Saint Amalas

Saint Amalas

Aspects: Radiant light, purifying fire, and healing. Patrons: The Undying Light
Common Follower Alignment: Any Good Place of Power: Amalian Temples and Churches, Campfires, Meager villages.
Other Names: Compassion Reborn, the Thief of Gods Enemies: The Demons (Chimera, Leviathan, Masque, and Draug)


In the 1200s O.C., Kernaugh was a small peasant village on the frontier of the Orlandian Empire. Beset by monsters and uncaring lords, the people of Kernaugh had none to turn to for protection when things went bad. And one day, they went about as bad as they could get. The great demons themselves began to plague the region with monstrosities too horrifying to imagine. Men, women, and children died as their homes were burned and fields salted. When cries reached the ears of their Orlandian rulers, they turned away, leaving the horror for the protection of their great cities to the north. Things were so terrible that Compassion herself appeared to aid the meek, but there were so many monstrosities and only one of her.

What happened next is debated in temples, fields, bars, and kings ever since. It has been the subject of wars and deaths innumerable.

The Kernaugh, and most Meridians, claim that Compassion lifted up the body of a dying young woman. Her name was Amalas, and she fought to protect her family before being savagely beaten and broken. Her family lay dead beyond her, killed one at a time before her eyes after she had been laid low. Tradition states that Compassion pulled the Fool’s Promise from her hand, and placed it upon Amalas’s allowing the powers of every god and goddess, including the Fool, to pour into her being. This was too much for any mortal to bear, and her physical form instantly incinerated in golden light, leaving only the ring behind. What remained was a being of great power, Amalas was restored as a being of pure radiant light, and with it she took the power granted to her and turned it first upon the demons surrounding her, driving them from her lands with golden flames. Then she gifted her power to the dying, restoring their life with her touch. While she was no goddess, she was no mortal either. Her power was beyond even her own understanding, and with it she began to teach the survivors of her people what they needed to do to seek justice against the demons, the Orlandians, and to heal their land of the taint that had fallen upon it. She became known as Compassion Reborn, her second coming upon the world.

Much of the rest of the world sees this story as very different. Amalas, it is said, stole the ring from Compassion’s hand after the combined force of the four demons drove her to the ground. Thinking herself powerful enough to use it’s power, she foolishly placed the ring on her own finger and stole the power of the gods and goddesses for herself. As punishment, her body was destroyed, but the power she stole remained. With it she sought her own glory as a false god, spreading her vile word across Kernaugh and beyond.

No matter which tale is true, none dispute that Saint Amalas bears great power and is a demigoddess in her own right now. Her powers of radiant light drive her followers to root out the darkness of the demons and to seek righteousness, though who defines what is dark and what is righteous is often problematic.


When Saint Amalas placed the Fool’s Promise upon her finger, her mortal form was destroyed. Now she manifests as a glowing woman made of burning light. She rarely takes this form openly, though her powers are often felt through the dreams of her followers guiding them towards the righteous path.

Agenda: Destroy the Demons

Saint Amalas seeks to destroy the demons that tormented her people, and indeed the entire world, more than anything else. She also seeks to heal those harmed by them, but this is seen as secondary to the pursuit of destroying Chimera, Leviathan, Masque, and Draug and wiping them from this world once and for all. It is unclear if her power is enough to do so, but that does not stop her nor her followers.

Enemies: The Demons

The Demons, four vile children born of the worst traits of the gods and goddesses, are the primary enemies to Saint Amalas. She seeks them wherever they manifest in the world.

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