Encounter: Bumbletank & Garnet Crossroads

This week we have a bit smaller focus compared to last week’s megapost. Sometimes you need to have an encounter where players pick which direction they want to go. Sometimes you want bandits harassing a wagon. Sometimes you have a gigantic tank themed after a famous stop-motion Christmas film attack.

This set includes lore for an encounter with a magi-technology tank called the Bumbletank. Named after a former yeti mount (from one of the characters in the 2015 Succession Crisis Campaign), this encounter required players to find ways to slow the tank down, deal with its very powerful cannon, and somehow nullify each of the 6 anti-magic shield generators along the sides.

Making the tank was a blast, and was the first of many vehicles I have worked on since the Lazy Minnow. The battlefield is simple, but with a tank you pretty much need open area and some light cover to have it work out.

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Mt. Garnet Mines – Complete Set (36 Maps)

This week we return the the Mt. Garnet Mines for an additional level and all of the variations as part of the complete Mt. Garnet Mines dungeon set! This map includes 36 total map pages, including variations and lore setup handouts, day and night variations, versions with 5ft squares, and some unique collapsing effects for the western mines to make things a bit more complicated for your players!

26 of these maps have never before been seen on Falleron.com, made possible by early access from our Patreons!

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Potter’s Field – Pelly’s Fish N’ Tackle

This week we have another Potter’s Field Map, this time for Pelly’s Fish N’ Tackle. Giving GMs riverside fishing encounter map has been something I’ve been needing in my own campaigns for a while as fish-related minigames occasionally come up, hopefully you can get some use out of it as well!

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Playtest: Falleron Druid

After some initial playtesting and development, the Falleron Druid is about ready for wider review.

The core 5e Druid is a curious class that seems to have too much going on at once. Are you a shapeshifter? A caster of the natural world? Are you supposed to use those weapon and melee augment spells out of shapeshift? You have a lot of gameplay options baked in, but none of them seem to jive all that well with the rest of the toolkit. For the Falleron Druid, we broke down what all druids need as a general rule:

  • Affinity to animals in a free animal familiar that grows in power as you level.
  • Affinity to plants through the ability to travel through difficult terrain and gain immunity to many types of magical damage you might cause as a druid.
  • A range of cantrips from the druid spell-list to do minor wonders like Druidcraft.
  • The endgame immortality and ability to control nature.

We then took everything else out, including the spell slots, and put them into three separate archetypes:

  • Circle of the Wild: A shapeshifter that fights in melee while summoning many, many animal friends. This archetype serves dual roles as a minion class and melee tank/dps class depending on what beast you transform. You are essentially a walking menagerie and should be shapeshifted most of the time. No other archetype gets shapeshifting, and your spell slots are somewhat lowered due to your increased melee power. Also: extra attack.
  • Circle of Nature: A true druidic caster that takes the bonus spells of the natural attunements and builds off this concept. You begin with one natural attunement (for example, grasslands), and you may switch back to it at any time. You also gain the ability to change your attunement to the environment you are currently in, switching out your current bonus prepared spells with the new list. As you grow in power, your options with this attunement to nature bonus increase.
  • Circle of the Warden: As the Falleron Ranger dropped the Ranger Spells from its toolkit and become a non-magical class, this spec focuses on casting while in melee and using these skills. Built around using wooden weapons and the flavor of shillelagh, you are a master of bending the wood and trees around you to your will, gaining powerful abilities to switch roles and grow your own weapons, shields and armor. Many ranger-exclusive spells are on your spell list you can choose to prepare, with the more powerful spells unlocking as you level in the archetypes.

After some playtesting, each feels unique and improved from the core 5e druid while serving a more distinct role in the party. We also feel most of these abilities are within the RAW power-levels of other classes. Feel free to shoot us an email with any comments or questions you have about the build!

And now: Enjoy the Falleron Druid:

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Potter’s Field – Mixwater Mill

This week, we return to Potter’s Field! The Mixwater Mill is one of the only ways to cross the river near Garnet Crossing. This makes it an essential choke-point in protecting the town, and a valuable path to move forward deeper into other areas around Potter’s Field. For parties leaving the initial town to the Northeast, this is the main path into the wilderness.

This bonus map has day and night variations. Enjoy!

Area Map – Isle of the Hunt

A while back I was commissioned to make a battle-royale style map for the Scourge of Heinrich campaign. This map had players (myself included) hop off an airship and parachute down onto one of the grids where they competed with a range of NPC teams to collect an objective and survive on the island.

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Faegate: Potter’s Field

Circling back to Potter’s Field, here is one last terrestrial Faegate for the setting. This one in the hills north of Mt. Garnet:

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Faewild: The Winter Court

This week, we have the Winter Court of the Faewild, where the Dwarven Clans rule over the magical realms of cold and calculated magics. This isometric map consists of a wide, glacial ravine with lots of places for encounters!

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Faewild: The Umbral Pools

The Faewild is a realm of imagination, ever changing and shifting in ways only Fae and madmen understand. Despite the transient nature of the plane, some domains are so powerful they their magic persists even as the rest of the realm transforms. The Umbral Pools are one such place. Centered upon a mountain covered in uncountable still pools of milky water, the Umbral Pools each reflect shadows of unrealized realities. They show the view paths untaken, choices made differently, realities of imagination and doubt that can shake even the most stalwart of heroes. Such pools of memory gather will-o-wisps, the wise, and the foolish. Which will your party be?

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Faegate: The Gates of Winter

This week, we have another Faegate: the Gates of Winter. Located in the mountains of Rookvale, many stories tell of this portal to the Faewild. While difficult to get to, many a hero has made the pilgrimage up the mountain seeking its secrets. Will your party?

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Faegate: The Fingers (Desert Themed)

This week, we have the next Faegate. This one is located near The Fingers, a monument hidden deep in the deserts of the Sandsea. This Faegate is in less than solid repair, but perhaps it will provide the escape a starving and dehydrated party needs when stranded in the desert!

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Faegate: The Gates of Summer

Over on my Patreon, I hold a lottery each month for supporters of $10 or more. These good folks submit ideas they would like to see made into a map, and at the end of each month I determine which map to make based on a dice roll. This time round a supporter won his map idea: a gate to the faewilds. I found this idea so compelling that rather than making one map, I’ve started making a series of these maps in a variety of settings.

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Garnet Falls

Just outside the northern gate of Potter’s Field, a narrow bridge crosses the ravine of Garnet Falls. A popular picnic location before the war, now it serves a strategic choke point for both sides.

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Potter’s Field – Main Street

Just inside the leftern gate of Potter’s Field, main street is a sanctuary within the city. Here a visitor could almost see what the city was like before the war, so long as they don’t look too closely at the wagons filled with wounded soldiers or the empty store shelves.

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Potter’s Field – Market Square Battlefield

This week we have the front line in the war for the city of Potter’s Field. Just around the corner from the Deep Mountain Mining Guild, Market Square was the central hub for the city in more peaceful times. Now it has become a desperate battleground between the armies fighting over the city.

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Boarhardt Guild – Potter’s Field

The city of Potter’s Field is a battleground. With cannons shelling the city daily, and house-to-house fighting wrecking much of the southeastern districts, destroyed homes are far from unusual. But while the loss of many homes and businesses were keenly felt by locals, nothing was as devastating as the loss of the local chapter of the Boarhardt Guild. It stood as a lone bastion of reliable assistance for a people largely ignored by both occupying armies.

But the Boarhardt Mercenaries are a hardy lot. Even with most of their guildhall destroyed, they found a single room still in tact and reopened to the populace. Though, as one will soon see, it can be quite challenging to navigate the ruin to get to assistance.

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