The Crown of the Heartlands (2016-18)

The Crown of the Heartlands concerns the intertwined tales of five orphans, raised by the mercenary Chadwick and their teacher Kinley, and five mercenaries who served as friends and mentors to these orphans. The same five players play as one character in each party (Orphans or Mercenaries) depending upon the part, with both parties showing up at least once on each night of play.

Each chapter represents one or two play sessions, usually ranging between 4 and 8 hours of total content, with games going every other week. Summaries of these games can be found here, along with the maps used for each night:

Book One: The Crown of the Heartlands (2016-2017)

Book Two: Kill Taric (2018)

  • Chapter One: Murder at the Floundered Ferry
  • Chapter Two: Memories of Garnet Crossing
  • Chapter Three: Battle for Potter’s Field
  • Chapter Four: Kill Taric

The full map set without context can be found below: