Crescent Island (2016-17)

Game Setup:

Far to the east, there is a remote island which was the location of a long abandoned temple to an unknown god. The enormous front gate to the temple has been sealed for some time but recent earthquakes have supposedly opened up a new gate into the temple on the opposite side of the mountains. Adventurers from all around have flocked to the tiny pirate town of Planks as a staging area to investigate this “New Gate” with hopes of fame and fortune ahead. Our group of adventurers have come to the island for their own reasons to discover that things are not quite as they seem on Crescent Island.

cimapMap image created using Inkarnate Worlds Beta.

The Party:

  • Kerry – a halfling ranger coming to Crescent Island with his companion Harambe, a gorilla.
  • Sir Eogan (retired) – a human paladin seeking justice and revenge for what happened to his old mercenary company.
  • Frazious – a dark elf sorcerer looking for fame and power inside the temple.
  • Snicker-snack (retired) – a bird-like creature known as a Kenku and rogue, fleeing a former life of servitude.
  • Rex Hamarswang (deceased) – a human fighter in search of… an excuse to smash people with a hammer, most likely.
  • Sgt. Greyson Oaks (retired) – human artificer extraordinaire, additional survivor of the massacre of Sir Eogan’s company, and expert rifleman.
  • Rughdar – a great clont fighter out to slay monsters and drink ale
  • Lumin – a foreigner from a strange land wielding mysterious powers
  • Raelt Es’Bregan – minotaur warrior from the sea

Act 1