Equinox Map, Handouts, and Tokens

The Skyland of Equinox is a floating island that drifts among the crowds and, in the Age of Memories setting, is the ancestral home of the Eladrin Elves. With each season in perfect balance thanks to powerful ancient… Read More

Area Map – Isle of the Hunt

A while back I was commissioned to make a battle-royale style map for the Scourge of Heinrich campaign. This map had players (myself included) hop off an airship and parachute down onto one of the grids where they… Read More

Mt. Garnet Mines – Eastern Dig

This week we have the last segment of the Mt. Garnet Mines. The Eastern Dig burrowed into a swift-moving underground river. While many choice gems may be found along the walls of the rapids below, certain doom lies… Read More

Area Map – Battle for Potter’s Field

Coming up in the Crown of the Heartlands: Book Two (Kill Taric!) arc, the party will be venturing deep into the Lockwood to the embattled valleys surrounding Potter’s Field. Once a quiet town and bastion of relative safety… Read More

Area Map – Floundered Ferry Inn Exteriors

Beginning the year off right, we have four maps for you today. All are of the Floundered Ferry Inn, a multi-building inn, store, and stables beside a dock. Located on the shores of the Charm River, halfway between… Read More

Area Map – Bentleyshire

This is Bentley Forest, I’ve been through her a time or two. The realm of Bentleyshire is normally a calm, quiet place. In the middle of the dense,  untouched Bentley Forest, the village has been largely ignored by progress… Read More

Area Map – Daytown

The final map for the Daytown Set is what likely should have been the first one: an area map for the Daytown area including the locations our heroes in Scourge of Heinrich have encounetred (and a lot more)…. Read More

Area Map – Castle Crownbridge

For the next two weeks we will be diving into Castle Crownbridge! Lets take a look:

Kingsbridge Map – Revisited

Taking a bit more time on the Kingsbridge map, this time to get some more detail across on the surrounding area. I think I’m happy with it now! I used this in the most recent Crown of the… Read More