the plants immediately return to their natural state, albeit with the enhanced growth you bestowed upon them, and continue as they otherwise would have.

This effect lasts for as long as you like, though once dispelled (as a bonus action or when you are killed) or wilted through Vengeance of the Wild you can’t use it again until you finish a long rest. This effect persists until dispelled even if you become unconscious.