Encounter Map – Castle Charm


Castle Charm, the great fortress guarding the headwaters of the Econ River.

Castle Charm took longer than any map I have ever made (I spent nearly 40 hours on it, mostly on the waterfall and bridge). To this day it is one of my favorite maps I have ever made, even though there were a lot of mistakes made in the process. I learned more on this map than probably any until the Lockwood Arc.

Fun fact: One of my players (a co-GM for the Falleron Campaigns back when we had two parties and 14 people playing in the setting each week) sent the stock image used for the map and challenged me to make an encounter map that matched it. This could be considered my first “Request” map.

Encounter Map – Charm Falls


Charm Falls lies at the end of Lake Charm, the headwaters for the entire Econ River which divides the Kingdom of Ovid in two. Sitting atop the falls is Castle Charm, a great fortress held by a Clontish Lord and one of the most daunting fortresses in Ovid.

This was my first attempt at a multi-level map and the perspective isn’t entirely right, but I was still pretty happy with it.

Encounter Map – Lotte’s House


This is the house of the notorious/beloved young witch Lotte the Lucky. A recurring character in each of my campaigns, she appears to be a teenaged witch with a habit of only casting randomized magics. Her house is no different, with the magic circle in the middle of the chamber taking players to a random encounter in one of her pocket dimensions.