Encounter Map – Bentley Castle Basement

Deep below the castle, a vat of blood, dark rituals, and hidden studies lie awaiting exploration. Here the sinister brotherhood made their home, and it is here that the players would have a final showdown to stop their… Read More

Encounter Map – Bentley Castle Tower

The tower of Bentley Castle long since saw the roof collapse, and through that narrow shaft of light above a single tree grew through the stones and pavers of the watchtower. The stairs up have fallen into decay,… Read More

Encounter Map – Bentley Castle Ruins

We are approaching the end of the year, and the end of the Bentley first arc. The final dungeon for Bentley is a multi-part castle ruin. The first section is the exterior grounds. Once the capital of the… Read More

Encounter Map – Bentley Herbalist Interior

The Herbalist’s hut has a cozy cottage in addition to her greenhouse. It’s a nice place, despite the long hike to get there!

Encounter Map – Bentley Herbalist

In the eastern woods, the local herbalist cooks up all sorts of useful concoctions out of the plants she grows in her greenhouse. The tree in the center has long since burst through the ceiling, but that doesn’t… Read More

Encounter Map – Old Windmill

Standing proudly on a hill in the middle of Bentleyshire, the old windmill is seldom used with the more recent water mill along the river. Still, it is an iconic place for a meeting. Or a showdown.

Encounter Map – Bentley Forest Clearing

The second of the random forest maps mentioned back in August, this one features a stone outcropping and clearing:

Encounter Map – Bentley Manor Hall

Bentley Manor is a very large estate, but the grand hall is commonly used by visitors!

Encounter Map – Bentley Manor Exterior

Bentley Manor is no small affair. This spacious manor house has plenty of hidden nooks and crannies, along with outbuildings, gardens, and all the country needs of a well-to-do lord. Its a shame things have gone downhill as… Read More

Falleron Handbook: Racial Traits & Future Updates

So following suit with Humans, Vampires, and Werefolk, now every race has been updated with new traits. You can find them all here. Each of these changes comes down to customizing your character to feel like something unique… Read More

Encounter Map – Bentley Manor Gate

Bentley Manor, the local seat of power for Bentleyshire, has a formidable gate blocking entrance! Best get your persuasion skills ready to go to see the local lord.

Encounter Map – Wendy’s Tavern (Variants)

So way back in August I teased Wendy’s Tavern. ┬áThere are more variation to this map now!

Handbook: Updates to Human Racial Abilities, a New Feat, and New Technology Items

Since playtesting the Falleron Human variant, we have got a lot of positive feedback. The regional traits give humans a lot of flavor and make them feel very much like their own race of beings rather than being… Read More

Handbook: Updates to Vampire Races

Over the last year, we have been play testing Blessed and Fallen vampires and have realized there are some issues with their mechanics. As written, Blessed vampires have far too many penalties to keep track up, and the… Read More

Encounter Map – Bentley Monument Square

Bentey’s Monument Square is a famous location where kings were crowned and heroes were proclaimed. As such, it holds a great shrine in the center of the square honoring these events. It also has a local Wendy’s Tavern,… Read More

Encounter Map – Bentley Shrine

The village of Bentley has seen its Lover’s Wayshrine and garden become a graveyard with the amount of deaths caused by the brotherhood haunting the town. A somber location, indeed.