Temple of Tamberlain: Garnet’s Crossing

Tamberlain, the Allfather. The Sunlord. He is known by many names, and nearly always with respect and reverence. But in the Lockwood, where creatures of darkness rule, his temples are not allowed within the city walls. Instead, small… Read More

Garnet Crossing General Store

Today we have the Garnet Crossing General Store, a fine establishment run by Ol’ Virgil, a man who mixes war profiteering with good old country charm.

Dalton Farmstead & Patreon Updates

Good morning, everyone! After some hard work over this month on the Potter’s Field arc, I finally have a bunch of maps to share with folks! This month has been pretty quiet on the site, but behind the… Read More

Encounter Map – Floundered Ferry Dungeon Caves

Wrapping up the last of the Floundered Ferry maps, the caves below the Inn are a source of a natural hot spring. Some patrons come down from the inn to bathe in these relaxing waters, but it is… Read More

Encounter Map – Floundered Ferry Stables

The Floundered Ferry has both stable accommodations for beasts of burden and player pets/mounts, along with a second floor hostel room for players traveling on the cheap. It also holds the rooms for the Inn staff and a… Read More

Encounter Map – Floundered Ferry General Store

Continuing with the Floundered Ferry maps, the general store by the docks sees goods come and go from across Ovid, the Heartlands, and beyond. I’ts a perfect spot for the adventurer needing a quick restocking of essentials on… Read More

Encounter Map – Floundered Ferry Guard-house

The Floundered Ferry Inn is also home to a small band of mercenaries that guard the inn between gigs for room and board. It was these enterprising soldiers that built the palisade around the compound to keep out… Read More

Encounter Map – Floundered Ferry Inn Interior

The Floundered Ferry Inn has two levels, with a tarvern on the first floor and rooms for up to nine on the second floor (in addition to the hostel rooms at the stables, which will be posted in… Read More

Encounter Map – Bentley Castle Basement

Deep below the castle, a vat of blood, dark rituals, and hidden studies lie awaiting exploration. Here the sinister brotherhood made their home, and it is here that the players would have a final showdown to stop their… Read More

Encounter Map – Bentley Castle Tower

The tower of Bentley Castle long since saw the roof collapse, and through that narrow shaft of light above a single tree grew through the stones and pavers of the watchtower. The stairs up have fallen into decay,… Read More

Encounter Map – Bentley Castle Ruins

We are approaching the end of the year, and the end of the Bentley first arc. The final dungeon for Bentley is a multi-part castle ruin. The first section is the exterior grounds. Once the capital of the… Read More

Encounter Map – Bentley Herbalist Interior

The Herbalist’s hut has a cozy cottage in addition to her greenhouse. It’s a nice place, despite the long hike to get there!

Encounter Map – Bentley Herbalist

In the eastern woods, the local herbalist cooks up all sorts of useful concoctions out of the plants she grows in her greenhouse. The tree in the center has long since burst through the ceiling, but that doesn’t… Read More

Encounter Map – Old Windmill

Standing proudly on a hill in the middle of Bentleyshire, the old windmill is seldom used with the more recent water mill along the river. Still, it is an iconic place for a meeting. Or a showdown.

Encounter Map – Bentley Forest Clearing

The second of the random forest maps mentioned back in August, this one features a stone outcropping and clearing:

Encounter Map – Bentley Manor Hall

Bentley Manor is a very large estate, but the grand hall is commonly used by visitors!