Hearthflare Temple (2016)

Hearthflare Temple is a complex, multi-level Temple mapset. It allows a game master to use something like Roll20 to Give players an interactive map experience. It begins with the first level map of the ruined tower:


Hearthflare Temple: (Upper Floors)


From this map, players may climb to the top of the tower where they can interact with a giant mirror suspended in a series of lesser mirrors:

Players can flip this mirror up or down. It begins facing up, creating the beacon of light visible from a distance away from the temple. When facing down it shines directly on the closed well (which may be opened).

Note that, until discovered, the stairwell on the bottom right of the first floor is bricked up and hidden.

If players open the well, they may jump down into it (center these four wells on top of the one shown on the map. If you are using Roll20, use a rollable table to do so to make rotating between lit and dark, open and closed easy:

Then players dive down to the next map down:


Hearthflare: B1

Inside the B1, they land in the pool of water at the bottom of the well, allowing players to move around inside the chamber. The pool itself may be lit depending upon the light coming down from above (and later drained once players find the hidden switch). At the bottom of the pool is a prism, which must be lit in order to continue deeper into B2 (accessed by the door at the north side of the floor).

Each of the four wings has a theme, and it is up to the GM to determine what location would be best for the switch which drains the pool, allowing the light to hit the prism at the bottom of the pool.

The Floor of B2 has a statue which may be rotated to use the shining light coming down from the prism at the bottom of the pool to light up one of four crystals in the main chamber:

Using these statues, you may light up the four chambers (only one at a time). Because of this there are four maps that rotate for this floor:


And there are a total of six maps. One for when there is no light shining through the prism, one for the first time the players enter the room with the prism (with the statues not facing any of the crystals) and then one for each crystal with the quarter of the room lit:

Once completed, players may find the hidden treasure room:


Hearthflare: Treasure Room