Area Map – Isle of the Hunt

A while back I was commissioned to make a battle-royale style map for the Scourge of Heinrich campaign. This map had players (myself included) hop off an airship and parachute down onto one of the grids where they… Read More

Faegate: Potter’s Field

Circling back to Potter’s Field, here is one last terrestrial Faegate for the setting. This one in the hills north of Mt. Garnet:

Faewild: The Winter Court

This week, we have the Winter Court of the Faewild, where the Dwarven Clans rule over the magical realms of cold and calculated magics. This isometric map consists of a wide, glacial ravine with lots of places for… Read More

Faewild: The Umbral Pools

The Faewild is a realm of imagination, ever changing and shifting in ways only Fae and madmen understand. Despite the transient nature of the plane, some domains are so powerful they their magic persists even as the rest… Read More

Faegate: The Gates of Winter

This week, we have another Faegate: the Gates of Winter. Located in the mountains of Rookvale, many stories tell of this portal to the Faewild. While difficult to get to, many a hero has made the pilgrimage up… Read More

Faegate: The Fingers (Desert Themed)

This week, we have the next Faegate. This one is located near The Fingers, a monument hidden deep in the deserts of the Sandsea. This Faegate is in less than solid repair, but perhaps it will provide the… Read More

Faegate: The Gates of Summer

Over on my Patreon, I hold a lottery each month for supporters of $10 or more. These good folks submit ideas they would like to see made into a map, and at the end of each month I… Read More

Garnet Falls

Just outside the northern gate of Potter’s Field, a narrow bridge crosses the ravine of Garnet Falls. A popular picnic location before the war, now it serves a strategic choke point for both sides.

Potter’s Field – Main Street

Just inside the leftern gate of Potter’s Field, main street is a sanctuary within the city. Here a visitor could almost see what the city was like before the war, so long as they don’t look too closely… Read More

Potter’s Field – Market Square Battlefield

This week we have the front line in the war for the city of Potter’s Field. Just around the corner from the Deep Mountain Mining Guild, Market Square was the central hub for the city in more peaceful… Read More

Boarhardt Guild – Potter’s Field

The city of Potter’s Field is a battleground. With cannons shelling the city daily, and house-to-house fighting wrecking much of the southeastern districts, destroyed homes are far from unusual. But while the loss of many homes and businesses… Read More

Mt. Garnet Mines – Eastern Dig

This week we have the last segment of the Mt. Garnet Mines. The Eastern Dig burrowed into a swift-moving underground river. While many choice gems may be found along the walls of the rapids below, certain doom lies… Read More

Falleron: Ranger – Playtest

This week we have a playtest version of the Falleron: Ranger. The ranger in 5th edition has gone through a number of variations between core, Unearthed Arcana, and Xanthar’s Guide to Everything and each time it seems to… Read More

Mt. Garnet Mines – North

The northern shafts of Mt. Garnet are home to the Deep Mountain Mining Guild. This operation is incredibly secretive, and has erected a massive vault door to keep out rival mining interests within the mountain. Should players manage… Read More

Mt. Garnet Mines

Mt. Garnet stands as a textbook example for what not to do with a mine. Folks in the Lockwood tend not to take orders well. One might say that’s the reason for this little war we’re fighting. It… Read More

Garnet Crossing Meadery

For the last of the Garnet Crossing maps, we have the local meadery and apiary field. Looking for some quality mead? Well look no farther! Garnet Crossing Meadery has a bottle of something special just waiting for you: