The world of Falleron is split between two planes: the Mortal Plane and the Faewild (also known as the Dream World). Unlike traditional D&D, many of the extraplanar beings do not have an origin within the Falleron mythos and have been adjusted to fit within this dual-plane universe. For creators and players with favored enemy features, a list of creature types and their correlation with D&D creatures is listed below:

Chart of Creature Types: Falleron

For rules concerning creature types, there are only seven types of creatures in Falleron (with some subtypes). Abilities such as “favored enemy” or the spell “Magic Circle” apply to the entire category below if any of the aspects are impacted (e.g. – if it can impact an aberration it impacts all Monstrosities).

  • BeastsThe naturally occurring animals of the realm of Falleron.
  • Constructs: Robotic beings created by other humanoids as marvels of magic, science, craft, and miracles. Constructs may be sentient (as with the playable races), or “appliances” (beings of limited intelligence beyond their programming – e.g. a turret-bot).
  • Fae: The magical beings of the Faewild, the dreamworld. Fae include the races of Stoutkin, Greenkin, Elfkin, and Fiendkin and encompass the traditional D&D Fey, Fiend, Celestial, and Elemental creatures.
  • Giants: The “big brothers” of Clont, powerful and mighty beings that roam the deep seas and distant mountains, often to destructive effect.
  • Monstrosity: The monstrous and malignant creatures created by demons, mages, Fae, and other foul magics. Includes traditional D&D Monstrosities, Aberrations, and Dragons.
  • Mortals:
    • Clont: A powerful race of demi-giants that wander the world seeking glory and stories to honor their ancestor spirit.
    • Human: The human race is a populous and diverse group of people who frequently cause and solve the world’s problems.
    • Plantfolk: The sentient plant-life of Falleron. Includes Arborkin, Trufflekin, Slimekin and the traditional D&D ooze and plant categories.
    • Werefolk: Half-humanoid, half-beast creatures that fill the world. These beings replace many creatures akin to Lycanthropes and other shifting creatures.
  • Undead: Semi-sentient and risen undead beings, brought to life by the wake of Morrigan.
    • Vampire: The sentient, purposeful undead seeking to restore their life through consumption of living essence. Vampire are considered undead for terms of creature type rules.

Playable Races:

The following races are commonly found across the realms of Falleron and are available for player character creation:


The powerful Clont are a race that stands above all others (literally). Descended from Giantfolk, these tall nomads seek adventure and stories to share with their great ancestor spirit: The Great Clont. Clont have a great amount of power to spare, and their strength of will, mind, and body are unparalleled.



Constructs are a race of sentient objects, either made from technological design, cunningly crafted art, or the dark powers of necromancy. Their lack of organic biology grants them the amazing and uncanny ability to ignore many types of physical ailments.



The denizens of the Faewild are a beautiful and mysterious people. While frequently called collectively as Fae, there are a number of Fae races in their plane of existence, including the savage Greenkin, the industrious Stoutkin, the graceful Elfkin, and the clever Fiendkin. All share a love for magic and a mischievous spirit, through internal rivalries between the Summer and Winter courts keep many locked in perpetual conflict.


Humans were the first mortal race upon the world. Spreading far and wide, humans are possibly the most plentiful race in Falleron. While humans are often seen as weak in some fashion by the other races of the world, their diversity provides great strength. Humans come from a variety of realms and nations, each of which provide unique benefits to their adaptable natures.


The plantfolk are a mysterious and reclusive race. Rarely found in society, they are frequently found in the deep forests and caverns of the world. Arborkin, the tree people, are found dancing and singing in woodland glades and protect places of natural beauty. Their more insidious cousins, the Trufflekin, are a race of mycellian creatures dwelling in the deep caverns of the world, spilling out to the surface for occasional, and horrific, invasions.


The Vampire are a race of sentient undead granted a hopeful and haunting need to restore their life force. Their lack of lifeforce is only matched by their desire to become the living once again. These desperate hungers and longings drive their every action, and are impossible for a Vampire to ignore. Vampires are split into two orders, Blessed vampires which draw their energy passively from the adoration of those around them, and Fallen vampires which aggressively feed upon the lifeforce of others.


Werefolk were animals once, blessed by the gods to become more than their instincts and desires. Werefolk come in as many shapes and sizes as there are animals in the world, but all have humanoid qualities. Some appear nearly as humans, save for the sheen of scales on their skin or broad wings upon their backs. Others appear closer to their animal kin, being slightly more humanoid rabbits or reptiles. The range of diversity is broad across werefolk, and while some castes and cultures remain constant, the possibilities are more than any have been able to catalog.