Codex: Characters

For this Friday, we have a codex submission! The Characters page has been updated to present with the full Dramatis Personae for campaigns held in the Falleron Setting (see the campaign list to the left for details). Over… Read More

Codex: The Fool’s Tale: Volume One

This week’s codex is the first of the origin mythos of the plane of Falleron. It is fairly lengthy, and has been in the works for some time. The first volume covers how the world was created, how the… Read More

Codex: Plantfolk Race Addition

This week’s codex is the addition of the Plantfolk race to the Falleron 5e ruleset. It’s only 6 months late, guys. That’s within a margin of error, right? Right? Guys?!

Codex: Worlen the Accidental (Part One)

This week’s codex is the first part of the tale of Worlen the Accidental, a legendary King of Ovid with a rather checkered past. Codex uploads will continue every Friday and will be in the storybook format used… Read More