Masque is associated with madness and vanity.


Masque was born of Mab and Auberon’s fight, tearing the faces from both to keep for itself. After its defeat, it was revealed for its true self: a hideous, faceless being with only a simple mask with no defining features offering it form. Masque wanders the world, taking the faces of those it tricks with its magic out of jealousy and using the faces it steals to lure yet more victims for its collection. Those who find a plain mask in the fog should beware, for its power of illusion are great and those who lose their faces lose their entire memory and self-identity, becoming nothing more than empty, unidentifiable husks seeking that which they had lost.

Masque is a being of great evil, and its true motivation can never be understood. As a creature of madness, its support of followers and their purposes can change at a moment’s notice, and those who follow Masque are constantly seeking to keep its interest lest they become its latest prey. Masque will, however, never suffer something more attractive than itself to live long and will actively seek to aid the jealous and petty in their quests to pull down those they admire, often then destroying those who sought its power once they overcome their targets.

Cults of Masque are always anonymous, feeling that any of the group might be Masque itself. They typically are made up of those who seek to take the identities of others, and their goal of becoming doppelgangers of those in power are fairly well documented. A great many leaders in history have been replaced by Masque followers, it is believed, though how many have been Masque itself is questionable.