Codex: The Boarhardt Guild and the Succession Crisis

The following is a summary of the events of the Boarhardt Guild Campaign, running from January 2014 thru June 2015.

The land of Ovid had stood stable for generations under the unbroken line of Regalus Kings. The ten major houses ruled their respective realms and together worked (more or less) towards the betterment of the realm. King Cinemus Regalus XXII, last of his name, had long held his daughter, Duchess Sadine Regalus-Yentz, as the heir apparent for the realm. The leader of the Steam army and widow of the late Duke of Yentz, Sadine was powerful, strong, and politically savvy. However, in his final days he announced that his granddaughter, Lady Enzia Regalus, daughter of the king’s deceased son, would take the throne after him. Sadine was furious and demanded that the change be reverted. Enzia was mostly silent on the topic, being content to spend her youth among the good people of Kingsbridge where she was known as “Our Lady” due to her charity and good works.

The King then attended a play, “Our Ovidian Neighbor,” which is about the racey founder of the newspaper publication of the same name. This comedy was known as the King’s favorite, and it would end up being his last. During the evening showing someone murdered the king in his private box, triggering chaos throughout the city. Fires were set and looting began to run wild. Lady Enzia mustered the city guard and attempted to put out the fires. Duchess Sadine summoned the Clockwork Army and with a fleet of airships attempted to restore order to the capital. These two forces, long simmering hate for each other from their leaders’ roivalry, turned to blood in the streets and the capital became a battleground over who would be heir to the kingdom.

In the middle of all this was the Boarhardt Guild, the only officially recognised mercenary guild in the kingdom. Multiple parties of the guild attempted to flee the city as their guildhall burned. To the north fled Arden, Reginald Remington III, Ruadh, John Clonter, Vithar Wodenson, and Jack. To the south fled Mowngle, Irid, Ebenezar, and Azmaranthe. John Clonter was mortally wounded as he and Arden fought over which side to support, with John Clonter trying to save Princess Enzia while Arden tried to apprehend her for House Yentz.

As the players fled, the royal city was burned to the ground with each house fleeing to their own lands to wait and see what would happen…

As Mowngle’s Party fled over the Lockwood Bridge they encountered George Clonter and Preacher returning from a mission. Together with Azmaranthe, Irid, Mowngle and Ebenezar they witnessed Hamfast Boarhard be shot by Horatio, the mysterious gunamn. Horatio implied that both he, the Maestro he reported too, and Hamfast knew the truth behind the king’s death and to clean up matters Hamfast had to be eliminated. The party drove off the gunman and carried the bleeding Hamfast across the bridge to where Rupert Boardhardt had made shelter in a small fishing hut. The party managed to heal Hamfast with Rupert’s help and flee through the Western Lockwood, avoiding Night Watch patrols, until they arrived at safety: Mowngle’s house in Carillon.

While Waverly attempted to figure out what happened in the capital and secure some sort of safety in Carillon through Mayor Brighton, the party worked with Hamfast to track down Horatio, exploring the downtrodden city of Carillon and the western Lockwood seeking clues. Eventually, with the help of an Information Broker named Izaya, the party cornered Horatio at the Forest Ruins only to be ambushed by dozens of gunmen under Horatio’s command. The party managed to cut their way through them and apprehend Horatio, bringing him back to Carillon for interrogation.

Returning to Carillon, Mowngle’s Party (Mowngle, Ebenezar, Irid, George Clonter, Preacher) found the city under increasing pressure from the House Baptiste Night Watch. The Night Watch, a former militia turned thug-like bully force, had declared martial law in Carillon, city of bells. Increasingly draconian laws, including the disbanding of the city guard and banning of all music, were causing tensions to be high among the common folk of the city. Children started going missing, the Lord Silverbell had seemingly vanished, and strange new officers in the Night Watch appeared. These new officers appeared unusually pale and shunned the sunlight.

When Professor Harold Hill was arrested for calling out the Night Watch for stealing children, the city had been pushed beyond the tipping point. The party managed to track one of the new Night Watch officers, a Vampire named Sir Dyluck, to the city park where they witnessed him steal a child for some sort of vampire ritual. Bringing this information to Mayor Brighton, the mayor called for the party to seek out and return the children at any cost and began rebuilding the city guard.

The party, using Izaya’s information once more, managed to track the children to an old manor house in the Western Lockwood. Here they encountered a shapeless ghost that, upon wandering the house slowly regained her form to that of a long-deceased Lady Rachel Artimage, a young noblewoman of Carillon from several generations previous that had struggled against both Dyluck and his mistress: Lady Morgaine Blackbriar. With confirmation that the Blackbriars were vampires, the party followed Rachel’s ghost to the basement where they found children being sacrificed to regenerate Dyluck’s body.

Taking place during the events of Hunting Horatio, Vithar’s party (Vithar, Jack, Ruadh, Arden, Reginald Remington II) fled north to an old thieves guild hideout in the Alafayan Heartlands. Looking for a place to lay low while the manhunt for Boarhardt Guild members occured in Baptiste lands (as the guild was considered hostile to Pricess Enzia after Arden’s failed assassination attempt). House Regalus and House Baptiste scoured the lands for any sign of the party, but they were safely in an old cellar.

Learning that their only chance to evade capture was to clear out an old series of mining tunnels under the Heartlands, the party made their way through a serious of trecherous tunnels until they came across a wide underwater cave and an abandoned Temple of Pharasma. Here the party witnessed a vision of a once clerical ruler of House Baptiste fall to evil after the abduction of children. The party fought hordes of risen undead ghosts of the Baptiste child’s captors this time and eventually redeemed her, allowing her to rest peacefully and restoring the underground temple to balance.

The temple was such a fine location that the Theives Guild cloaimed it for their own as their new hiding place. With this new base of operations, the party sought to infiltrate Highchurch, capital of the heartlands. Venturing deeper into the caves, the party entered the Highchurch undercity and saved a wizard-thief who had been trapped, eventually slaying a might Chimera that had somehow been summoned beneath the holy city. Having safely (mostly) infiltrated Highchurch, the party then made their way up into the city…

With Vithar’s party (Vithar, Reginald Remington III, Arden, Jack, and Ruadh) having successfully infiltrated Highchurch, the party found a depressing scene. Refugees from the capital were packed within the cramped walls and while House Regalus, and specifically Princess Enzia, were spending all of their time, money and energy trying to accommodate for the displaced and injured, House Baptiste and the noble folk of Highchurch were getting increasingly unhappy and disgusted with the new comers to the city. The Yentz embassy was under tight surveillance as House Baptiste eyed them as potential enemies due to their harboring (and some claim controlling) young Princess Enzia.

Vithar’s party helped track down a rogue Highchurch lord (a necromancer and vampire) operating out of the old graveyard in the north part of town and truck him down before he could use refugees for his dark rituals. Upon returning to town, Arden was contacted by a Yentz agent who gave him secret orders. Hours later, while the party attempted to gain supplies for the refugees from House Aviary Arden entered the Regalus embassy, walked up to Lady Enzia, and once again attempted to assassinate her. His second attempt was foiled at the last minute by Enzia herself, who recognized him just in time to dodge his attack. Arden fled successfully, and the city was placed on Martial law.

With every door being knocked down by the soldiers of House Regalus and House Baptiste, the party attempted to flee the city and witnessed the burning and summary execution of the civilians in the House Yentz embassy. Taking sanctuary in House Tanner’s stables, Ruadh found love with a stable girl and the party managed to get horses to escape the city.

Once outside the city walls, Arden left the party to return to Grandmill for further orders.

With the discovery of the sacrifice of children running rampant across Carillon, Mayor Brighton, along with the City’s nobles and peasants alike, confronted Night Watch Captain Ichabod on the steps of The Silverbell Manor and demanded the expulsion of all Night Watch from teh city of Carillon, surrender of all prisoners taken by the Night Watch, and to restore young lord Silverbell to the city. Ichabod refused, telling Mowngle’s party (Mowngle, Ebenezar, George Clonter, Preacher, Irid) along with the rest of the Boarhardt guild and the gathered citizens that the young lord was now enthralled by their dark lady Blackbriar, as would the entire town be soon. The mayor, having enough, called for the arrest of all Night watch members and, to the surprise of all, a large number of Carillon Musketeers, having been recalled to duty from their civilian lives, cornered and drove the Night Watch from the city.

During this time, Horatio was freed by Izaya and both fled Carillon to parts unknown.

Knowing a counterattack was eminent, Mowngle’s Party, along with a massive force of civilians turned riflemen, formed up to fight the Night Watch in the Western Lockwood. Led by Captain Calhoun and Guildmaster Waverly, the new force managed to push the Night Watch to the central Lockwood before legions of undead stopped them. Working with Lady Artimage and her spectral powers, Monwgle’s party led a flanking action that eventually turned the tide, breaking the Night Watch lines and driving them beyond McCulloch’s Crossing, freeing the Western Lockwood and Carillon from Blackbriar control.

The people decided to make Lady Rachel Artimage the ruler of the new-formed House Artimage and the Songwood, and Carillon declared all of the Boarhardt Guild and Mowngle’s party as Heroes of Carillon.

In the wake of the Carillon Revolution, Rupert Boarhardt and Mowngle’s Party (Mowngle, George Clonter, Ebenezar, Preacher, Irid) were invited to a fancy party in Lady Artimage’s honor at the Lockwood Abbey. The Rabbit Abbot, a lapine caretaker of the temple to Gein, honored the new lady and invided many werefolk, noblemen, and fae to attend the festivities. Here Aine, Rupert’s ex-fiance and the fae that cursed his face to be a pig, appeared and caused them to have a very public argument. During this argument, disaster struck.

Hanz Luger, a Yentz strike-force commander, attacked the abbey with a small force of Steam Soldiers, seeking to take the abbey as a launch pint against House Baptiste and also to steal the treasures of the Abbey. Mowngle’s party was separated, and individually worked to take out the invaders. During this time the Abbot was killed for refusing to tell the secrets of his vault, Rupert was mortally wounded saving Aine, and Hanz Luger was totally killed by George Clonter throwing him off the top of the tower (probably).

With the Abbey saved, Aine started healing Rupert seeking to find a way to keep him from dying. Here is was revealed that the only reason he stood her up at the alter was because he had to choose: attend the wedding or let his siblings be killed. Aine, while not forgiving him, was a bit less angry and took him with her to the Summerlands for fae healing.

The party, finding it to be the worst celebration ever, returned to Carillon to sleep off their hangovers.

Mowngle would then leave the party to take a role in being personal guard to Lady Artimage, a roll he continues to this day. Ebenezar would also leave the party at this time, deciding that his old bones had taken enough beatings. He retired to the villages north of Lake Charm to teach the fiddle to underprivlidged young Clont folk.

Having escaped Highchurch, Ruadh’s party (Ruadh, Vithar, Jack, Reginald Remington III) took the road to Castle Charm seeking to find a legendary weapon: the Clontblade. Having seen a suspicious fellow wielding one of these blades in Highchurch, Ruadh was determined to return to his homeland in Clont lands to find one for himself. As the Clontblade was said to appear whenever there was a tim of great need, Ruadh felt that the present chaos seemed to pose the greatest threat to the realm in history.

Along the way to Castle Charm, where Saburo of the Boarhardt Guild mentioned a rumor had been heared about the weapons, the party encountered an Orlandian Swashbucker named Ferran (Ferranto DuLambrey). Ferran invited himself to the party and along with the rest of Ruadh’s team they made their way to Castle Charm.

Upon arriving, however, they found the castle’s residents slain by a force of Lizardfolk, including Lady Susan Clont who was found killed on the gates of the palace. The party fought through these strange creatures to encounter the Duke of Castle Charm being offered great riches for the Clontblade by a Lizarfolk Ancient One. The Duke chose to fight, was killed, and the party attempted to avenge him. The Ancient one fled, and the party was left at a loss.

Ferran continued wandering the wild world, and would later appear in Carillon.

Ruadh would eventually be appointed as the new Lord of Castle Charm, it is unclear if he ever found the Clontblade, but many rumors say his sword is unstoppable.

Reginald Remington III returned to Versity Magical Academy to write a thesis on Summoning. It is said that despite his fake credentials, he was accepted as an Adjunct Faculty member based upon magical merit.

Vithar Wodenson returned to the ruins of Kingsbridge to help the common folk and refugees where he could. His story fades from history soon after, with many believing he found a nice wife to settle down with in a small farm in the heartlands.

Jack continued to ply his aim for whatever money he could. He was last seen heading to Bithlo.

With the Carillon Revolution having created a new Kingdom, the Boarhardt Guild was hired to get information on what was happening behind Blackbriar lines. Fighting across the McCulloh’s Crossing Bridge (and destroying it behind them), Preacher’s party (Preacher, George Clonter, Irid) was joined by a new hire, a slayer named Gaelan, along with a Winterark woman named Raelyn. Together they managed to get in contact with their contact at the Shady Bridge Inn, a bard named Rica, who gave them inside information about the workings of House Blackbriar. A deal was being worked out between House Yentz and House Blackbrirar to take out Carillon, and the party managed to stop the deal before it could begin.

And then things got weird.

Raelyn managed to seduce most every female and a good many men into having a massive magical orgy inside one of the inn’s rooms. All of the party members lost memory of what they were doing for about two days. When they came to they were back on their side of the crossing, and Raelyn was gone. As was all of their wealth and equipment.

Raelyn vanished with the party’s loot. She presumably is using her powers to rob people to this day.

Gaelan and Irid continued taking assassination jobs, both left the Boarhardt Guild and often compete for the same jobs to this day.

Preacher and George Clonter became respected members of the Carillon Musketeers and are considered the last active heroes of Carillon. For several years they served honorably, before they decided to strike out for new opportunities.

Three years after, George Clonter and Preacher decided it was time to move on,. Hearing a call for mercenaries by Lord Vincent DuBious concerning the recent Orland Invasion, the two left the comfort of Carillon to take on the first Mercenary job in years. Along the way they were accompanied by Professor Raysalian (Ol’ Sooty), a drunk Versity mage and now jobless professor. A deaf cleric named Howard also joined their party, along with a fae changeling named Ansa. Together they boarded the Lovely Gale, an airship piloted by a wingless aviary woman named Gale who appeared to be having a string of bad luck.

Joining the party were a number of faces, familiar and otherwise:

  • Ferran, a boastful adventurer.
  • Temperance, a bounty hunter.
  • Arden, now a diplomat for House Yentz
  • Mousey, Ratnick the Roden Chef’s daughter and now Gale’s Mechanic.
  • Lotte the Luck, a young witch with extreme luck (in both ways).
  • Kinley, Lotte’s stern witch mentor.
  • Chadwick, former Boarhard Mercenary and generally awesome bro.
  • Gardenstern, the wandering peddler.
  • Harley, a lapine lancer and stoic.
  • Marlow, a writer for the Ovidian Neighbor newspaper.
  • Oliver, a Carillon pickpocket and street kid.
  • Susebron, an Avalonian warpriest of Pharasma.
  • Morana, a Blackbriar slayer and assassin.
  • Rycina, an Apothekary potion vendor.

Together they boarded the airship and set sail for Winterark to answer Lord DuBious’s call for adventurers. Along the way a serious of issues plagued the Lovely Gale, with a wild Gronk hiding in the engines, Rycina attempting to poison and then bl;ow up the airship, and culminating in the airship getting caught in the crossfire between a Yentz Armada and the Orland Gryphon Calvary. With Gale’s flying and most of the crew working together they made it through the battle, only to have Rycina blow up the airship, melting as she did so and revealing herself to be an Apothekary clone.

As the airship went down, most of those on board were scattered to the winds.

With the crash of the Lovely Gale, the party was separated. George Clonter managed to lock himself in a fridge and withstand the crash. Ol’ Sooty managed to fly down using his magic. Azmaranthe managed to use her fae magic to jump from the airship to the ground. Preacher found a parachute and survived in tact. Howard, however, fell to the earth unassisted and was left in a human-shaped hole in the ground by the party.

Howard would later be found by a group of Willow Springs firefighters and brought to the town for recovery. He remains there in a coma to this day.

Preacher led the remaining party members in seeking for survivors and found Gale pinned inside her airship. They helped her escape and tried to keep her spirits up, but as Gale lost her wings, her airship, her family, and her crew she believed she had nothing left to live for. The party managed to convince her to stay with them and she became the first party ally.

The party searched the Tusklwold, a wild forest in the north, for other survivors. They helped Temperance fight off a pack of wolves, saved Lotte and Kinley from being sacrificed to The Great Pumpkin (only to instead sacrifice all of the cultists to their chaotic god, granting George Clonter the Pumpkin’s blessing). And eventually helped Arden rescue Oliver from a pack of Yeti. Oliver befriended a Gronk during this time.

Together the party managed to travel north to the small town of Willow Springs, where they found the entirety of the Winterark Army, having been ousted from their town during the Orland Invasion…

Upon arriving in Willow Springs, Preacher, Ol Sooty, and George Clonter were happy to find a warm spot to relax after their harrowing encounter on the Lovely Gale. Finding most of their fellow travelers having survived and arrived safely at the Willow Springs Inn they all breathed a short-lived sigh of relief. The three survivors were then joined by Susebron, Morana, and an insurance investigator and haberdashed-crusader Bruce Richard (Hatman). Together they formed Morana’s party and went before Lord DuBious to receive their assignment.

There they found Arden leading his own party (Arden, Mousey, Marlowe, Harley, and Ferran) and Vincent had the two parties compete for his pay and work. They would have to infiltrate an old abandoned Baptiste fort south of the town and bring back some documents and a war ant. Chasing Arden’s party, Morana’s party managed to steal all of the goods from the Willow Springs market, set the Tuskwold on fire multiple times, befriend a massive Yeti (which would become Preacher’s pet Bumble), save Temperance form wolves by summoning a fire elemental (and causing another fire), and eventually made their way to the old fort. Along the way they encountered a mysterious mercenary group led by a young woman named Red.

Inside the fort the party found cryogenic tanks with Apothekary abominations inside and Hatman managed to activate all of them. The party once again fought a Rycina clone, and after defeating it (with Red’s help, sniping from the rafters) managed to find the documents. However, when the war ant was released it attacked Morana’s face and Preacher shot it off, utterly destroying the creature.

As the party ventured back to WIllow Springs they were confornted by Arden’s party, but managed to evade them and make it back to town first.

Upon returning to Merrydale, Morana’s Party (Morana, Preacher, George Clonter, Hatman, Ol’ Sooty) was given the option of saving Lord DuBious’s Wife and daughter or to assassinate his enemy, General Fortissimo, leader of the Orland force that took his home.

The party chose murder, because of course they did.

Arden’s party was left to rescue Lady Elanor and young Katherine. During this time Hatman managed to recruit a young apprentice, Hatboy, a young man who witnessed the death of his zoo-keeper parents by one of their pet wolves, a wolf he then tore the skin off of and now wears it as a hat.

The parties split up and entered the Gem mines beneath the frozen northern forests. Encountering giant bats, Trufflekin, a Black Knight, and an old treasure trap room they managed to eventually find a conrered Ferran protecting a young woman from a platoon of Orland Soldiers. The party helped Ferran protect the girl, who eventually transformed into a were-bat (Batgirl) who helped them finish off the soldiers and then carried Ferran off in her loving winged embrace.

The party managed to find the Trufflekin Resort of Villa Bolette and there managed to tick off most of the trufflekin with record speed. Finding the Truffle King, Red’s Mercenaries, and some WInterark soldiers all debating how to enter the city the party chose to take the “secret invasion tunnels” of the Trufflekin to break into the city. Morana’s party (minus George Clonter who was taking a nap at the time and was forgotten), managed to infiltrate the city through the jails and, with some clever trickery, managed to start a massive parade in honor of Kevin from Unit 15 (an all around great guy). The parade was led by Ferran (who was found tied to an Orland Officer’s bed) and Rice, the bard. These two teamed up to sell the parade and managed to get it to march out of the city and allowed Morana’s party to infiltrate the Merrydale Palace, where they eventually rescued Lady Elanor with the assistance of Marlowe and Harley.

Meanwhile, George Clonter awoke and joined up with the Winterark soldiers in assaulting the main gate. On doing do, their battering ram opened the gate up to the massive parade coming out and, with Ferran and Rica’s help, they managed to escape. Sneaking into the city with Red’s Redeemers, George Clonter, Ferran, Rica, Chadwick, and Red managed to fight their way through the city and break into the back door of the palace, but in doing so brought the entire force of the Merrydale occupying force behind them.

The party then rescued young Katherine from a Yentz robot, and then made their way to the second floor where they were confronted by Kevin of Unit 15. Driving back the soldier, the party took an Orland child hostage and used it to negotiate for gold. Upon finally confronting General Fortissimo Preacher shot her in the face, gaining the title Slayer of General Fortissimo and becoming wanted in Orland.

The party fled on personal dirigibles provided by the Boarhardt Guild, with Gale, Vincent, and Rupert saving the day. Together they returned to Willow Springs where Vincent agreed to become the financier of the Boarhardt guild into the future.

After the thrilling heroics of the Assault on Merrydale, the party returned to the lovely city of Carillon to rejoin their friends in the Boarhardt Guild. After regaling Rupert, Waverly, and Hamfast with their thrilling heroics, the party rejoined the Boarhardt Guild as mercenaries (with many, George Clonter and Preacher) being former members and the rest of the party (Morana, Susebron, Hatman, Raysalian) being new inductees.

After a night of hard drinking, the party went to visit with an old friend, Captain Mowngle (former party member and now officer in the Musketeers protecting the city). They found him nursing a broken arm to the tunes of Ebenezar’s violin and explained to the party that there was widespread corruption in the musketeer ranks. He was getting close to finding out what they were looking into, when he was attacked in the street. The party followed up on his clues to find evidence that Musketeer Captain Barque was crooked and managed to kill him before he could assassinate Mayor Brighton and Lady Artimage. Upon searching his corpse they found evidence of a further plot and later investigated a warehouse where they found a Blackbriar vampire and several Night Watchmen preparing for some sort of big event. They could find no more, and the party was thanked by Captain Mowngle.

While wandering the town, the party also rescued Oliver and his pet Gronk from the criminal thugs of his old street gang, apparently low ranking members of the Assassin’s Guild preparing for an attack inside Carillon. Oliver and his Gronk were quite thankful.

The party later followed rumors of a strange sightings of Yentz soldiers within the city to a large, opulent house and broken inside to find a Yentz Juggernaut, somewhat worse for wear, that they proceeded to explode into tiny pieces. It was soon revealed that these were soldiers in Red’s company planning a sneak attack on Grandmill using the suits as disguises. To atone for killing the two midgets inside the power armor, the party agreed to help with the attack at a later date.

While shopping in Carillon, George Clonter (with some financing help from Raysalian and Preacher) managed to purchase his very own Robot Butler, Jeeves. This new follower proved very adept at serving tea and not so great at escaping from thrown chairs.

As members of the Boarhardt Guild, the party decided to visit the new guildhall a few days later, only to find it occupied by a Shade of Horatio along with numerous undead, stolen Yentz steam-suits, and other elements of the Assassin’s guild. The party managed to free each of the Boarhardt siblings, Gale and the other mercenaries, and help Lotte escape via her broom before apparently killing Horatio (again). Preacher managed to shoot every shade of Horatio dead, making him Horatio’s least favorite person ever.

Morana managed to claim a Zodiac Brave charm for Aries, a conjured constellation. This summonable follower proved to be fast, able to dance abnormally well, and had great promise for yodeling.

The party soon foiled another attempt to attack Carillon, this time at the local Airdocks, during the events of Boarhardt 2: Boar Hardter. Having stopped a Yentz/Tainstville alliance, they soon learned Sadine Yentz was going to send a full battle fleet to destroy Carillon once and for all. To counter this, all allies got together and led a daring assault of Grandmill to stop the Yentz 3rd fleet. With Lotte seriously injured upon the attack, Ferranto DuLambrey sacrificing himself to allow the party to escape, and Red (revealed officially as Enzia) and Sadine both killed by eachother’s hands during the assault the battle saw a decisive, but uncertain, end to the succession crisis as the party left the realm without a ruler. The party also completely destroyed all of Sector 3 of grandmill, and did considerable damage to Sectors 1 and 2 on their way out, slowing the evolution of technology in Ovid by hundreds of years.