Encounter Map – The Shipwreck

So remember that Liquid Asset map last week? It can’t be called Shipwreck Island without a shipwreck!

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Encounter Map – The Liquid Asset

Sometimes you need a ship to get you to places like Shipwreck Island. It’s probably fine.

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Area Map – Shipwreck Island

Hey, look a new place to go and get shipwrecked with all your friends!

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Commission – The Lazy Sparrow

Many of you may remember The Lazy Minnow steamship from several of our ongoing campaigns (Scourge of Heinrich and Mullenstone). In the Scourge of Heinrich game, players were blessed by Gein, a nature goddess, after they saved one of her sanctuaries from corruption. As a reward, she had the wood of the Lazy Minnow come alive, turning the ship into an organic airship!

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The River Prince

This week we have The River Prince, a multi-level steamboat traveling up and down whatever river system works well for your players. This sizable vessel is perfect for a mystery game, a player headquarters, or even for combat encounters in a spooky swamp! Read More

Donation – Ucefa Area Map

This area map was a donation completed for Dr. Brenda Peynado’s worldbuilding class at the University of Central Florida. Dr. Peynado’s class has her students work collaboratively to create a fantasy world based upon the college campus, and as each subsequent class begins their coursework they add to the rich tapestry of backstory and adventure for this shared world.

To help kick off the first cycle of this course, over the Fall 2018 semester I worked with Dr. Peynado and her students to create this initial map for the course:

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Faegate: The Creeping Meadows

This week we have the dreaded Creeping Meadows. This is the battlefield between the Summer and Winter Courts of the Faewild. It is a strange place riddled with unexploded magical spells and altered permanently by their constant battles with raw, wild magic.

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Faegate: The Crystal Forest

The Crystal Forest appears to be a tranquil woodland filled with glowing trees. As with most things in the faewild, the beauty goes hand-in-hand with danger. These trees are filled with volatile magic, ready to explode if not handled carefully.

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Faegate – The Summer Court

This week we return to the Faegate project for another trip into the Faewild. This week we have a set of maps set in the Fae Summer Court, home to the elfkind in the Falleron setting.

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Faegate – The Annwyn

The Annwyn is essentially the chipper-shredder of souls. The dead go to this miserable realm of necrotic energy, get churned up into raw essence, then released out into the firmament to replenish the life essence of the Falleron universe. While an essential place to keep life possible, your players don’t want to stay long as both the low-gravity void and nonstop necrotic damage can take their toll quickly!

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Faegate: The Green Realm

This week, we hit the jungles of Jemai to connect another location to the Faegate Network: the Green Realm! This jungle hinterland is protected by fierce druids and beastfolk, and can be very dangerous for the unprepared!

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Faegate: Barrelbog

Today we return to the swamps near Barrelbog to connect another location to the Faegate Network!

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Faegate – Lore

Returning to the faegates that have been previously posted, this week we have lore on how they can be operated by would-be temporal travelers!

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Encounter Map – Tropical Tar Pit

This map was the first Monthly Map Lottery from this year! Each month my Patreons get a chance to suggest an idea they want made, and then through a random roll I determine which idea will be made in the following month! Maps like the Gates of Summer and The Winter Court were also map lottery maps!

This one is for a tar pit in a jungle, complete with strange, T-rex sized footprints wandering off. Danger is afoot!

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Isle of the Hunt – Shadow Cave

Another location on the Isle of the Hunt, this mysterious cave has a strange hole in the very back that emanates an arcane shadow that no light can pierce… very spooky!

Also there is a bunch of glowing mushrooms your players might want to try. Who knows what will happen (probably constitution saves).

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Isle of the Hunt – Campsite

The Isle of the Hunt has many named locations, but only a few have dedicated maps due to how that campaign was run. This is one of those maps! Designed to be a safe haven for teams of players to fight over, and located at the center of the island, the campsite has fresh water, resources, and a watchtower to keep a look out for danger.

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