Codex: The Fool and the Stone King

The Fool wanders the world, from the very warm to the coldest of cold reaches. One day, he by accident trod upon the Stone King’s path and, without thinking, sat lazy upon his altar seeking to rest. The Stone King, roused from his deathly slumber, emerged and tried to strike the fool down. But the Fool is crafty, and the earthen blade of Draug could not harm him no matter how many times The Stone King struck.

Angered by the Stone King’s attack, the Fool took his staff and smote the Stone King back into the tomb from whence he came, cracking his crown in two and sealing him within, before wandering forth to Revalia for a place to rest on his eternal journey.

But the Stone King is not so easily stopped, and soon escaped. He sent his minions ever after to seek the Fool and end him and in so doing laid waste to the north. Seeing the chaos following in his wake, the Fool stopped for a time and looked behind him in regret.

The Fool thought it best to make it up with the Stone King and end the fighting, and so brought gold and treasure to the mouth of its deathly hold, and said to him: “Let’s forget and forgive; perhaps you were right to strike me, and take vengeance for my destruction of your crown, but surely I was right in trying to stop your attacks; now that we are both satisfied why should not we be friends again?” But his question fell upon deaf ears.

“No, no,” said the Stone King; “take away your gifts; for I now know you can never forget the deaths of these people, nor I the loss of my crown. And so shall I continue this attack for all time so that your remember your failings and all experience my wrath.”

And so the war between the Stone King and the Freeholds continues to this day, and will continue until the stars fall from the sky and all the earth falls into ruin.