Short Campaigns & Projects (2016)

Short Campaigns

During the events of both the Succession Crisis and Troubles of Mullenstone campaigns a number of smaller campaigns were developed that either stalled soon after launching due to scheduling issues or simply didn’t get used due to changes in the plots. Some of those mapsets follow:

Sabu Island

(January 2016)

When the Troubles of Mullenstone took the Lazy Minnow out to sea, they had the option of sailing north to Revalia or south to Meridia. Had they gone south, rather than finding Santa and his ice floe they would have ventured to Sabu Island, possibly getting shipwrecked on the tropical shores of this volcanic paradise:

Lock Gladbaegol

(March 2016)

As a side story to the Revalian Nights arc, players had the option to visit Lilitha Glasbaegol’s homestead far to the north. While the first map for this, Whitechalk Pass was played, scheduling conflicts and a desire to start new characters by several players led to this campaign stalling. A number of models and maps were in development when this went sideways:

Kingsbridge Rebuilt Arc

(May-June 2016)

Taking place about fifteen years after the Succession Crisis, this campaign was to start in May 2016 with players joining the Boarhardt Guild at their newly reformed offices in the rebuilt capital of Kingsbridge. A handful of games were played with players beginning to uncover a plot involving Hagerty Prison and a band of criminals known as the Stovepipe Gang:

As an opportunity to revisit Kingsbrige, I had the chance to do a full 3d render of the entire city, making 12 districts and the palace, only some of which got used for this campaign. In the future I expect the rest of the districts to be used for maps as we one day return. Playing around with the effects of the previous Succession Crisis campaign 2 years later was a lot of fun and imagining a town recently built where the Lockwood Bridge map once was proved a pretty neat idea. Between work conflicts and a bit of a case of GM burnout, this campaign stalled, but the framework built for this campaign will appear in the new Crown of the Heartlands campaign starting in October 2016.