The Troubles of Mullenstone: Campaign Mapset

The Troubles of Mullenstone 

(August 2015-March 2016)

Set around the turn of the 1600s, The Troubles of Mullenstone takes players to a small, largely ignored village halfway between the Heartlands and the Adairian Hills and puts them in the roles of the various farmers, craftsmen, and crofters of the village of Mullenstone. As the first winds of autumn stir the wooded hills around the village, rumors of shadows in the forests, farmers going missing, and crops rotting in the fields start to trickle into the local pub. Troubles have come to town, and it is up to the townsfolk to resolve them.

Taking place after the Succession Crisis, by about 80 years, this campaign saw a new world map with considerable changes over the time that had passed since:

Chapter One: Trouble at Home

From each of their homes across the sleepy town, the party members were roused by the alarm bell from the town keep. One by one they left their homes to find some form of trouble brewing, usually in the form of apparitions haunting their every step.Here the mayor of town called the villagers to be quiet and heed his request.

Mayor Sterling needed the boldest and bravest of the town residents to get to the bottom of the strange monsters that were assaulting the homes of the villagers. A small number will willing to do so:

  • Borpheous, the local shrine keeper and tomb raider.
  • Heinrich, a trufflekin shop keeper who dabbled in construct creation and necromancy.
  • Hrim, one of Heinrich’s constructs.
  • Clarence Skellington, another of Heinrich’s constructs.
  • Scab-bot, a mining robot who dug things pretty well.
  • Tinakris, the local herbalist and town favorite.

Together they set out to find the source of the monsters, first fighting across the local bridge over the Mullenstone Falls, where they met Crocardo, a lizardfolk with aims for romance. They then passed through Farmer McGee’s lands and helped him both with the household chores and the various monsters that threatened his cabbages.

After traveling far, they finally located the source of the monsters in a nearby farmstead where the fabric of reality had begun to warp. The Leviathan had reached through to touch a local man and drove him mad, leading him to perform horrific sorcery that eventually caused the party to be pulled into a plane of memory where they saw a strange, hooded woman lead him on his terrible path that would eventually claim his life, that of his family, and almost the party.

Returning to Mayor Sterling, the party was informed that in ancient times the town had prepared for such a horror to be unleashed and a secret series of chambers beneath Town Hall kept both a warning and “an insurance policy” against such monsters returning. Entering this secret vault, the party discovered a large number of traps and magical spirits guarding these tombs, and “accidently” destroyed the holy insurance policy of a weapon of great holy power by desecrating the entire chamber for no good reason (thanks Heinrich).

However, they did find a warning that only a weapon of great power, the First Blade, could stop an awakened monster such as the Leviathan. Magical traps within the vault awakened Clarence Skellington from being a skeletal monster to evolving into a full Vampire. But this also caused Heinrich to become transformed into a 6 inch stone statue, from which he would not escape for many years. They also found a history of the town itself.The party returned with this information to the Mayor, who assured them that everything was under control.

Chapter Two: The Old Watchtower

They then stayed at the local inn only to have them attacked by apparitions flooding in from the town itself.

With the endless flow of monsters clearly coming from the local watchtower south of town, the party geared up and set out to put a stop to the ruckus once and for all. And thus they entered the old watchtower:

Here the party encountered a series or elementals known as Rockalanche, Boulder, and Pebble which they foolishly attacked all at once (only being narrowly saved through Scab’s mining capabilities).  They also helped Crocardo defeat his love rival, Ignuan, and gain the love his heart longed for. They killed one too many crabs along the river and summoned the wrath of MEGA CRAB, THE UNSTOPPABLE, which they promptly stopped. Delving into the watchtower proper they discovered a horrific tale of woe that had impacted the local garrison of soldiers.

Delving deeper, they found lore books describing the tower’s history and discovered that both a necromancer and a local surveyor sought the First Blade within the ruins, with the surveyor discovering both it and a mantle of power called the Shroud of Morrigan within the deepest chamber of the keep. Their battle spilled up into the inhabited portions and slew the lot of the local garrison, and the party had to fight off both forces as they made their way down to the depths of the dungeons and up to the top of the keep, seeking an end to the monsters.

Finally, they confronted the surveyor who had gone mad with the power of Morrigan, the goddess of destruction, and confronted her and her magical clones in a great chamber beneath the watchtower. Together they had to defeat her clones and stand in the right patterns to deal damage to her, but eventually their efforts won out.

However, their victory caused the surveyor to loose control of her powers, causing a permanent hurricane over the town. The Old Watchtower collapsed, killing both Clarence Skellington and Hrim in the collapse as they fought each other to the death for senseless reasons rather than fleeing the castle.

Chapter Three: Chester Ridge

Scab, Tinakris, and several new refugees fled from the wreckage of Mullenstone as the storm continued overhead. Joining them were:

  • Lorelei, a local druid with a habbit of transforming into BittyBat, the Tiniest Terror
  • Talut, a Clontish Flame Elementalist who used whips to bring the fun.
  • Ruhgdar, a Clontish swordsman with some salvaged rocket boots found in the ruins of Grandmill.
  • Hayward, the last of the Boarhardt Guild loyal to Rupert Boarhardt at this point in the future (80 years after the succession crisis).
  • Lotte the Lucky, remarkably the same age.
  • Gardenstern, also oddly the same age.
  • Tynne, a mechanic and owner of their wagon.
  • Imari, a cleric of Tamberlain

Fleeing by wagon together, they fled from pursuing abominations through Chester Ridge, eventually crossing a rickety bridge with collapsing wooden planks.

With the bridge collapsed behind them and the river blocking the abominations chasing them, the party made camp in the forest, eventually wandering off to find Imari who had taken the First Blade from the party’s goods to investigate it further. They found her surrounded by a pack of Giant Wumpus and soundly freed her from their murderous maws.

Imari found that the dagger was drawing her towards an ancient set of ruins of the Chimi people, an ancient group that worshiped Morrigan as their primary goddess. Together the party entered this terrible ruin and found flames of destruction blocked their path. First they fought through the misty ruins, overcoming both a small army of guardians and a great maze. Within the maze they found a simple, plain ring which had the power to disintegrate anything that put it on, a troubling discovery which led to Talut losing a finger.

Eventually they confronted an undead temple guardian upon his rotating floor of flames, having to dance with the flames itself to make it past him to an ancient tablet chamber.

Upon reaching the tablet chamber they discovered that the First Blade could gain the powers of all the gods if brought to their temples, allowing them to eventually stop the storm over Mullenstone and return to their homes. They immediately made their way north towards Imari’s hometown and local temple.

Chapter Four: Eaton Village and the Temple of Tamberlain

Arriving in Eaton Village, the party found the town gates were shut and a group of mercenaries had taken over the town. Led by the Bandit Baron, a man with just enough power to hold the local lords in check, they had to fight their way to the town center only to discover that the townsfolk themselves had been slaughtered before the bandits had moved in by a sinister litch that had taken over the local temple.

The party eventually teamed up with the bandits to put down the litch and bury Imari’s kin. Then they attempted to delve into the trail chambers beneath the temple where new initiates gained their powers. Imari vanished immediately, having completed the trails before, causing the party to be judged by the Allfather’s trails.

After making their way through trials of combat, a trail of faith, a trail which required them to face those they had abandoned, and a trial to determine what path they would face, the party eventually gained access to the sanctum and the Allfather’s blessing. But they were also informed that only with the power of Samhain in his temple far to the north, In Revalia, would they be able to truly calm Morrigan’s wrath and restore their village.

Chapter Five: The Lazy Minnow and a Very Special Guest

The party gained a ship in the nearby port city of Malund and set sail to the north in a totally not-falling apart and probably safe steamship. Lorelei refused to leave the mainland, and the party gained a traveler seeking to return home: Lilithia Gladbaegol. Daughter of a scotch maker in the Revalian Highlands and a magical swordswoman.

Attacked by patrols from the Orland Mainland and sea monsters, things finally calmed down in the north seas until they realized they veered very much off course, finding themselves almost entirely at the northern ice shelf. Here Santa arrived begging the party to help him reclaim his workshop from his evil brother Krampus. After negotiating to be on the “Nice” list indefinitely regardless of what else they did. Pushed against the ropes, Santa agreed and the party liberated his hold (and got some presents).

Continuing their journey, the party eventually had to pass by the dreaded Siren’s Rock and, as expected by the name, had to fight off the monstrous humanoids in order to pass.

Chapter Six: Revalian Knights

Finally, they reached the northern continent expecting some rest and relaxation. Instead, they found even more conflict.

The party stepped off the pier at Revalia to find that the Squires, the local militia, had been overthrown just hours before by the Knights of Revalia, the military wing which was not allowed in the city proper. The Marshal of the Knights, Koemann, had placed the city under martial law and seized their ship along with both Tynne and Imari. The party was mostly able to escape through Hayward’s knowledge of the town but not before having to jump into the freezing waters of the sewers to do so.

Making their way through the sewers, they eventually found the entrance to the Sewer Brothel, a mysterious establishment that Hayward and his brother, the captain of the Squires, had been raised in as orphans. Having learned more about the evils going on in the city, they discovered that both Tynne and Imari had been taken to separate locations. The party had to make their way through the city to either the secret  torture chambers of the Knights to rescue Imari or to the Squires Auction House to rescue Tynne and all of their loot.

After making their way through the city, this time not being chased by enemies, they found some lore about the history of Revalia and found that the Knights were not welcome in the city. Eventually the party decided that their stuff was super important and went after Tynne first, liberating her from the Auction House along with (most) of their stuff.

Imari didn’t make it out quite so well. Tortured until near death, she managed to hang onto the First Blade but was horribly crippled in the process, her god was unable to protect her from the savagry that followed.

Seeking the final missing member of their party through clues gleaned from both Imari’s pain-filled moans and Tynne’s clever mind, they discovered that Gardenstern had been taken to Marshal Koemann’s estate as a curiosity. The party conspired to break into the inner city by climbing the curtain wall and scaling the tiny bricks they could reach.

Once inside, they made their way to Marshal Koemann’s estate just in time to foil an attempt to silence and kill all of those who would stand against him, including the freeholders of the highlands (including Lord Gladbaegol). Stopping a mass poisoning from occuring, the party rescued Gardenstern and fought alongside Lilithia’s father on their way out, through a platoon of technological soldiers using now-rusted Yentz technology. Charles Yentz, Sadine’s bastard son now in his 90s and infirm, was selling the remnants of his family power for money to keep him alive.

With day breaking and Koemann escaping with his new-found technological tools of destruction, the party and the surviving nobles and Squires chased him through the streets of Revalia, destroying his mighty Steam-Tank and riding it through his hordes of minions as dawn broke over the city to confront him at the main castle of the city. There he fell, and the party became known as the heroes of the north.

But their success was short lived. Imari went missing, along with their First Blade and only hope of stopping the eternal storm over Mullenstone. With no other options, the party made a life in Revalia and waiting for their chance to one day return to their beleaguered town.