Early Development Maps

Early Development Maps

(December 2013 – March 2014)

Everyone starts somewhere, and this was pretty much where I started: Versity Academy

While far from the first place I dreamed up in Falleron, it was the first place that I honestly tried to make my own maps for. It went alright. I learned a lot during this time that allowed me to branch out a bit father for the next set of maps I tried to make: Sanctuary Vale

The Waterfall Cave was one of my favorite early maps I made, both because I had a ton of fun making it and also because I though at the time it came out really, really well. Soon after these I branched north: to Jackal’s Karst

Jackal’s Karst was my first attempt at a multi-layered map with more than one level of gameplay happening at once. And while it has never been played by my party, I think I may one day use it simply because I would love to see how the encounters would turn out. Soon after this I decided to try an urban setting again and took on Clontstead and the Genevian Highlands:

The ancient Tomb was later used during the Succession Crisis campaign as part of the tombs beneath the Highchurch Graveyard, but the rest of the maps never saw use (like most of these). I was pretty happy at the time with Clontstead, but one day I want to take another stab at it.

With preparation for the Succession Crisis Campaign, I made quite a few Western and Eastern Lockwood maps that were later scrapped for a newer, better version. A lot of these came out quite nicely though.

The Western Lockwood maps focused upon an early view that they Fae would play a larger role, and included some shrines and a giant tree the Fae lived in:

The Eastern Lockwood remained the same sort of spooky, autumn forest flavor but looked very different and had a small ninja village in it (that was later scrapped). It also included Lake Partin as part of the map and was a bit too bunched together for what I was later wanting. The Faewild shrine was a lot of fun to make.

Taintsville was my first attempt to try something a bit more complicated with a town, and generally I consider it a huge failure. It was a good learning moment though. The theme of a vampire running the place was well established, but it ended up being too muddy in execution.

After this I made a number of maps that I expected to actually use in the Succession Crisis campaign that just never quite made it to the table. Most of these involved areas out on the border of ovid, specifically Fort Tanner and the Sandsea. One map, the Hagerty Prison, was going to be part of the first Carillon arc, but never quite got there with time:


After this was Kingsbridge and the start of the Succession Crisis campaign, which also was a great amount of learning moments. Comparing these maps with what I make now really is eye opening, as it can be difficult to see how much your work had changed over time. I’m happy with how far I’ve come, but got a long ways to go!