Below you will find the character listing for the Falleron world. These characters have appeared in one or more of our campaigns since they began in 2013. They are sorted (mostly) alphabetically:



Initial Creation – 1/15/2016

Last Updated – 5/15/2017


Name Brief Type:
Aine of Summer A beautiful and temperamental fae of the Summer Court. Aine is the on-again/off-again fiance of Rupert Boarhardt and the one who cursed his face to become that of a pig in response to him standing her up at the altar on their wedding day. In the years that followed, she has somewhat forgiven him since he had a sorta good reason (saving his siblings from certain death), but is known to carry a grudge. She eventually forgave him during the events of Board Hardt: The Rabbit Abbot when she used her fae magic to keep him alive.
As a fae, Aine has a close connection to the natural world and distrusts and dislikes most things technology (though airships are pretty neat, in her opinion, since she cannot fly on her own).
Angus Gladbagel Lilithia’s very loud father, a lord of the Freeholds of Revalia. Is a crack shot, and gets better with each shot he drinks of his own label whiskey. Involved in a long-standing rivalry with the Wrye clan.
Angus once made plans to marry Lilithia to Finren Wrye, a smart match for both houses, but one Lilithia was not interested in. He would later have to deal with the fallout from this decision when house Wrye began raiding his lands and attempting to co-opt his distillery. In time, Lilithia’s marriage to Horatio, Commander of the Revalian Squires, led to greater stability.
He eventually died happily, in his distillery, extraordinarily drunk at the age of 83.
Anne / Avatar of Morrigan Anne was a surveyor working for Valiant Eogan in looking at the soundness of the Old Watchtower who came across the shroud of Morrigan, the item that transforms whoever wears it into the possessed conduit of Morrigan, goddess of destruction.
She now wreaks havoc over the ream of Mullenstone, creating an eternal hurricane and summoning horrible monsters from the lower plane, unable to resist the will of Morrigan.
Ansa Ansa was a Wolf-riding fae from the summer court who traveled with the Boarhardt Guild during the Orland Invasion of Winterark. After saving the Duchess of Winterark she vanished into the wild places seeking new distractions. Player
Arden Gearston-Mills Born to the noble families of Adair, Arden was a classically trained officer who served for much of his youth in the Clockwork Army of Grandmill as a support and supply officer. During this time he attracted the attention of Duchess Sadine Yentz, Supreme Commander of the Army, who immediately distrusted him due to his linage. Fearing that he would eventually seek to supplant her consolidation of the baronies of the Adairian Hills and return administration back to Adair, she made his tenure in the Army unbearable until she eventually had him discharged against his will.
Upon his discharge, he joined the Boarhardt mercenary guild to see more of the world. When the King was killed, Arden saw the chaos emerging in the kingdom and knew that few of the lords of the realm would follow Enzia due to her youth, and immediately backed Sadine Yentz for the crown, despite knowing her personal dislike and distrust of her.
During the sacking of Kingsbridge he joined forces with his former compatriots, House Yentz, to arrest, detain, or defeat any rebelling members of House Regalus, including a nearly successful attempt at initially arresting Princess Enzia as she fled with her handmaiden. After following Enzia’s troupe north to Highchurch, he was recruited to be a member of the Greasers, the secret organization of spies, informants, and wetwork operatives “keeping the gears running smooth” reporting directly to Duchess Sadine. The appointment was an arrangement of opportunity, and Arden did not forget nor forgive her previous treatment of him.
He continued adventuring within Baptiste lands with the Boarhardt Guild, using his burning sword, pistol, and plentiful bombs to take care of anyone who might prove dangerous to House Yentz’s plans. This came to head at a second assassination attempt of Princess Enzia, where he officially missed his only shot to kill her at point blank.
It would later be discovered that Arden approached her in the Regalus Infirmary, pulled his gun, and then missed the shot diliberately upon noticing that Enzia was already showing her pregnancy. Realizing that, with another heir possible, Enzia’s claim would be the only one with a chance to bring peace in the kingdom, and knowing that there was no chance he would intentially kill a child, he shot the wall beside her, holstered his gun, tossed his gear-badge to the ground, then fled the scene. An action that would later lead her to approach him for intelligence and support for the latter half of the war.
Fleeing from the martial law that ensued from his “assassination attempt,” he assisted elements of the Yentz Embassy in fleeing the city and was recalled to Grandmill, where he was brutally chastised for his massive failure to hit a target at point blank range with a pistol. Sadine brought forth a court martial and attempted to have him tried for treason, an action which sent ripples through the Adairian Barons and led to a massive revolt in support for the Duchess in making her claim. She would later retract the call for treason, but removed Arden from serving directly under her. Arden returned to his family home in Adair and became increasingly active in the politics of the region. His travels sent him far and abroad across the nation, and eventually brought him back in contact with Princess Enzia who relied upon him, and a select group of nobles, to hide her infant child.
Several years later, Arden joined in the call by Lord Vincent DuBious to liberate Winterark Vale from the invading Orlandian Army. Setting sail aboard the airship The Lovely Gale, Arden formed a band of heroes from his close allies and Boarhardt Companions including Marlowe, Harley, Oliver, and Mousey. In the village of Willow Springs he reunited with Princess Enzia and her loyalists, Red’s Redeemers, including the Mercenary Chadwick. Supporting the counter-invasion of Winterark, Arden, Enzia, and the player party led by Preacher, liberated the city and rescued Lord Dubious’s wife from capture, beginning a long-standing friendship between Arden and Vincent.
Three years later, Arden reappeared as a high-ranking dignitary in Duchess Sadine’s war council representing the Adairian Hills. Sadine’s new “Clockwork Nation,” was holding strong against the growing alliance supporting the Princess Enzia. During the events of BOAR HARDT 2: BOAR HARDTER he observed Duchess Sadine decide to level the city of Carillon in response to a terrorist attack and, after she refused to listen to his counsel, he defected from the Clockwork Army to try and stop the carnage before any more people were harmed. He returned to the Boarhardt Guild as just another member, begging his guildmates to help him save the city of Carillon by striking a blow directly at Grandmill. The party agreed. He helped lead the assault on Grandmill: Sector 3 and facilitated the downfall of Sadine Yentz and is credited as one of the people responsible for ending the Succession Crisis. During this battle, he witnessed Enzia’s death and personally pulled a grief-stricken Chadwick from the battlefield. Arden revealed to Chadwick he had been secretly keeping his daughter with Enzia safe from harm, but refused to tell him where she was until things were safe.
When the collapsed remains of the Clockwork Army began to run wild across western Ovid, Arden, Preacher, Rupert Boarhardt, and Chadwick pursued them, seeking to stop their villainy once and for all. They managed to finally corner the forces at the village of Stillwater, but not before the majority of the village was left in ruins. Despite Arden’s pleading for Chadwick to let his daughter take her place as Queen, he relented in supporting his desire to keep all of his daughter far from politics. Over the next year he helped Chadwick collect his various illegitimate children and helped him build an orphanage in the remote village of Barrelbog, however Arden refused to tell Chadwick which of the children, if any, was Enzia’s child. For her safety, Arden claimed, no one must ever be sure of who has royal blood. Infuriated by this, Chadwick threw Arden out of his home. The two would never speak again.
In the years that followed, Arden proved instrumental in founding the Council of Nobles that presently rules Ovid, serving as the representative of House Adaire. The founding members of the council (Vincent Dubious, Lady Morgain Blackbriar, and Waverly Boarhardt) were convinced to do so by Arden’s words and once established he took his place as the Spymaster for the nation. Over time, he gained a fairly tarnished reputation as a turncoat amongst his fellow nobles, especially those outside of the Adairian Hills, who saw his cold, often ruthless use of clandestine force to protect the common people as presumptuous and dangerous. Among the common people, especially the work gangs employed to rebuild the cities of Kingsbridge, Grandmill, and Carillon, he was seen as a hero and often relied upon commoners and merchants to be his eyes and ears. In time, he would establish the Ovid Carriage System, a series of standardized and guarded carriages priced low enough for the common man to travel, as a part of national policy. These travelers would also, in turn, report news from abroad to him as his eyes and ears.
During this time he also raised a number of youths as paiges in his service, most notable of which was the young woman Kino who often served as his personal assistant in matters of state.
His service, and life, would officially end when his carriage was bombed outside of his Adarian Villa. Badly injured, scarred, and near death, Arden miraculously survived and was brought to Witchwood for healing.
With the help of Lotte the Lucky, Arden recovered but did not reclaim his title nor his service. Seeing the state of the nation, and knowing that whoever was willing to kill him meant to do great ill to Ovid, Arden gathered his former allies Marlowe, Harley, Oliver, and Mousey and took the name of Coachman Mills, working as a carriage driver while he sought out information. During this time he came across news that children were being kidnapped across the kingdom and made hase to Barrelbog. He unfortunately arrived too late, the Orphanage had been destroyed, but managed to track down Chadwick’s surviving children in Port Heartlands. From there he traveled with them towards Witchwood, protecting them from the Lords Council Army and his own former assassins.
Player/ NPC
Arius Goltanna Arius never knew his mother and barely remembered his father. What he did remember, however, was the nights in Kingsbridge during his childhood spent looking for scraps, after his father had abandoned him. With the fires in the city and a call from Lady Enzia his father left, never to return.

Arius didn’t blame his father for his disappearance and instead embraced his father’s positive attitude.
Finding food or clothing wasn’t as difficult as one would think. The challenge was holding onto it. Arius wasn’t the only orphan boy roaming the streets to survive – any given orphanage was beyond capacity due the burning of Kingsbridge. One night, he came across a large boy beating on a much smaller boy in an alley, apparently to take his belongings. Arius ran to the defense of the smaller boy and fought the larger off. With a smile, the smaller boy provided Arius with some of his food and thanks.

Proud of what he had done, Arius found that he could survive and even enjoy seeking out other orphans in trouble and helping them however he could. Over time, Arius would help anyone in need and was always sure to brighten their day in exchange for his basic needs. He would help someone repair a roof, party and drink with them after, and move on the next day. It was an enjoyable life but began to grow old after a short time. Arius grew tired of the city and felt a need to explore.
He decided to take his few belongings on the road and became a wanderer. He travelled all over the kingdom of Ovid, all the while helping people and accepting their charity. The task rarely mattered; he was as open to helping paint a fence as he was confront a group of bandits. All that mattered was that he was helping good folk, making the world a little brighter, and (if he was being honest with himself) having a great time. People were often glad for his company and told him he was a strange mercenary, a term that Arius would always deny, insisting that he simply worked on donations.
Over time, Arius found himself gravitating towards the forests of Ovid. Enjoying the peace and serenity of the wilds was a pleasure with which the city, with its noise and people, could hardly compete. He learned to live in the wilds and even cared after animals he found. One day, on his way towards a village, he heard a cry of pain in the woods. Rushing to the source, he located an elfkin who had broken her leg in a tumble down a small cliff. Amongst jokes about the grace of the elfkin? Arius managed to splint the leg for the elf and carried her back to her home in the forest. He offered to remain to help take care of her until it healed and she accepted.
Over the next 3 months, Arius would prepare food, maintain the house and gardening, and spend time laughing with the elfkin and making sure she was in good spirits. What he did not realize, however, was that the elfkin had healed her leg using her magic and had been simply keeping Arius around out of curiosity and fun from the very beginning. At the end of three months, the elfkin revealed to him what she had done. Expecting confusion, perhaps even rage, the elfkin was surprised by his laughter. Arius laughed to tears and bid the elf farewell since she had no more need of his help. Admiring his spirit the elfkin offered her payment. Instead of giving him gold she would teach him to use the power of light to help those in need and to bring joy into the world if he swore to uphold an oath:
“Kindle the Light. Through your acts of mercy, kindness, and forgiveness, kindle the light of hope in the world, beating back despair.
Shelter the Light. Where there is good, beauty, love, and laughter in the world, stand against the wickedness that would swallow it. Where life flourishes, stand against the forces that would render it barren.
Preserve Your Own Light. Delight in song and laughter, in beauty and art. If you allow the light to die in your own heart, you can’t preserve it in the world.

Be the Light. Be a glorious beacon for all who live in despair. Let the light of your joy and courage shine forth in all your deeds.”
Arius took the oath and spent the next year with the elfkin learning to use this power. He parted ways with the elfkin as he had originally intended, with laughter. He then continued on his travels, now empowered to perform even greater good. It was not long after this point that he found himself in Barrelbog encountering Chadwick and his orphanage. There was a terrible storm, and flooding threatening to ruin the orphanage. Joining Chadwick and the others, Arius managed to stem the flow of water away from the orphanage. The night of, there was a great celebration, in which Arius was more than happy to participate.
Feeling a great deal of empathy towards the many orphans and getting along wonderfully with the idiotic but seemingly good-natured Chadwick, Arius was glad to donate a great portion of his own savings to support the orphanage. Satisfied with the condition of the orphanage but anxious to return to the road, Arius left, promising to return to visit everyone.
Arius continued on his travels visiting strange places a meeting wonderful people while helping the poorest village with their sick to battling terrible monsters. Arius had been recently contracted to find and eliminate a large group of raiding goblins. After succeeding in the battle, he joined the raucous celebration in the local tavern. Amid drinks jokes, he was approached with an invite from Chadwick for a party. He left for Barrelbog that night.

Azmaranthe A foundling in the Lockwood raised by Night Watchmen and farmers, she eventually became a member of the Boarhardt Guild after discovering that the Night Watch served the Black Court of Vampires.
Azmaranthe went missing shortly after the sacking of Kingsbridge, but soon later appeared during the Carillon Revolution, guiding members of the Boarhardt Guild on key missions within the domains of House Blackbriar and ensuring the stalemate that allowed the fledgling nation of Carillon to survive.
Azmaranthe vanished into the Faewild for a time, only to reappear almost 20 years later (though only a few days had passed for her in the Faewild) just outside the town of Barrelbog.
Barrfind Boivin The legendary hunter, he aided Gladbaegol and Associates in their rescue of Jon Bladebreaker.  
Bastine the Lucky Bastine grew up in a port town (somewhere). When he was still young his mother caught a mysterious ailment and shortly died. After her death, Bastine’s father gave him what would be his only inheritance and the hope that it would serve him better. A souvenir from Mullenstone his father had said.
As a teenager, young and alone he set out to discover the importance of this relic his father gave him. An antiquities dealer pointed him to a nobleman known for collecting rare things. However, the nobleman claimed the Bastine had stolen it from him and had him beaten three-quarters to death. Fortunately, Bastine was able to… *ahem* smuggle the dice away. A trick he heard a barbarian had once used to keep his pet rodent from being taken away.
After the beating, a wandering cleric found him and tended to his wounds. Bastine joined the cleric traveling with him and learning his trade until they were waylayed by brigands. Unfortunately, the cleric was shot in the scuffle while one of the brigands attempted to take his coffer. Feeling the unjustice of this event, Bastine tore the hammer from the other brigand and set about them, in the end killing them both in a divine fervor. A task that should have been much harder than it had been.
He knew then that his god would aid him and protect him. That he had a higher calling. A destiny. No one and nothing would keep him from achieving it.
For now he is taking travel from Tarchay to Harney. There he will be again in search of the truth behind his inheritance. He had heard a rumor that there was at least one Clontish hero involved in the events of Mullenstone. Maybe someone in Clontstead would know more.
Beauty A swamp dragon saved by Chadwick’s children after they slew it’s mother early in their lives. Samiya’s pet, Beauty was odd for a swamp dragon in that she was bright pink rather than the usual muted brown for her species. Beauty would defend her family boldly during the attack of Barrelbog and went missing after the children fled the bog, presumably still living somewhere in the swamps. NPC
Bobjim A dumb, but loyal, sailor.  He survived the destruction of the SS Prosperity, and sails on The Lazy Minnow with Gladbaegol and Associates.
Borpheus There has always been a struggle with the recently deceased. So seldom do people arrange their affairs for their “absence”. Borpheus helps. He helps some reach peace and sometimes the deceased help me reach… Well lets just say he keep the graves whole and orderly and the graves keep me the same.

This grave robber and spirit channeler eventually became part of the Boarhardt Guild after he spoiled the shrine of Morrigan and led to her rise over Mullenstone.
Something of an incorrigible casanova.

Bridget Wrye Glenn Gladbaegol’s unwilling and technically out-ranking fiance who also is an impressively powerful bard and master manipulator. Player
Lord Brush of Port Heartlands Lord Brush is the decider of the Port Heartlands. Heh. Heh. NPC
Bruce Richards (Hatman) Bruce Richards realized the importance of insurance from a young age when his parents were brutally murdered in front of him. Growing up in the savage lands of Brevardrim, there are little opportunities for a budding insurance agent, so he fled to the capital city of Kingsbridge, where he worked as an apprentice to a fire insurance agent. Kerry was a hard working employer, and treated his employees well, but he was tragically murdered when all of Kingsbridge burned down and he couldn’t pay out the coverage he offered.
The men responsible have all been brought to the proper authorities.
He became the haberdashery-themed super hero Hatman, joining the Boarhardt Guild to stop villains from committing insurance fraud wherever he went. Eventually recruited a young apprentice, Hatboy, to take over after he retired.
Bruce would eventually travel to Daytown to take on the villainy of the bandit Coppergut.
Bubba Diggle Yeeeeee HAW! COME ON DOWN TO BUBBA DIGGLE’S DIGGLE BARN! We got carrots! We got cabbages, we even got turnips (Ya know, for the kids!). See our very own PiggleyWiggly Adventure ride and don’t forget to stop by the BUBBA DIGGLE USED SCYTHE EMPORIUM on your way out! IT’LL BE A HECK OF A TIME! YEEEEE HAW! NPC
Captain Dougherty The stalwart captain of The SS Properity before it regretfully sank.  He was rescued by Gladbaegol and Associates, and currently captains The Lazy Minnow for the company.
Chadwick Broham Chadwick Broham was a Hero of Ovid, lover to the Princess Enzia, father of her daughter, warrior of great renown, one of the first members of the Boarhardt Guild, and generally considered one of the nicest dudebros in the land.
Born amongst the dregs of Kingsbridge, in the channel slums that few visited and even fewer willingly stayed in, Chadwick never knew his parents. What he knew was that strength was important, and without it he would never survive. He practiced with weights, and eventually his greatsword named “Bro” to such an extent that he was actively solicited as one of the first recruits by the Boarhardt Family when they created their guild.
He would be one of the four Boarhardt Guild memebers sent to Meridia to assist Vincent Dubious in his attempt to summon and kill a god at his manor near Summer Hill Crater, along with Saburou, Maria, and Lotte the Lucky. Here he would also recruit Rin Glades, Dubious’s servant, to join the guild.vHe became close friends with some of the more enigmatic members of the guild, including Kareese, Azmaranthe, and Ukko, in the years that followed, and was a close friend and direct subordinate to Rupert Boarhardt.
Chadwick was known for much of his life for being quite attractive. He would casually sleep with anyone interested, a trait which led him to have a truly prolific number of illegitimate offspring spread across the nation of Ovid (and some say beyond). This largely ended when he met a beautiful young woman with brilliant red hair in the Kingsbridge marketplace, and he fell in love. This woman turned out to be none other than Princess Enzia, heir to the throne, disguised in secret. They dated for a number of years, but he would eventually discover her true identity the night her grandfather died during the Sacking of Kingsbridge. Chadwick managed to sneak her out of the city, eventually taking her to refuge with her mother’s family, House Baptiste, in Highchurch. Swearing to find the truth behind her grandfather’s murder, he took a small band of guildmates and friends to seek out the truth, and would be away for over a year. During this time an attempt was made upon her life, she would give birth to their child, a daughter, and she would hide the pregnancy in secret. During this time, his fairly loose habits with women would continue, and though he continued to sleep around, none of them he loved quite like Enzia.
Upon his return, Enzia would bring Chadwick with her to seek the support of Vincent Dubious in reclaiming Winterark Vale from invading Orlandians. He would fight alongside her campaign against her aunt, the Duchess Sadine, until the final confrontation in Grandmill. He watched as the Maestro killed his beloved princess, and held her as she died in his arms, telling him of his daughter and that Arden had hid her away. Bereft, he wanted to stay with her as the city collapsed, but was pulled to safety by Arden.
In the years that followed he became resolute that no one would take advantage of his children, nor draw them into a life of war as Enzia and himself had been. At the Battle of Stillwater he came up with a plan to collect his remaining children, including Pliskin, Samiya (whose mother died in the battle), and his daughter with Enzia and bring them somewhere safe from war and politics. With Arden’s help he managed to bring five of his children to an orphanage in distant Barrelbog. When Arden refused to tell him which, if any, of those at the orphanage were Enzia’s he forbade Arden from ever returning and would never speak with him again.
Dropping off the map formally, he continued ties with a small number of his former Boarhardt friends and lived a quiet life in the country, only leaving Barrelbog to take local mercenary work or to seek out the status of his other children abroad. His friendship with Aurius He was a loving and devoted father, and raised Kaitsja, Pliskin, Samiya, Suesenn, and Jalen with all the skill he could muster. Along with their godmother Kinley, they all lived happily for a number of years.
This all ended when the Maestro attacked Barrelbog and provoked Chadwick by reminding him of how he killed Enzia years before. Chadwick would then attempt to kill the Maestro, only to fail. He was shot to death as his children watched on the boardwalk outside of his orphanage at the age of 56.
Charles Yentz-Tenmar The son of Georg Tenmar, second born of the Tenmar Barony, and Rosaline Fairview, third child of Barony Fairview. His mother would die in childbirth, leaving Georg an eligible bachelor in Adairian society. Georg would eventually marry Sadine Yentz and urged her to make Charles their heir apparent. When Sadine proved unable to bear children, she formally made Charles the heir to her house and raised him as her own child.
Raised in luxury in Grandmill, Charles was just a young child during the Succession Crisis and did not know the stakes his adoptive mother was playing. In the sacking of Grandmill, he was spirited away by retainers from the explosions that would claim the lives of both Sadine and his father. In the aftermath of the war, Arden Gearston-Mills would refuse his claim to hold any Barony but House Yentz and refused to acknowledge him as the realm’s heir apparent (as he did not have royal blood). He would grow bitter at this and remained in exile in Yentzhold for much of his life before eventually losing his lands.
In his elder years, he kept much of the Clockwork Army equipment from the Succession Crisis and supplemented his fallen house by serving as mercenaries and arms dealers to various foreign powers, eventually working with Marshal Koemann for his plan to take over Revalia though this deal too led him to be shunned by Revalian Nobility when Koemann’s revolt was put down.
He would eventually die alone in a storm at sea.
Claude An Inquisitor for the Revalian Knights and Stone Court Vampire. Was responsible for Imari’s torture.
Was killed with great prejudice by the party in his secret prisons.
Clarence Skellington Clarence is bits and pieces of two dozen bodies that were bound together in necromancy experiments by an insane trufflekin, then given freedom and new vampiric flesh by powerful fae magics. He has no identity from the pieces of lives that he was made of, so he continues to use the name that his creator gave him.
He is no longer controlled by the necromancer, but his tortured patchwork soul remains a conduit to Death.
He was eventually destroyed by Hrim during Morrigan’s rise from the Old Watchtower, ending his evil for good.
Colleen the Lizardkin Near Mullenstone town, in the Adairian Downs

One morning in July

Down a river green came a sweet colleen

And she smiled as she passed me by.

She looked so sweet from her two scaled feet

To the sheen of her lavender hair

Such a shimmering elf, I’d to shake myself

To make sure I was standing there.

From Barrier Bay up to Roleto Quay

And from Malund to old Daytown

No maid I’ve seen like the sweet colleen

That I met in the Adairian Downs.

Corpus Constructus An undead, necromantic construct with a fascination for “WANDS AND SCROLLS.” Simply terrifying. Was a member of Gladbaegol and Associates. Player
Crocardo Hello! My name is Crocardo. I have come from the river. Behold my lovely rosey horn and my bulging muscles.
~eyebrows twitch up and down~
Crocardo was born in Barrelbog to a loving family of lizardfolk. In time, he would inherit his family store and be the general store owner, veterinarian, medic, arms dealer, smithy, and tax collector for the small community for many years. During this time he helped Chadwick’s children with their pet swamp dragon, Beauty,
During the attack on Barrelbog he would flee with Arius’s party on the Lazy Minnow, eventually landing at Sandford. From there he wandered for a time seeking a place to live.
Eventually, he would make a home with the Lizardfolk colony at the Old Watchtower near Mullenstone. There, Bropheus’s party managed to set Crocardo up with Colleen during a fishing contest, hopefully distracting him from ever appearing again.
Ebenezar Ebenezar Clont
A grizzled old fiddler and storyteller from Charm Falls. He is quite handy with a whip and has an amazing beard.
Ebenezar joined the Boarhardt Guild as one of it’s founding members, and served honorably through the sacking of Kingsbridge. Helping the Boarhardt Guild survivors flee south and assisting them with finding a home in the town of Carillon, he found his old bones were not quite up to the task of adventuring as they had been in the many years before. His final adventure with the guild, the Battle of Western Lockwood, saw Ebenezar single handedly stop several vampire advances and he became known as the Hero of Carillon for his valiant bravery.
The battle, however, proved that he was too old for adventuring. Bidding farewell to his allies, he returned home to Charm Falls where he started a school to teach the fiddle to the deaf and hard of hearing along with his granddaughter, Ebeny. While few attended,he would eventually play at the wedding of Ebeny and her husband Howard, witness the birth of their daughter, Suzy, and eventually be healed and help Chadwick’s children during their flight to Witchwood. A very elderly Clont, he would eventually die happily to the sound of his great-grandaughter, Suzy’, beautiful music.
Ebeny Ebenezar’s granddaughter, and the husband to Howard. Together with Howard she would run her grandfather’s music school until giving birth to her daughter, Suzie, a child prodigy. NPC
Egress A sassy bird-kin with a bit of a crush on Kraw Maga, she was last seen leaving for Bird Island.
Elanor of Winterark The Duchess of Winterark, mother to Katherine and husband to Vincent DuBious. Was rescued by the Boarhardt Guild along with her daughter during the Orland Invasion. NPC
Enzia Regalus (aka Red) Grandaughter of Cinemus Regalus XXII, and presumptive ruler of Ovid during her childhood. Born to Pickett Regalus II and Lady Camilla Baptiste, she would lose both of her parents young in life when they were assassinated during a visit to Versity Academy. From that point forward, she was raised mostly by her grandfather at court. A favorite of the former king, in his final days he named Enzia the heir apparent of the kingdom over her Aunt Sadine, Duchess Yentz.
An optimistic and friendly young woman, the citizens of Kingsbridge loved her and she was often seen among the common folk, despite countless rumors of her fraternizing with local sellswords littering the Ovidian Neighbor newspaper gossip sections. Some of this proved to be true, and Enzia fell in love with the wandering swordsman Chadwick and, for the rest of her life, would seek no other relationships. When her Grandfather was murdered and the riots began during the Sacking of Kingsbridge, she immediately took her household guard and retainers to fight the fires personally and try to restore order.
When Sadine arrived with the Clockwork Army, her retainers attempted to save her. During this battle Arden and Ruadh attempted to arrest her while John Clonter attempted to come to her aid. As the city burned, Enzia was forced to flee with her retinue to Highchurch to stay under the watchful eye of Ralph Baptiste, her uncle. Chadwick would leave her at this time to seek vengance for her grandfather, leaving her largely alone at her court in exile. With hordes of refugees arriving at the city every day, she did all she could to keep them fed and sheltered, turning her embassy into a hospital and barracks while spending all of her remaining fortune keeping her people fed.
During this time, she began to feel ill and discovered she was pregnant with Chadwick’s child. She did her best to hide this fact from all but the royal doctors, until during a checkup Arden approached her in the infirmary ward of her embassy and attempted to kill her with a point blank shot of a pistol. She watched as he deliberately hesitated on his shot, then shot the wall beside her. He tossed down his badge of office with the Greasers and whispered to her “I’m your man now, and Adair with me” before fleeing. This event incited the Riot in Highchurch as Arden escaped and soon led to Enzia’s disappearance for the rest of her term.
During her time of disappearance, she traveled in secret to Adaire where she gave birth to her daughter, leaving her in the secret care of Arden’s house.
She eventually resurfaced as a woman named Red, leader of a mercenary group called Red’s Redeemers and is a powerful, charismatic woman with a strong sense of justice and a determined attitude to set right the wrongs she sees in the realm of Ovid. With a strong hate of House Yentz, she otherwise treated the members of the Boarhardt Guild as staunch allies and valuable friends. She resumed her relationship with Chadwick at this time, but did not reveal her child to him.
She eventually fought alongside Arden to stop Sadine Yentz from destroying the city of Carillon, with her dying act to kill her aunt and end the war, telling her “This is for my grandfather” as she ran Sadine through with her holy sword. She was then shot down by the Maestro, dying in her beloved Chadwick’s arms. With her final words, she told Chadwick of their daughter’s existence and begged him to keep her from being pulled into the politics and war that ended her life.
Enzia is remembered positively in modern Ovid as the last of the house of Regalus, and a hero of the nation. While she is scorned in Grandmill even to this day, most modern scholars believed she had both the stronger claim to the throne and theorize she would have made a better queen of Ovid if she hadn’t been challenged by her aunt.
Ferranto DuLambrey (Ferran) A charming, sometimes ruthless fencing ace and rake, making his way around the world as a classy fencer, cheating here and there in a card game to pass the time (or for cash, as needed) but never from decent folk and generally doing good where he can (so long as doing so also helps him get by comfortably). While he rarely enjoys confronting nobility, he has a remarkable knowledge of high society to a suspicious degree.
Ferran speaks with a noticeable Orland accent, and when not telling outlandish stories about past exploits often seems to be oddly in the right place at the wrong time.
Ferran died in Grandmill attempting to save Carillon, sacrificing himself after being mortally wounded to blow up the only corridor that would allow the Clockwork Army to catch up with the party, causing a chain reaction which destroyed much of Grandmill’s Sector 3.
A statue to Ferranto DuLambrey was built in Carillon at the request of the Boarhardt Guild. At it’s feet is inscribed a plaque stating Ferran’s final words: “Once again the day is saved! By Ferranto! And friends!”
Frosty the Snowknight A creation of Lotte the Lucky during Revalian Nights. A warrior of snow who protects the weak! NPC
Gale the Wingless Aviary Airship captains tend to have a high number of Aviary among them. The natural understanding of air currents and flight dynamics lead them to be excellent choices for both captains and pilots. Gale has been both over the course of her career, and in time she obtained her own ship: The Lovely Gale (a gift from her husband at the time). She had love, a ship, a crew, and command. Luck was hers.
But it was not to last. The moment she took her ship out of harbor it seems that nothing but bad luck has followed her. First she lost her crew, one after another after another. Then her husband left her for another, starting an affair moments after she set sail. Then her wings, with her being cursed into human form, unable to fly without her airship. Something seems to want her to suffer, and she would give anything to know what.
Gale ended up joining the Boarhardt Guild as their pilot, losing multiple airships including her Lovely Gale in service to the party. After the destruction of Grandmill she managed to keep the last of the Yentz Airfleet Airship Destroyers for herself, and spent much of her life in the air on board the Lovelier Gale II (as she renamed it).
Gaelan Gaelan grew up in a remote part of the Lockwood. He became a talented tracker and hunter at a young age to provide food for his family as well as protection from the dark things that inhabit the Lockwood, but soon became obsessed with the kill. At age 14 he came home to find his family killed by vampires, another tragic story like you occasionally hear about settlers who live deep in eastern Lockwood.
Soon he was living on streets of Carrilon, and fell in with a group of thieves that put his stealth and quick hands to work. He was exceptionally good at following his mark while staying hidden with his skill at disguises and an unnatural ability to blend into the shadows. He decided to leave Carrilon after a job went wrong when a rich merchant died on his knife and witnesses were able to give the guards a rough description of him.
He then traveled to Taintsville and joined the Night Watch under a new name, serving house Blackbriar as an archer. His talents with stealth was quickly noted and he was often sent to do work that the house wanted to keep quiet. During this time he was trained to use his small magic talent to blend in or disappear when necessary, making him an effective spy and assassin for a short while. During the recent conflict he discovered the true nature of his employers. Not wanting to become food himself, and remembering how his family was killed when he was young, he decided to leave the Night Watch and find somewhere else that his talents could be put to use and improved.
He had heard all the rumors of the Boarhardt Mercenary Guild: murdering the king and escaping, nearly killing the head of the Yentz household, deciding the outcome of the Lockwood conflict and slaughtering the thieves that attacked the Lockwood Monastery only to steal from it themselves. Their recent victory against the vampires of Lockwood also made the mercenary guild an appealing prospect.
Gaelan worked for hire during the Carillon Revolution and proved to be a vital asset for incursions beyond House Blackbriar lines. His total kills are estimated to be in the hundreds, and he gained a reputation as “The Reaper of Taintsville” after several notable assassinations of key vampire and Night Watch officers. After the revolution his name once again slipped into the shadows, but several high profile assassinations in the political chaos that followed are rumored to have been committed by a dark, shadowy bowman that terrified all who beheld him…
Gardenstern (The Fool) Tales of Gardenstern the Peddler seem to be found in most cultures across the world, but in past, present, and future. Some claim that the name Gardenstern is used by many people, a clan of peddlers wandering the world making trades as they travel. Some believe all are one being, a man cursed with immortality and forced to wander the earth. Still others claim Gardenstern is from another plane of being altogether, and this world is nothing but a prison to hold him from his true existence.
What all can confirm is that he has amazing bargains!
Gardenstern was revealed to be the deity known as “The Fool” during the events of Revalian Nights, one of the gods of the Falleron pantheon. While immortal, despite being unable to be killed he very much can be harmed but will always regenerate. Lacking any sort of powers beyond his immortal lifespan, it is questionable how useful praying to him might be.
George Clonter George Clonter started his life as a young wandering Clont and became one of the most famous heroes in Ovid History. A powerful, somewhat insane warrior, this giant armored man fought in nearly every battle of the Succession Crisis and tipped the tide on more than one occasion.
George Clonter joined the Boarhardt Guild early, and would serve frequently with Preacher. He would fight in the Sacking of Kingsbridge, The Carillon Revolution, led the party in reclaiming Winterark Vale from Orland, and fought at the Battle of Grandmill.
Eventually returned to Clontstead to become the Great Clont of his generation.
Glenn Gladbaegol Grandson of Lilithia Gladbaegol.
In every family there is a black sheep. In the Gladbaegol family, the famous brewing noble clan of central Revalia, it was Glenn. The middle child of three siblings, Glenn lacked both the intelligence of his younger sister and the wisdom of his elder sister. In their place he grew a strong sense of justice and a fondness for the martial professions. With little patience for the brewing business (a job best left to his younger sister) and a strong dislike of his father, the noble Laird Quinton Gladbaegol, (managing of whom was best left to his older sister) he knew he had no place at the estate. And, thinking family first, left to make room for his sisters to grow. And so he set off abroad to find his fortune beyond his family’s business.
Over the years he found himself briefly in the employ of the Squires in Revalia city, until fighting a duel with a fellow officer left him on the street. Rumors of his skill in that duel drew him to the tournament grounds of Revalia and over time he became a champion the crowds longed for. He toured as a professional fencer, from the coliseums of Tarchay to teaching wealthy nobles at the Orland court of Lambrey. His name became as well known as his family’s scotch label, and over time he eventually came to like the damn drink he had avoided for all of those years.
And it was while he was drinking a glass of the family label that he was delivered a letter from his youngest sister. Things were not right at home. Their noble father had squandered the family fortune, mismanaged their lands. In his madness of age he destroyed the distillery, and ruined all of the grain and casks that made their defense’s livelihood. The Gladbaegol estate was months away from bankruptcy.
With all due haste her returned home. Family always must come first, he knew. Returning home he found out the truth. They were completely destitute. Something had to be done. After a week of assessments, selling off what objects they could (as discreetly as possible), and setting the books in order the Gladbaegol siblings discovered exactly what they were lacking.
Grabbing his rapier, he bid farewell to his sister’s once more. Promising he would make all prudent haste to establish these relationships before rumors of his family’s hardships became known abroad. So long as none knew the Gladbaegol Brewery wasn’t destroyed, the value of their product would remain secure.
Over his travels, he established “Gladbaegol and Associates” an adventuring company seeking to raise capital through adventuring. Would eventually learn the family distillary was bought out by none other than the dreaded Wrye family and, to make things go smoothly, his sisters had promised him to Bridget Wrye as a way to merge the family businesses.

-Caroline for the eldest

-Mairead for the younger

Gloomscone A lord expelled from Revalia for turning against their drunken ways, Gloomscone travels from town to town pushing a Prohibition agenda.  He finds himself flanked constantly by his majordomo, the weredog Barkley, and the body guards, and mimes, Cairne and Eddard.
Gwydgen Just south of the Summerlands, on the northern edge of the Simi Jungles, there grows a particularly dense grove of scorpion palms. Riverboat crews tell tales of the forest, claiming that no man can pass through without being stung by the venomous trees.
On particularly quiet nights travelers drifting down the river can hear a distant flute playing a strange, otherworldly song. Some say it is a beautiful princess, trapped with sorcery at the center of the grove. Others claim it is a witch, who lures in passing travelers for her supper.
Still others claim to have seen something in the moonlight, a small green man with wild orange hair, wielding fae sorcery and riding a giant black hound.
None of these rumors stopped the men from Grandmill who came to harvest the trees for palm venom. With armored machines, guarded by soldiers, they began clearing large swathes of jungle. The guardian of the scorpion palms, a fae creature named Gwydgen, was powerless to stop it. When all seemed lost, he discovered a Clont lord coming up the Escaloni river, heading home with his men after a victorious battle. The Clont warriors came to his aid and smashed the machines, driving the men from his forest.
Owing a debt he must repay, Gwydgen travels with his steed Gwyllgi to the Genevian Highlands each year to sing for the orchards and forests in the lands of the Clont lord who saved his home. Generations have passed since his home was saved, but Gwydgen still makes the trip, and the region has become known for its bountiful apple harvest.
Gwydgen spends a great deal of time in the fae realms, participating in the struggle between Summer and Winter. Occasionally he rides with the Wild Hunt, riding a massive black hound.
Hamfast Boarhardt One of the founding members of the Boarhardt Mercenary Guild, and the youngest of the three siblings that founded the guild. Hamfast is a short man clad in heavy armor riding his insanely-oversized dire-boar Sir Loin. With a short temper and a tendency to hold a grudge, he was the only founding member of the guild to never hold a leadership position, instead serving as the Mercenary Guild’s secret weapon. Known for his rather flexible morals, Hamfast would often take less-than-reputable jobs earning his older siblings disapproval (particularly from Waverly, who usually had to clean up his messes).
First seen during the Sacking of Kingsbridge, Hamfast did not help the other Boarhadt Mercenaries escape, but instead cornered Horatio on the Lockwood Bridge. In a brief exchange it was implied that Hamfast was aware of the circumstances behind the death of King Cinemus Regalus III, possibly being one of the three people to know the truth (along with Horace and the Maestro). Horatio shot Hamfast during this exchange, leading to him nearly dying. Mowngle’s Party (Mowngle, George Clonter, Preacher, Ebenezar, and Irid) managed to save Hamfast’s life, though he remained in critical condition. Later, during the Hunting Horace arc the party assisted Hamfast with tracking down the man who shot him, eventually cornering him in the Old Ruins outside Carillon. Hamfast managed to capture him, but would later lose him when Izaya freed Horace and fled with him to Taintsville. Hamfast would lead one of the Musketeer Platoons during the Carillon Revolution, earning his first command role, though doing so reopened his wounds.
Was last in the care of Waverly Boarhardt at the new guildhall in Carillon. Is presumed recovered, but hasn’t been heard from since.
Harley, Lapine Hero Harley is a lapine, one of the rabbit werefolk found around the world in small enclaves called “warrens.” Unlike many, Harley doesn’t live quietly like many of her kind, ignoring and running from threats. She stands strong as a war-priest of Gein, goddess of the woodlands. With her trusty lance she hunts the hunters of the forest, wherever they may be. Anyone who has harassed or harmed a lapine should watch their back, because this quiet beauty may be about to drive six feet of metal lance into it
Harley fought as a member of the Boarhardt Guild and was a personal friend of Adren during the war, serving with him on multiple campaigns despite her silent tongue. She would eventually fall in love with the young ranger Oliver and, with him, would bear a werefolk child that she named Quinn.
In later years, her Oliver, and Quinn joined Arden in seeking who attempted to murder him and would go on to shepard and protect Chadwick’s Children through many battles.
Hayward Hayward is a lieutenant in the Boarhardt Guild and a haggard veteran in a world slowly going to hell. Originally from Revalia, he was raised on the streets with his brother Horatio. Hayward became a thief and his brother became a Magistrate. That’s all there is to say about that relationship.
He eventually became one of the last members of the Boarhardt Guild, and Rupert Boarhardt’s last disciple, before the events of the Old Watchtower. Now is one member among many on the Lazy Minnow.
Largely hated by the party for one misplaced shot of his pistol.
Heinrich Pfifferling My name is Heinrich Pfifferling, and I run the shop here in town. I see that look, and before you say anything, don’t worry, I know how to speak in a way that you will understand. I have lived among the humans here for many years, and I have adopted their way of speaking. It doesn’t disgust me at all.
A Trufflekin on the surface, running a shop for the humans? Yes, it is a long path that brought me here.
I was once an enchanter among my people, far east of here, near barrier bay. Many treasures belonging to the ancient Clont peoples may their way to our kingdom, deep underground, and many were brought to me for identification. One day I was brought a bone wand, carved with runes, which allowed me to animate corpses.
Now, I have always had trouble finding reliable help in my line of work. The wand seemed like the answer to my problems. What is the difference between living meat and animated meat, anyway? Its all just blood and organs, not anything like my delicious mushroom flesh.
Which is lucky for me, because when the mob came to my cave they just hung me, stabbed me a bunch, then cut off my head. The fools must not know anything about my people. When my body regrew enough to awaken I found my workshop and laboratory had been completely destroyed.
After being exiled by my people for ruining decades of diplomatic progress, I took passage out of Barrier Bay on the first ship I found. I knew humans quickly grow weary of our way of speaking, but it turns out sailors are even more sensitive than most. I was thrown off the ship at the first port we came to, Daytown.
Daytown was a new experience for me. I lived above the ground, with people who were not trufflekin but quickly understood my way of speech. I was able to work as an enchanter again. I began to study the constructs that live there. I learned the intricate craft of working with springs and gears that drive clockwork. I learned the spells that bind elemental life to inanimate objects. And once again I began to think about getting a helper.
Well, I wasn’t going to make a construct that would just run away like many of the inhabitants of Daytown did. So I added a few binding spells to the recipe. This time, I left town quickly rather than stay and face slavery charges. It is a construct. Why would I make it free to leave me? –Mike’s character-
I then left for Grandmill, knowing that they would be more open to someone who creates construct servants. But the city was destroyed before I even made it there, and I ended up here in Mullenstone. At first I planned to move on, but I found that a quiet town was just what I needed. And business is good. Though recently I have been thinking about getting a new helper…
Heinrich was turned into a 6 inch statue by the curse of a fae tomb. He was last seen in the possession of Hrim, though as the Old Watchtower fell on the construct that was bound to him it is unknown if he still lives.
Years later, Heinrich would find a way out of his spell and, by using insidious magics, would use a set of toys to murder the household that kept his statue, House Brandon of Kells, at their distant home on Blasket Island. Since his escape, he has caused all kinds of mischief.
Player/ NPC
Herald Brandon Beloved lordship over the Clontish town of Kells, Lord Brandon was known to enjoy his summer vacations to the Blasket Island.  His vacation, and life, were cut tragically short when his child’s toy, a 6″ tall statue of Heinrich Pfifferling, gained sentience, amassed an army of undead and constructs. NPC
Horace A mysterious fallen vampire gunman that harassed the party during the events of the Sacking of Kingsbridge and the Carillon Revolution. A close ally of both House Blackbriar and the Maestro, he was present during the assassination of King Cinemus Regalus XXII and spent much of the aftermath working closely with the Maestro to kill off the members of the Boarhardt Guild that knew the truth, especially Hamfast Boarhardt.
Would be killed ruthlessly by Preacher no less than 13 times before being totally and completely immolated by flames so that Preacher could “be sure.”
Horatio Magistrate Horatio of the Squires is the primary peacekeeper of the City of Revalia, and in peacetime it’s chief domestic official. The resemblance to his brother, Hayward, is clear.
Horatio proved to be a pretty cool guy, and is willing to work with the Boarhardt Guild to put things to rights, and even lets slide their constant lawbreaking for the greater good.
Horn Helmed Knight The Horn Helmed Knight is a powerful, and seemingly unstoppable, soldier and officer within the Lords Council Army. Rarely, if ever, seen without his silvery armor, he is known for his ability to teleport his sword back to his hand at will and to get up after any amount of damage taken, seemingly regenerating even from death.
He chased Chadwick’s Children across much of the Heartlands after attacking Barrelbog, always just behind them. Kaitsja eventually managed to remove his helm, only to reveal a liquid-mirrored metallic mass beneath. Both it and the armor appear to be the Horn Helmed Knight’s body, and it can change at will to be any shape it sees. It took Kaitsja’s form for a brief moment before it was struck down and driven away by Lotte the Lucky.
Howard Howard was a deaf and mute oracle that briefly joined the Boarhardt Guild. Despite his inability to easily communicate, he proved to be a remarkably decent ladies man.
Was left in a hole in the ground after the crash of the Lovely Gale. He eventually pulled himself out and wandered off, only to be taken in by a kind young Clont woman named Ebeny. He would later marry her and begin his life as a music teacher at her grandfather Ebenezar’s school near Charm Village. Together with Ebeny he had a daughter, Suzie, who became one of the most famous musicians of her age.
Player/ NPC
Hrim A Frost Construct created by a foul trufflekin sorcerer, magically forced to forever stay with him. Hrim eventually died, along with Clarence Skellington, during the rise of Morrigan over the Old Watchtower. Player
Ichabod, Commander of the Night Watch The general of the Night Watch, the elite forces of House Blackbriar and Taintsville. Led the invasion of Carillon before finally being killed during the Carillon Revolution. NPC
Igjuan Igjuan is Crocardo’s rival in love, a larger, stronger, and much more direct lizardfolk. Both seek the heart of the sweet Colleen. NPC
Imari A priestess of the Allfather seeking to thwart Morrigan’s machinations wherever possible. Doesn’t care for violence, but accepts it is sometimes necessary.
She led the party after Morrigan’s rise over Mullentone to enchant the Dagger of Morrigan with the blessings of the other gods to create a weapon capible of bringing down Morrigan’s Avatar. After seeing the destruction of her kin at the Temple of Eaton, she became worried that there was no good left in the world.
Upon arriving in Revalia she was taken by the Stone Court inquisitors and tortrured. They brutally mutilated her, leaving her an unhealable husk of her former self, but despite what they did to her she protected the party and the dagger from harm.
She is now in critical condition in Revalia
Irid Not much is known of the master ninja assassin Irid. His full name is lost, his birthplace and past whispered only in the darkest corners of the realm. But it is rumored that he was born to an Assassin Torwind father and a Genevian Highland Noblewomen. It is known that he has a deep hatred for all those who bear the name Clont for it was they, he claims, that killed his mother and father.
While never confirmed, it is thought that he wears a black cloak and carries two magical blades.
Rumors from the Carillon Revolution spoke of a ninja working with the Boarhardt guild, one that seemed to exude evil, especially through what he called his “wasabi blades.” While only the guild could confirm if this ninjas was indeed the legendary assassin Irid, many believe that he was instrumental in ensuring the Carillon Revolution succeeded, killing off many enemies of House Artimage quickly and silently.
Iorveth A high-ranking member of The Penitent and right hand man of Lord Terzo Beturan.  He has befriended Leon and is trying to determine why his allies around him are turning into The Tentacled.
Jackson A crack shot and cunning mercenary, Jack’s pistol was a common sound heard among the Boarhardt Guild in it’s later years. During the sacking of Kingsbridge jack deftly led a group of guild members out of the city, protecting them with the thunderous rapport of his pistol. Mingling in with the Rgalus refugees, he helped his fellow royalists and was often at odds with Arden, who he suspected (correctly) was a Yentz spy. In the years after House Regalus was expelled from Baptiste lands Jack left the Boarhardt guild to help protect the wandering refugees of Kingsmark as they sought a new home. Player
Jalen Broham One of Chadwick’s Children.
Ovidic was always my favorite class growing up. There’s something so beautiful about the written word, so permanent, so dependable. Other brothers and sisters may have dozed, or daydream during story time or lessons but I was always attentive and taking notes. My writing is one way for me to move past some of the horrors that still haunt me — I still wake up some nights and need to write out my nightmares, I keep a journal of those. Also helpful has been the love and support of the other orphans, my brothers and sisters share two parents, Chadwick and Kinley, and a bond deeper than most blood-relatives share, I’d expect.
As I grew older, Kinley saw my insatiable thirst for knowledge and began producing more and more obscure and fantastic tomes. Typically works of nonfiction. I tend to be fascinated with foreign history, culture, and magics. The Fall of Brevardrim, the Itsy Bitsy Fae and the Whorrilaug, Meditations on Illusory Magicks, I was reading all of these when my siblings were tackling The Fool and his Brothers. I like to pretend I’m there, so much so that I need more books, now I’m actually speaking Brevardrim and Fae.
I’ve studied and scrounged and practiced and I’ve actually begun casting magic! This would not have been possible without Kinley. It certainly would’ve been possible; however, without most of the population of Barrelbog. Everywhere we go, I feel I’m eyed with suspicion — and thats fine, because I’m staring right back. I feel like I can maintain the upper hand, though, since I can control what they see, and what they miss.
John Clonter John Clonter was incapacitated and thought dead when he grappled Sadine Yentz until she was (nearly?) dead during the Succession Crisis.
Feeling abandoned by his comrades, he in turn abandoned the guild and eventually found work on the docks until he was granted passage as crew on a ship. Although he hoped to make contact with his brother again he was unable (for some time?) to due to the life of a sailor. [[After the fact, he realized he was present for some major events of his brother’s life.]]
Later (at some point?) he met up with the guild [[and his brother?]] and coordinated on their behalf a discounted passage system with ***…(the guild of dockworkers & oarsmen? guild of shipping? Captain Gethatshitdone? )…***.

As long as Boarhardt members served as crew during the voyage, either as muscle or as their abilities dictated, they wouldn’t have to worry about the cost of passage. However, the passage might not be as direct as desired.
As John aged, he found solace with his brothers war companions after his passage and helped to fund (in a small way) the Chadwick’s Orphanage for Misguided and/or Abandoned Cool Little Dudes/Dudettes!. Occasionally visiting when his life at sea sets him free.

Jon Bladebreaker A runt-sized Clont, he was discovered to be the bastard son of Leon Bladebreaker.  He was a stowaway on the Lazy Minnow, and nearly was eaten by a flaming Roc.  His father-in-law, Seadgh Clontus, is a Sergeant in the Clontish armed forces, and actively looking for his son, and the party.
Kaitsja Broham One of Chadwick’s Children
Kaitsja has almost no memory of her life before she came to the orphanage, and she has no interest in the people that abandoned her. This has led to her having little empathy for what happens to people outside of the orphanage, and often little concern for her own well being. Of all the children raised by Chadwick, Kaitsja is surely the most reckless. She received a proper education from Kinley, but after a few close calls with the beasts that dwell in the swamp Chadwick decided to train her with sword and shield, to defend both herself and her siblings. She has heard many stories of adventure from Chadwick and his mercenary friends, but she is no fool about what mercenary work really is. She looks forward to coming of age when she can join up with the Boarhardt Guild to kill people and take their money, just like Chadwick and his friends.
Somehow this young woman has the strength of a swamp dragon. She is probably a borderline sociopath, mostly due to growing up hating the outside world for abandoning her, but she does care deeply for a few of her siblings.
Katherine DuBious Daughter of the Duchess of Winterark and Lord Vincent DuBious, she eventually forsook her noble heritage to become a trade merchant. Over the years became fabulously wealthy before retiring in Revalia, where she raised both Horatio and Hayward having picked them up from the streets.
A long term fan of the Boarhardt Guild, funded them up until they all but collapsed in the years leading up to the Mullenstone Campaign. WIth their rebirth, she is happy to ensure they (and their ship the Lazy Minnow) are able to keep sailing.
Kareese In life, Kareese had been a musician, pretty but not beautiful, making a living playing the harp and piano in taverns in Carillon. It was there she met the love of her life, the most beautiful man she’d ever seen, Orfeo, a member of the night’s guard. After a brief courtship, they married and she gave birth, hanging up her lute to focus on the young family. A decade passed, she now looked after a family of five, and an increasingly distressed husband. The work of a Watchman is never easy, but her usually calm and collected husband was the most scared he had ever been after the murder of Lord Silverbell. One night, determined to escape horrors he was not willing to discuss, Orfeo asked Taric, a family friend, to smuggle them out on a carriage out of town. The carriage did not make it past the checkpoint guarding the eastern edge of Carrillon, Taric, betrayed his smuggled cargo in exchange for what, Kareese never found out. She witnessed the carriage door being opened, a volley of musket fire, and as she lay bleeding out she watched her husband unleash a terror he had not revealed in their twenty years of marriage.
Kareese awoke the next morning alert and on fire. Everything hurt, and everything was so very, very bright.
Orfeo lay next to her in a pool of blood. Her blood? His blood? He had always been quiet about his past. She felt cold, alone, confused, depressed. Her solitude bore her great pain, and she couldn’t help but laugh at the irony of her husband killing himself to save her. Perhaps he had felt his time on this world was long enough, and considered it a mercy to let her live on. Maybe he hadn’t realized just how much of himself he would have to give to bring her back. She fled.
In the months that passed, Kareese picked up her lute again, with a purpose. One night in a rowdy tavern, she met the members of the boarhardt guild, and after some time, decided to take up adventuring. She’d need to get stronger if she were to avenge the death of her family. Kareese has been working on and off with the Boarhardt guild ever since.
Kaveh the Oathbreaker Evil paladin of Samhain, he was trapped in the basement of Hearthflare Temple after its sacking in the attack that used The Flame of Amalas and The Orb of Thrain. NPC
Kinley the Hedge Witch Kinley is fiercely independent, direct, belligerent, and practiced in taunting and insulting her family, students, friends, opponents, and typically anyone in earshot. Bitter but kindhearted, Kinley is a practiced Hedge Witch who have been driven from her home due to the conflicts between Blackbriar and Artimage, and now travels here and there seeking to heal and help as she can (though she is far too old to do much more walking).
A stern mentor, she has taken up Lotte’s training hoping to get the young woman’s head on a bit straighter before she randoms herself into oblivion. Was accidently sent to an unknown period in time by Lotte during a training session.
Kinley would later serve as godmother for Chadwick’s children, being their stern governess and caring grandmotherly figure during most of their lives. While Chadwick refused to speak with Arden ever again, Kinley kept in touch via her Book of Domesday, a magical tool that allowed her to communicate abroad. Her star pupil, Jalen, learned many of her magical secrets and was her brainy-child amongst the otherwise brawny household.
When the Orphanage was attacked, she reversed her long-standing house rule of “Don’t ever go into the swamp” and ordered the children to do so to save their lives. They would never see her again, though they received one last message from her, directing them to flee to Witchwood where a friend of hers would be waiting. She was killed by Lord Council soldiers, shot at point blank as she wrote her final message to her children.
Her book ended up in the hands of Kareese, a family friend and one of the mercenaries seeking to protect Chadwick’s Children.
Koemann Marshal Koemann is the ruler of the Revalian Knights. He  served under Marshal Jarren’s attempt to invade the Grave King’s lands by sea, a mission that proved disastrous.
Upon his return he systematically politicized his way to being Marshal, and eventually tried to take over all of Revalia.
Was eventually revealed to be undead, a thrall in the service of Draug, the Grave King. He was put down by Lilithia’s party.
Kraw Maga An aviary sniper with a beak of gold. Always willing to help the little guy, and generally above the rest of Gladbaegol and Associates both literally and morally. Player
Kringle Klaus Kringle Klaus is one of the Klaus dynasty of Clonts, a powerful group of magical artificers living in the northern realms.
The party managed to negotiate to be permanently on the “good list” by helping Kringle retake his workshop from his brother.
Kramphus Klaus Kramphus Klaus is one of the Klaus dynasty of Clonts, a powerful group of magical artificers living in the northern realms.
He threw his lot in with the Stone King, and tried to kick out his brother Kringle from his frozen home. The party set things to right by driving Kramphus away… for now!
Lamar the Bandit Baron Lamar, the bandit Baron, is a wandering soldier with a large following of ruffians, bandits, ex-soldiers and other fighting men and women. This soldier has fought his way into having a seat on the Ovid Council of Nobles by taking the castoff remnants of dozens of destroyed houses and making them into a powerful band he uses to hold Malund and the surrounding towns. NPC
Leon Bladebreaker (aka Megadeth) “When I was a boy in the wilds, my father told me of how we earned our name. Our ancestors were nomads, and one day a group of warriors threatened our tribe. The warriors were confident that they would succeed because of how well-equipped they were – but we know better. After defeating these warriors, my oldest forefather -some even say he was even Ursakin – walked up to the leader of these men and broke his sword in two. I put little stock into such tall tales but I keep my father’s talisman as a reminder of them.
I wasn’t able to learn much more from my father as a gang of marauders came during the night and attacked our tribe. The men were killed and the women and children taken. I put up a fight but as a child I was no match. I don’t know where the rest wound up but I was sold into the Tarchay gladiator pits. Our ancestors would have been ashamed.
I grew up in the arenas. The pits were my education. The teachers were well-armed, the lessons bloody. I learned that there is no honor in battle. It is a struggle of life and death, of prey and predator – and you must be the predator. To do this takes two things: strength and fury. Everything else is irrelevant. The stronger, more committed warrior will prevail and there is no better engine of commitment like anger.
Anger has its drawbacks, however. As my years went on in the arenas, you would always see new faces embracing the law of the pit. But they kept their anger too close to the surface. It bubbled up too easily and made way for hot-headedness and arrogance which got many of them killed. No. The deep anger, the pure primal rage that beasts know – this is the key. It was this rage that made the crowds cheer ‘Megadeth!’
After many battles I was eventually granted my freedom. But I know nothing other than combat in the arena. I decided to try my hand at coaching new gladiators but I soon discovered I am not a teacher. Worse yet, I felt more caged than when I was as a gladiator. I started dreaming of the wilds that were home as a boy. The city and its false sense of security and pointless niceties were grating. None of the people I encountered would survive five seconds in a real combat and if you can’t even fight to survive, you are nothing.
I finally decided that it was time to leave. I need to find somewhere that I will feel at home. More than that, I want to leave a legacy of myself beyond Megadeth the gladiator. I have heard that the Clonts to the north are known for their mighty deeds. Perhaps there, among the highlands I can find what I am looking for. Maybe when I am gone, people will speak of the legend of Leon Bladebreaker and my ancestors can be proud.”
Lilithia Gladbaegol A daughter of a Revalian Freeholder, Angus Gladbaegol , who fled from home to get away from her crazy father and his plans to marry her off to the youngest Wrye boy. Eventually booked passage on the Lazy Minnow and became a member of the Boarhardt Guild during the events of the Revalian Nights.
She would eventually marry Horatio, the Lord Captain of the Squires and de-facto ruler of Revalia. In time she would have a child, a rather disappointing young man who managed to ruin her family’s distillary. Her three grandchildren proved to be more canny, though the eldest, Glenn, was something of a hothead.
She once saved a catkin werefolk, Meowsington, who would grow up to serve as her butler for much of his life. In time, she asked Meowsington to look after her idiot grandson, Glenn, and try to keep him from being too reckless.
Is presently alive on Gladbaegol lands, though very elderly.
Mr. Livingskin The former mayor of Barrelbog, killed by a villanous lord and then somehow brought back to live as a classy zombie. Kept to himself, but was very kind. NPC
Lorelai (Bitty Bat) Lorelai was a druid living in the wilderness around Mullenstone, driven from her lands when the Avatar of Morrigan rose from the old watch tower. She fled with the refugees, using her ability to transform into a tiny bat to defend and fight with the party.
She eventually left their company over a disagreement about fae trapped in bottles.
Lotte the Lucky Lotte is a young woman who has been practicing as a witch for as long as anyone has known her. Either through a misplaced spell, or through her habit of altering time and space accidently, she doesn’t seem to age much.
She became acquainted with Lord Vincent DuBious during his quest to hunt a god, and appeared in many of the campaigns involving the Boarhardt Guild. Became a close friend of Arden, she has a sort of bond and trust with him.
Lotte’s Witch powers are… unpredictable. She has a strong command of her broom and can fly well, but everything else tends to work too well or… horribly wrong. Kinley has attempted to help her with this, but so far there has been little change. As she aged, she gained a greater degree of control, with her powers as of the Crown of the Heartlands campaign becoming quite increased, though still unpredictable.
Lotte served in the Succession Crisis as a member of the Boarhardt Guild and was gravely wounded during the Battle of Grandmill, when she threw herself from her broom at a great height to take out a cannon about to kill Gale. In the weeks that followed, she was nursed back to health by Kinley before resuming her training.
During a regular flight training session, Lotte sneezed and sent both herself new eras in time. Lotte found herself in Mullenstone right as the Avatar of Morrigan rose from the Old Watchtower. She then traveled with that era’s Boarhardt Guild remnant in their quest to stop the Avatar of Morrigan. Kinley eventually found her, and pulled her back to her own time.
When Chadwick’s Children fled to her haven at Witchwood, she flew out to meet them and saved them from the Horn Helmed Knight. She later tried to teleport the party, but lost them beyond time and space for a short amount of time. Oops!
Lynne An officer in the Boarhardt Guild running the sleepy Port Heartlands office. More concerned with her cat and reading than actually doing work. NPC
Lysandria Baptiste The last of the line of Baptiste. Kidnapped as a teenager by the villainous lord of Barrelbog, she was later freed by Arius and company and returned to her home at Highchruch where she became the last in her line after discovering the death of the rest of her clan. The party helped her discover the fate of her family and restored her to her claim, triggering a massive celebration in the city. NPC
The Maestro The Mastro has worn many names over the years, and I find that too few of them really capture what one might call, my essence. You see, at my very core I am a lover of the arts. Music in particular. Don’t you just think that when an orchestra swells just right… ah… well it makes all the difference.
A man of great cruelty, The Maestro was involved in the death of Cinemus Regalus XXII, kicking off the Succession Crisis. His minion, Horace, attempted to kill members of the Boarhardt Guild time and again. He killed Princess Enzia at the Battle of Grandmill, and murdered Chadwick in front of his children’s eyes.
He also mortally wounded Ferranto DuLambrey, leading him to kill himself with an airship bomb to block his passage towards the other heroes.
Last seen working with, and leading, the Lords Council Army at Barrelbog, though his true allegiance, purpose, and name remain a mystery.
Maeve Maeve of the Winter Court served as an ambassador between the Court and both the Stone King and Revalia. A slightly sinister fae woman with a mysterious agenda. NPC
Maria the Alchemist Maria is an alchemist, debutante, and generally foul tempered woman. She is nominally a member of the Boarhardt Mercenary Guild and often sells potions, alchemical reagents, and bombs to help support her luxurious lifestyle. An old fling of Chadwicks, among others.
She also has a history of marrying well only to have her husbands mysteriously die. She had seven of these, all of which rose up to challenge anyone who would be added to their number.
Marlowe, Intrepid Reporter Investigative reporter. Always looking for the next scoop but isn’t beyond getting his hands dirty in the fray.
The defacto narrator of the Succession Crsis campaign, Marlowe eventually went on to found the Ovidian Neighbor newspaper. He was a close ally to Arden and while he rarely supported him in the field, his army of gumshoes after the next big scoop landed Arden many a humdinger of a story.
Melody, the Yentz Defector Melody was a Yentz Rocketeer serving honorably in the Clockwork army. In the days after the death of the King and the collapse of the realm, she was stationed on the border of County Blackbriar (now County Carillon) where she met a Night Watchman named Nolan. The two quickly fell in love and, realizing both armies were insane defected. Now she and Nolan are members of the Boarhardt Guild, taking jobs together for love and profit. NPC
Moory Bovinech A bull-folk member of The Precinct, Moory Bovinech works as a judge in Daytown.  He hears all cases, but is especially excited to announce the paternity of members being sued in court.
Morana the Fae A Fae Slayer with a penchant for Chaos. Fought with the Boarhardt Guild in the last years of the Succession Crisis before returning to the Winter Court. NPC
Mousey, Roden Mechanic Roden, the seldom-used term for wererats, are a strange folk that are unusually tolerated due to their unusual skillfulness as tinkerers, cooks, and laborers. While rarely seen on the streets of a city or town, they are an uncommon, but not unexpected, sight inside the servants’ quarters of many noble families and in slums, tenements, or labor camps. Roden, for some reason unknown even to themselves, cannot transform as other werefolk races do, but instead remain as Roden at all times.
Mousey is a specific Roden who is the daughter of Ratnick and an expert mechanic. She joined Gale’s crew on the Lovely Gale and later teamed up as part of Arden’s party, working with him in many of his adventures. She used a bowgun, which is a bow that shoots guns. She later developed the Gunbow, which was a gun that shot fragments of bows. Both were incredibly wasteful.
She remained in Gale’s employ before eventually settling down on Bird Island to have a family and 300 kids.
After a time, she rejoined Arden to track down his would-be assassins and to protect Chadwick’s children. Was captured in Port Heartlands and would be held hostage at the Battle of Charm Headwaters, but escaped to fight back.
Mowngle Mowngle had a pretty easy going childhood, growing up in the City of Bells, Carillon. A bright and cheery place, Mowngle’s parents spent their time campaigning and defending House SIlverbell. Rather than spend much time worrying about what the other children were doing, Mowngle would sneak away from school to the some of the woods outside of city which was well known for its fey creatures. Mowngle had developed a strong bond with a Faerie Dragon named Rhea, who helped instill in him a sense of lighthearted trickery. Spending that much time in those magical forests also led to an early exploration of magical prowess he would later develop more seriously, but all in good time.
The lights that shined so brightly in Mowngle’s childhood dimmed just as he began to reach adulthood. During Mowngle’s usual morning sneak off to the forest to cause mischief with Rhea, he began hearing the sounds of panic coming from his beloved city. He returned home to find guardsmen, sentinels, old friends murdered, and when he finally made it to his house, he found his parents had also been taken by whatever had what he had been fearing. Mowngle did what anyone in his position would, swore revenge and ran back to the forests that he had hid inside all his life. Mowngle dedicated his life to finding his father’s murderers, but knew he lacked the physical strength to confront anyone in a fair fight. When House Silverbell fell and House Blackbriar quickly took its place, Mowngle sensed an opportunity to talk himself into a position in the new, suspicious regime and joined the Night Watch, trying desperately to gather as much information as he could on the both the Night Watch and the cursed Great Pumpkin.
Mowngle ultimately was unsuccessful in tracking down much of anything within the Night’s Watch, which shattered the confidence of a man who was alone among his perceived enemies. Mowngle left to hone his thief skills with the only family he had left, Rhea the faerie dragon. In the ensuing years his friend began to unlock his potential for spellcasting. Growing more powerful and more confident, Mowngle left again Rhea again, this time deciding he had lived enough of his life in a forest, and would join up with anyone who would recognize him for his talents and reward him accordingly. Mowngle joins the Boarhardt Mercenary Guild mere weeks before the King is murdered.
Mowngle eventually became the new Mayor of Carillon under Lady Artimage, and was (for a time) her lover.
Lord Murray- Baptiste Lysandria’s uncle and the final retainer of House Batptise until she arrived. As he was not an official member of the family, he could not inherit with the rest of the clan died in Faith’s Fortress, but did his best to keep the city of Highchurch happy and healthy. With his niece’s return, he has stepped back to be her guide and mentor for her rule. NPC
Mr. Sparkles A werefolk duck-kin wizard of amazing power. Whenever he appears, amazing treasures are sure to follow. Lives in the Meridian Isles. NPC
Nolan, Blackbriar Defector Nolan was a classically trained necromancer in service of the Dark Lady of House Blackbriar. In the days after the death of the King and the collapse of the realm, he was stationed on the border of County Blackbriar (now County Carillon) where he met a Yentz Rocketeer named Melody. She opened his eyes to the horrors his people were inflicting on the residents of Carillon and, realizing both armies were insane, led him to defect. Now Melody and Nolan are members of the Boarhardt Guild, taking jobs together for love and profit. NPC
Ol’ Sooty Raysalian Ol’Sooty was once an evocation researcher at Versity Magical Institute, specializing in working with fire magic. He showed a great deal of promise when he began his career, but after a few years he became obsessed with studying the intensifying effects of alcohol intoxication on evocation magic. He was barred from Versity after a escalating series of embarrassing incidents culminating with burning down the combustion wing of the evocation research building, which was previously thought to be impossible due to magical fireproofing. Unfortunately, Ol’Sooty has no memories of what he did that night, as he had consumed an incredible quantity of Tanner whiskey as part of his evocation experiments. His chronic alcoholism has affected his magical abilities, to the point that he can no longer use evocation magic without a few drinks, at minimum. This is rarely a problem for him.
Eventually exploded!
Oliver, Lovable Scamp Oliver was a pickpocket in Carillon who somehow ended up as part of the Boarhardt Guild after forming a love-hate relationship with Ol Sooty after swiping his wallet.
Eventually married Harley and had a daughter with her, Quinn. Became a ranger and hunter in their travels of some renown.
Ophelie Ophelie is a Greenskin huntress.  She joined the in the fray in the Kells Highland Games, ultimately losing in a battle against Defster and Corpus.  She was last seen heading for The Summerlands.
Preacher Preacher, aka the “King Un-maker” after helping kill Sadine Yentz with his rifle.
A wanderer who came out of For Tanner with an ability to kill. He made a name for himself with his deadly accuracy with a gun. Eventually he found his way into the Songwood and learned that there was more to life than his wandering. He settled down there and found people he cared for. He set a side his pistol for a musket, using his skills to protect the weak. He never told them his name so they just called him Preacher because of the Baptiste necklace he wears.
Preacher eventually became a hero of Carillon, leader of the Carillon Musketeers, and had a castle built in his honor where he drilled and trained his men to protect the week and serve honorably. He would become the first general of the Lords Council Army after the Battle of Stillwater, but would retire some years later to a small ranch in the wilderness.
Pliskin Broham One of Chadwick’s Children.
Pliskin wasn’t sure where he came from or who his parents were and at this point he didn’t care. He arrived at the orphanage many years ago and was welcomed as part of the family. Pliskin was not one of the most talkative kids and often found himself reading through Kinley’s books or sitting outside and watching the many creatures of the swamp.
The trouble with animals is that they are naturally fearful of humans. Interested in their behavior, Pliskin would practice hiding his presence. At first it was difficult but he slowly became better at it, more confident in his ability. He began carrying a notebook with him in which he would write down the behavioral tendencies of the animals he observed. When a frog was preparing to strike at a bug, when a bird would change flight to dive, how the fish would swarm to escape the bird – all of the animals seemed to behave in predictable ways once he was able to patiently watch and understand them.
He reasoned that perhaps that predictability was due to the simple nature of these animals and began to seek out the swamp dragons. By this point he was confident in his ability to sneak unnoticed and began searching for signs of where a swamp dragon would be. After several unsuccessful visits he finally managed to spot one. It didn’t move at all, though. Perhaps it was dead. Excited at the prospect of getting a closer look at one of the elusive creatures, he got within three feet of it when suddenly it opened its eyes and snapped its jaws in an attempt to eat him whole. Pliskin fortunately managed to jump back out of the way in time but it wasn’t the most graceful escape and he knew the next attack would kill him for sure.
It was not meant to be Pliskin’s death, however, as a couple of the other orphans were also wandering in the swamp together and heard his yell. Running over, they began to hurl sticks and rocks at the beast in an attempt to distract it. The swamp dragon turned its attention towards the noisy creatures assaulting it and roared with rage. At that moment, one of the orphans hurled a stick like a javelin at the swamp dragon. The stick struck it directly in the eye and howled in painful fury as it ran off. Pliskin knew he was lucky to have survived and owed his life to his fellow orphans. He avoided the swamp for some time after that and decided that it was best to observe things from a safe distance.
When he did return to the swamp he found that he was easily bored with the animals. Their behavior seemed fairly predictable at this point and the ease with which he was able to hide from them was also unengaging. He began, instead, heading into Barrelbog to find anything interesting to do. Old habits die hard, however, and so he began observing the people of the village. Much to his dismay, it turned out that people began to notice him standing around and watching and would change their behavior or confront him directly so he shifted his strategy to hiding in corners and on rooftops.
It was from these locations that he was able to write notes down on the coming and going of the villagers. Keeping notes on them, he was able to determine their goals and began formulating how they might behave in certain situations. People were much more difficult to predict but just as with the swamp creatures, patterns began to appear. It wasn’t long that he became good enough to be able to predict the behavior of people he hadn’t encountered before. Observing and taking notes on people has become his favorite hobby although he does not generally speak of it. He can often be seen going back over his notes in deep thought.

Pliskin was eventually revealed to be Chadwick’s own blood with a woman named Samiya, and was the elder brother by full blood to Samiya (named after their mother). He was young, but witnessed the death of his mother during the Battle of Stillwater.

Quinn Harley and Oliver’s daughter. A loud and precocious youth. NPC
Rachel Artimage Once a lesser noble of County Carillon in the mid 1400s, she was murdered by a black court vampire and eventually ressurected by the party as they took a necromatic ritual and punged it into her corpse’s heart, granting her the life energy of the children sacrificed by the vampire’s greed rather than it going to the vampire itself.
Seeing herself as an abomination, and newly granted a massive amount of black magic, she helped the party overthrow the Blakc Court’s rule of Carillon during the Carillon Revolution. Would eventually become the Countess of Carillon as the last surviving noblewoman. Serves on teh Council of Nobles as a permanent antagonist to the Black Lady, and is equally immortal.
Ratnick, Roden Chef Ratnick is a specific roden who is also a chef. He fell in love with Mowngle during a battle a long long time ago. He is the father of Mousey. NPC
Reginald Remington III Summoner, charlatan, and general charming ass: Reginald Reminington III was one of the Boarhardt Guild members largely responsible for the collapse of order within House Baptiste in the months following the sacking of Kingsbridge. After a series of adventures helping the refugees of House Regalus, he wandered off into House Clont lands looking for new fortunes to grift and new ladies to swoon.
It is not believed that he was successful at either of these endeavors.
Rica the Bard An information broker and bard that offered to help the party find Azmaranthe during the Search for Azmaranthe. While her informationw as eventually useless due to Raelyn’s mesmerizing orgy, her ability to play solid music continued in the years after and she eventually traveled to Merrydale where she was captured by Orland Nobles and forced to play until she died. Later saved by the party and assisted George Clonter in infiltrating Merrydale NPC
Richard Brandon Herald Brandon’s asshole brother, Richard has taken over running Kells, and has been seen making deals with Lord Gloomscone, slighting Gladbaegol and Associates and otherwise extorting and demonizing the group wherever possible.  He may or may not be receiving his comeuppance at the hands of some rather unhappy NPC
Riven A rather wild acting Bronze fae that seems to just be out for a good time, regardless of what that means. Mischievous and chaotic, she probably can be trusted to do whatever she wants and little else. Does little around town aside from drink, fight, and occasionally go home with a lonely farmer. NPC
Rin Glades A young Meridian woman who joined the Boarhardt guild to do good in the world. Has remarkable regenerative capabilities. She was the household servant of Vincent Dubious during his hunt to kill a god, and later was recruited by Chadwick to be the house medic for the Boarhardt Guild. NPC
Rockalanche A massive earth elemental that, along with his brothers Boulder and Pebble, wanders the earth looking for worthy adversaries.
Was mined to death by Scab, though it is unclear if such a demise is permanant… or only a delay!
Rosemail Rosemail was a Knight who served under Captain Koemann during Marshal Jarren’s attempt to invade the Stone King’s lands by sea, a mission that proved disastrous.
When she, Koemann, and their fellow survivors returned they were very different people. Cruel and calculating.
She is a terrifying warrior with no peer. Only a crowd of soldiers would have any chance of defeating her.
Ruadh Ruadh Clont is a native of the Genevian Highlands. He is a distant cousin to the family of the Great Clont.
Usually seen wearing a dark green cloak and carrying a scimitar with a strange black blade. At first glance he appears to be a ranger or rogue, but those with a sensitivity to magical auras may notice that he has moderate magical abilities, as does the sword.
Ruadh’s swordsmithing abilities become quite popular in Clont Lands, and his spiritual and magical connection to the Great Clont, the ancestor spirit of all the Clont Clan, led him to become the chief bladesmith of Clontstead. To this day he holds this honored position, producing many of the finest weapons of Clontish make in the realms.
Rupert Boarhardt Rupert Boarhardt is the middle-child of the Boarhardt siblings and one of the founding members of the Boarhardt Guild. An archer and airship aviator, Rupert traveled the world for years before becoming a mercenary. Over his travels he fell in love with a Summer Court fae woman named Aine. During their courtship, they were as happy as can be but on their wedding day Rupert was nowhere to be found. Aine decided she hated him and cursed Rupert for standing her up at the alter, permanently transfiguring his face into that of a pig.
It was later revealed during the DIE HARD: THE RABBIT ABBOT arc that he had to choose between marrying Aine or saving his siblings from death, which softened Aine’s hate somewhat. He was apparently mortally wounded in the battle for Lockwood Abbey and was last seen being taken by Aine to the realm of the fae for healing.
Years later, he would lead the annual recruitment fair in Kingsbridge for all up-and-coming mercenaries and served as a mentor to a great many of them, including Hayward. His relationship with his elder sister greatly soured in the years after the Succession Crisis when she started treating him like an employee rather than her brother.
Ruhgdar Mag Clontoch Ruhgdar is a fearsome berserker who favors a massive Falchion. Upon falling into a berserker rage, he channels his inner beast, thrashing his sword with an unbelievable strength and ferocity. During his rage he especially deadly against anyone who uses magic and shrugs off spells that would normally stop him.
He seeks to improve his skill in battle, to destroy his enemies, and to enrich himself in the process. He left the Genevian Highlands behind years ago to seek his fortune with his sword. He recently heard rumors of powerful forces gathering around Mullenstone and has come looking for gold and glory.

Ruhgdar became the leader of the new Boarhardt Guild after Hayward was proven to be unreliable.

Rycina, Apothecary of Albertshire Rycina was a series of homonculus masquerading as the same person from Albertshire, systematically killing all factions during the Succession Crisis to experiment her poisons and bombs. It is unclear if the final one killed abord the Lovely Gale (which caused it’s crash) was the last one, or just another clone sent to reap havoc. NPC
Saburo Eldest member of the Boarhardt Guild, this crazy old monk has seen his share of fights (and head blows). Now suffering for a strong case of dementia, isn’t entirely there anymore. However he is still quite powerful. Longtime friend of Ebenezar. NPC
Sadine Yentz Duchess Sadine Yentz was born to Cinemus Regalus XX and Toussan of Sandford (later Cinemus Regalus XXI). Her parents would eventually die in a war against her uncle, Pickett Regalus (Cinemus Regalis XXII) who, despite taking the throne, allowed Sadine to hold the empty Yentz lands and raised her from a Baroness to a Duchess. She flourished in her uncle’s rule, and became the leader of the Clockwork Army out of Grandmill, the standing force of arms for Ovid.
She retained great power in the realm, but always wanted a bit more. Eventually, she got her chance with the death of her uncle. Her plots to take over the nation and do away with her niece, Princess Enzia, became more and more aggressive over time, culminating with a plan to destroy the city of Carillon by airship bombardment. This plan was foiled and she was eventually struck down by her niece while sitting upon her own throne in Grandmill.
Over her life she never bore children, a fact many have theorized was due to her mother Toussan’s chemical attacks during her pregnancy. She did have a lover, Baron Georg Tenmar, and eventually adopted his son, Charles, as her own blood heir and beloved child.
Historians rarely say good things about Sadine Yentz, though many indicate that without her control of Grandmill Orland might have taken Winterark and Malund as permanent provinces.
Sally Tavers Sally Tavers is a young, beautiful, and somewhat forward woman who lives just outside of town. While not the brightest person in down, she makes up for it by lighting up whatever room she is in with her radiant beauty. She takes care of her aging mother back home by serving at the Briarthorn Tavern.
Sally is afflicted with a strange curse that causes her to transform between age 19 and 65 based upon her emotional state.
It is unknown if she escaped Mullenstone when Morrigan rose.
Samiya Broham One of Chadwick’s children.
Samiya is the youngest and most timid of Chadwick’s children, very terrified of other not in her family. She was later revealed to be Pliskin’s younger sister by full blood, with their mother (also named Samiya) dying to protect her from rampaging Yentz defectors during the Battle of Stillwater.
February 3, 1550. ScavBot 3.2 was purchased by a Josiah Tin, son and clerk of Ronald Tin, owner of the Tin Can Mining & Manufacturing company. ScavBot marketing slogan: “Scavenging is now a thing of the past! Rest at ease with the latest in Yentzish productivity enhancements!” Significant amount of operating expenses spent on acquisition, warranty not pursued.
February 5, 1550. ScavBot has been sent to extract tin deposits in the A-4 quadrant, deemed too dangerous for human extraction after the well known Deep Meridian accident. High levels of toxins present. Noted.
March 7, 1550. Tin Can Mining & Manufacturing begins expanding manufacturing arm after increase in supplies. Report of toxins ignored, but ScavBot’s attempts at decontamination seem promising.
June 10, 1550. Partial collapse of sector A-4. Extractor instrument suffered damage. Questionable self repair — high level of toxin this deep in the mine.
June 12, 1550. Further repairs of extractor instrument needed, powering down in the warehouse for maintenance.
June 12, 1550. Maintenance Override. Authorizing Code 4786, registered to Ronald Tin. Returning to sector A-4.
June 14, 1550. Tin piling up in warehouse. Smelters production halted — ventilation concerns as cough pervades the warehouse. Workers strike.
June 16, 1550. New directive. Authorizing Code 8550, registered to Josiah Tin. Discover source of toxin in sector A-4. Do not report back until discovered.
February 12, 1552. Potential Toxin source located. Glowing green tome. Current elevation: 1.83 miles below surface. Digging instrument damaged. Engage distress beacon.
Febuary 12, 1552. Examining Tome for root of toxin. Symbols unrecognized. Analyzing.
March 2, 1552. Uncovered cypher. Parsing….
March 20, 1552. Tome diagrams in great detail the process under which one fighter-scholar learned learned to wield magic for the his own devices. Arguments become less logical as story continues. Green Hand symbol used over and over. Unknown religious relevance. Parsing….
November 7, 1553. Extractor Instrument is finally sealed, but toxin must be discharged daily.
June 5, 1555. Toxin related to a crystal discovered nearby. Crystal infects surroundings, feeds off open air.
December 10, 1560. Research into Tome becomes worthwhile. Stone Shape spell unlocked. Engaging Extractor Instrument with newly discovered Stone Shape, begin recall to Tin Factory.
December 11, 1560. Cultists of the Green Hand discovered. Ronald Tin seen leaving the mines. Other cultists remain to channel power into crystal. Plot foiled with fists. New directive, Authorizing Code 9999, registered to ScavBot: save town of Gold Ridge.
December 20, 1560. Ronald Tin hung for conspiracy, witchcraft, Josiah Tin new owner of Tin Can Mining & Manufacturing. Townsfolk digging in the mines hands glow green. Cause for concern surely, but faith in Josiah is well placed.
Scab is a construct turned mining bot that in his early days of activation stopped a cult from taking over Goldridge, learned karate, and a good bit of magic besides. Eventually joined the Boarhardt Guild when he accidentally led to the rise of Morrigan over his new home in Mullenstone.
Was transformed from a crude robot into a fast-healing homonculus due to a twist of fae magic.
Shane McGuire A dodgy merchant that buys and sells illicit mushrooms and other wares, Shane has hired Gladbaegol and Associates as a bodyguard on a number of occasions.
Sir. Loin A large dire boar bred for riding. Hamfast’s steadfast companion and mount. The original mascot for the Boarhardt Guild. NPC
Sterling Mayor Sterling is a crafty and calculating man with a piercing stare and a solid head on his shoulders. He knows what sort of folk live in his town and knows what he can expect from them.
It is unknown if he escaped the horrors of Morrigan’s rise.
Suesen Broham One of Chadwick’s Children.
The most rambunctious of his orphans, Suesen is the most likely of the family to get drunk, pick a fight, or generally get into trouble. Still she defends her sisters and brothers loyally.
Grave King A mysterious force, of eternal life, that dominates the northern wastes of Melokia. Is perpetually at war with Revalia over a slight from centuries past.
Was eventually revealed to be the Demon Draug.
Susebunn A warpriest of the Lapine Persusasion who frequently made terrible puns. Fought for the Boarhardt Guild for many years before hoping off somewhere to play his hand at standup comedy. Player
Talut She was born and raised in a small Clontish mining village. She was given the name Tal’ungama’raso’Util, an old Clontish name. Recognized at an early age as being a cut above the rest, a true Grand Clont. Like most people in the village she began to mine at an early age. Fascinated by gems and metals she began to craft crude jewelry from what was mined. Noted in the village for her skill she spent time at the large nearby trade town apprenticing as a jeweler. During this time she earned the simpler nickname Talut. Over the years her work had become a favorite of the nearby markets.
One day she was doing mining work to find more exciting crafting material when she heard screams of terror. As she rushed out of the cave she found a few men and her small village destroyed. Consumed with rage her fire burst forth for the first time. She used this rage and fire to overcome and kill all the men, but one. She asked him one question, “Why?” His reply was that they wanted the lavish jewelry from the city but refused to pay such high prices. They decided to take what was theirs. Consumed by rage once more she unleashed a powerful blast of fire, there was nothing left of the man. She took care to bury her friends and family, before taking her valuables and burning the small village to the ground.
She moved to the nearby city where she apprenticed. Using what she had she attempted to make a living once more from her craft, but without the extra resources from the mine she was unable to sustain a living on this alone. With her new found powers she began supplementing her income with tavern fights. After a while she was fighting full time. She gained notice of some mercenaries one day who had a mission for her. She found the amount of gold they wanted to give her for simple job of removing some raiders too good to pass up.
In her service of different mercenaries her jewelry skills proved to be another asset. As they plundered and looted she would often repair damaged jewelry or create some from the spoils to fetch ever higher prices. Through this work she often killed, plundered and razed cities, but she often let what she perceived as the innocents go.
Taric An officer in the Lords Council Army who is both cheerful and slippery. He escaped once from Chadwick’s Children, where could he be now?
Also involved in Kareese’s backstory in the most terrible of ways.
T.A.X.B.O.T. The Anthropomorphic Xenophobic Bipedal Opto-Lazered Taxman (T.A.X.B.O.T.) is the state of the art in local tax collection. Hating everyone equally, extremely durable, and willing to go the extra mile to collect funds what more can a local municipality need?
It is unknown if TAXBOT escaped Mullenstone.
Terzo Beturan The current Lord of the Penitent in Daytown.  He had a tough past growing up and is willing to allow those around him a second chance, and offered Leon a position in the church and to get out of jail in exchange for services rendered.  
Thrain Not much is known about Thrain, beyond the fact that he raised an army of undead and assaulted Kells around the year 1340.  His Orb, and The Flame of Amalas, counteracted one another.
Tinakris Tinakris was a herbalist in the village of Mullenstone when the Troubles came. As her world was torn apart, she found herself caught up with the Boarhardt Guild, traveleing the world seeking a way to stop the Avatar of Morrigan from destroying her home.
During her travels she came across a fae tomb which reverted her age to 21, giving her a second chance at her youth and remarkable vitality.
Temperance the Bounty Hunter Temperance is a bounty hunter the party encountered on the Lovely Gale. An expert tracker and hunter, she can make her arrows strike true. Somewhat Tsundere, she hasn’t been seen much since the crash of the Lovely Gale and is currently somewhere in the Tuskwold. NPC
The Black Lady The Black Lady of Taintsville, sometimes called Lady Blackbriar. The Queen of the Black Court of vampires which reaches back into elder times. She is technically the daughter of an ancient Ovidian King and, despite her open secret of being a vampire, is generally well regarded both by her people and the Kingdom of Ovid aside from in her neighboring state of County Carillon.
While ruthless and evil to her enemies, she will stop at nothing to protect what she sees as hers, including the people of Taintsville and the Lockwood. A current member of the Council of Nobles and, given her immortality, probably perpetual member.
Lady Blackbriar was one of the founding members of the Lords Council and, along with Arden, Vincent, and Waverley Boarhardt, were considered the “grand terrors” during their time in leadership. Eventually she was ousted, around the same time as Vincent’s public disappearance and Arden’s assassination, and returned to her homeland in Taintsville. There she would later be besieged by the Lords Council Army.
Lady Blackbriar has many times attempted to become Queen of Ovid, and sees it as her birthright.
Tynne The new quartermaster of the Boarhardt Guild, and owner of the Lazy Minnow. A sarcastic expert craftswoman with an eye for logistics. NPC
Ukko Ukko was born in a small village just below Grandfather mountain. The clans that live in the area surrounding Grandfather have always had a close connection with the Mother of Storms, as her temple on the mountain is the center of her worship in the Genevian Highlands, and the villages nearby rely on the warnings of her priests. Ukko was born during the strongest winter storm in a generation, as the whole village took shelter. After the storm had passed and the paths cleared, Clerics of the Stormherald came to the village to proclaim that the child was blessed. He was taken to the temple for training as soon as he was old enough to be separated from his mother.
A few times each year a great thunderstorm would roll across the mountain, and all of the acolytes and trainees would gather in the courtyard to meditate and feel the storm around them. It was during one of these storms that he discovered his magical connection to the storm raging above. His teachers took this as a sure sign that he was meant to serve the Stormherald, and from that moment on his commitment to cause was unshakable.

Many years later, he found himself approaching the end of his Training. His masters were impressed by the ease with which he could channel the tempest. They were certain that he would face the final test with ease. He was required climbed to an altar high up in the clouds on grandfather for three days, to commune with the Goddess and feel the true might of the storm. There on the slope of grandfather, meditating on the altar of Calamity during the strongest storm of the summer, a bolt of lightning struck Ukko directly in the chest.
He awoke in the temple three days later, and though the skies had cleared outside, he could still feel the storm raging on within him. The masters debated for some time over whether the lightning was a sign of displeasure or a blessing, but in the end he was raised to a full Cleric, and he was allowed to serve the goddess as he saw fit. The routine temple life on Grandfather was no longer enough for him. Within him raged the destructive fury of the storm, so he left the mountain to bring the storm to the people below. He fought with his Clont cousins against the Brevardrim, and in battle the storm found release for a time. When peace came he traveled back to the temple for a time, but with each storm that passed outside, the storm within him grew, and he soon left to seek regular conflict in Ovid.
It was not long before he ended up with the Boarhardt guild. Their “Kill First and Ask Questions Later” and “Burn it Down” approach was a great place to find like-minded individuals. The life of wandering suits the cold winds blowing in his mind and the battles provide an outlet for the destructive fury building in his heart. In a short time he felt closer to his brothers and sisters in arms than to any family he had every had.
Though Chadwick and many other companions have left the mercenary life, Ukko has come to accept that a life of peace will never satisfy him. He continues to work with the Boarhardt Guild, stopping in to check on Chadwick and his orphanage whenever he can.

Valentine A leader of bandits near Barrelbog responsible for a series of kidnappings of young people. A serial rapist, Chadwick’s children finally put him down for good after discovering he had kidnapped Lord Brush’s daughter. NPC
Valiant Eogan Baron Valiant Eogan is the lord of the Mullenstone region and is a vassal of Adaire. A great leader of men, he tends to lead from the front- charging ahead into danger. Generally speaking, Eogan is something of a dick to others and is a hot-headed member of the Council of Nobles that constantly irks those with greater history than his house by putting on airs.
Believes the Boarhardt Guild led to the destruction of the Old Watchtower and the Rise of Morrigan.
Valiant lost his entire unit of men during the Rise of Morrigan and eventually would wander to distant shores along with his surviving soldier, Sergeant Oaks.
Valeen A captain of the Sunguard, the order of knights upholding the customs and traditions of the Alfather.  Knight Valeen found the party and picked them up from Blasket Island and brought them back to Kells.  His temple, Hearthflare Temple, has been cleared out and is in the process of renovating.
Vithar There are some adventurers that charge into battle head first, and there are others that bring battle with them wherever they go. Vithar was of the later persuasion. Tearing off pieces of furniture, broken glass, and steak knives to fight, Vithar was a walking bar brawl that defended the downtrodden refugees within House Baptiste lands. His legend continues throughout bars and taverns across the land, and wherever a chair is thrown or a man tossed along the length of a bar counter, Vithar is surely involved. Player
Vincent DuBious Former lesser Meridian Lord turned Master of the Banking Clan turned consort of the Duchess of Winterark. Vincent DuBious is a strange and ambitious man whose love of hunting and killing his enemies is only matched by his adoration of his wife and daughter. A wealthy, wealthy man, he has bought his way into power during the collapse of the Kingdom of Ovid and is said to have a personal wealth near to that of the greater lords of the realm.
When Orland invaded his wife’s home of Winterark Vale, he led a call for heroes to rescue her. Though successful, Orland still held his lands for many years before they were restored.
During the takeover of Winterark by the Orlandian Empire, he lived in exile along with his wife, Duchess Elanor of Winterark, and their daughter Katherine in the city of Carillon. He become the financier of the Boarhardt Guild and owed the party a great debt for their services in his name.
After the Succession Crisis became arguably the most powerful person in Ovid for a number of years when he was appointed Chairman of the Council of Nobles, an organization he founded, and Master of Coin. He would eventually amass so great a fortune that none could fathom how much he truly had hidden away, though he attempted to use all of it to buy the Master Book of Domesday, only to fail publicly to a higher bid. A result to this day that shocked the world.
Soon after he went into retirement, returning to his summer home outside of Mullenstone and away from the public eye.
During the Beyond Time and Space arc of the Crown of the Heartlands campaign, the party witnessed a mirror-creature very much like the Horn Helmed Knight take Vincent’s appearance after attempting to assassinate Arden.
Waverly Boarhart Eldest of the Boarhardt siblings and founder of the Boarhardt Mercenary guild. Waverly is a skillful leader and is responsible for the guild’s continuing success. Politically active and able to turn any situation to her advantage, Waverly generally stands for justice, decency, and goodness (so long as there is some coin involved). Waverly shepherded her guildmates to their new home in Carillon where she eventually became a commanding officer and lesser noblewoman due to her role in orchestrating the Carillon Revolution.
Waverly and her siblings founded the Boarhardt Guild during a time of peace, and in time great to be the largest mercenary force in the Kingdom of Ovid. when the king was assassinated, she led the guild to become the most powerful force in the realm for a time, becoming strong enough to keep even the most powerful lords at bay. Her guild had its hands in nearly every military action of the age, sometimes causing them, sometimes solving them.
In the post-war era, she was officially granted a lordship and was appointed “Steward of Kingsbridge” and the Boarhardt Guild was granted carte blanch for operating under the Lords Council. While this was enabled by Arden, Lady Blackbriar, and Vincent Dubious, she eventually grew apart form them and was not taken down when the Council of Lords turned against them.
Waverley Boarhardt was incredibly active during the Crown of the Heartlands and was an ambiguously powerful player during the events of the campaign.